Jasper Breckenridge Johnson
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There are numerous amount of perks of being a famous star kid. You get to do whatever you want, have the best lifestyles, and at the same time organize an incredible social life. Today we’re going to discuss another one of these celeb kids named Jasper Breckenridge Johnson who is Don Johnson’s son.

The fourth child of Don, Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is doing outstanding in his life. He is all mature and seeking his passion. And no, he isn’t enthusiastic in acting, as his father, just yet.

Let’s take a glance at his life and find out more about Jasper Breckenridge Johnson his parents, siblings, professional career, education, and much more!

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson: Don and Kelley Johnson’s son

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was Born on 6th June in the year 2002, in a Los Angeles Hospital. Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is the second child of Don as well as his wife Kelley Phleger. Though, the overall fourth for the Miami Vice actor. He is blessed to be the father of five children.

Originally, news of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s arrival was given a few days after his birth on Sunday, June 9th in the year 2002. At that time Tabloids reported that despite having experienced fatherhood before, Don was still a nervous wreck during his wife was in labor. Fortunately, all went well.

As per sources of 2020, Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is 18-years-old. Well, Talking about his identity, he is Caucasian. Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s paternal family sketches its birth to Scotland.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson
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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Height and Weight

Jasper has a slim body type with an adorable identity. He stands at an adequate height with normal weight. He has light brown hair color as well as brown eyes color. Still, we have not gained much other information about his body measurement.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson has chosen his career and he is not acting or directing.

From the past few years, we’ve all noticed how various celebrity kids are not stepping on the same path as their popular parents. Further, several star kids are also breaking the sequence of nepotism.

Take, for example, Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son. Not only did he make it enormous on the entertainment screen, he even abstained from using his popular dad’s surname whilst starting.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson here is not into creating movies right now, be it front or behind the camera. So what is the scheduling to do in the future?

Well, he has asserted that he’d want to follow a career in business. He jotted down on his Next College Student Athlete page, that he intends to major in business and graduate with a 4-year degree and pursue a career in that particular field.

Jasper’s dad, as we talked, is also a well-known and popular actor, producer, director as well as a singer. For his films like Book Club, Hot Spot, Tin Club, Machete, Guilty as Sin, Dead Bang, Cold in July, and many more. He is always remembered. It is apparent that in the entertainment industry his dad has a very nice career.

She’s a socialite talking about his mom Kelly as well as she’s engaged in non-profit organizations. In basketball, even Jasper is a very nice player. And his dad too frequently posts his photographs on his social sites and accounts. Well, it’s up to him if he’s going to follow his father’s footsteps or just choose the other route.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is outstanding in Basketball

Apart from his longing is to become a businessman, Jasper is a great basketball player. He is playing basketball since his childhood. Earlier when he was a freshman, he began his college basketball career.

Jasper wasn’t a common player either. He engraved a name for himself and was even part of the prestigious and well-known West Coast Elite Under Armour team.


In January of the year 2020, Jasper Breckenridge Johnson even achieved the winning basket for his team Santa Barbara High against their city rivals San Marcos Royals. Don, being a proud papa, conveyed the video from the SBHS’s Channel league accomplishment over the Royals.

There is no rejecting Jasper’s skill as a basketball player. It is safe to say, the kid will make it huge in the basketball scene given he is properly trained and no sufferings hamper his career.

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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Brothers as well as sisters

Everyone wants to know How many biological and half-siblings Jasper has.

Jasper’s dad Don has been in several relationships in the past. With these affairs, the Johnson brood has five children. But there is a lot of complication regarding who’s who.

So Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is the son of Don as well as his Kelley. Apart from himself, he also has one older sister, Grace Johnson, who was born December 28, in the year 1999, and Deacon Johnson, born in the year 2006. His sister named Grace is a model who has been affiliated with some of the greatest brand labels.

Now talking about Jasper’s half-siblings, well he has two siblings. One of them is Sister named Dakota Johnson who was born October 4th, in the year 1989, from Don’s first marriage with Melanie Griffith. And he has a brother named Jesse Johnson, who was born December 7th in the year 1982, from Don’s relationship with Patti D’Arbanville.

Jasper’s sister named as Dakota is an award-winning actress called for her work in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie series. Meanwhile, Jesse is an actor as well as worked in many hit movies as well.

All five of them share an outstanding bond. Don Johnson, the patriarch of the family, clenches them all together. Despite his differences with his partners in the past, they all are still in one family having a happy life.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’ Parents Relationship

Don Johnson as well as Kelley (nee’ Phleger) got married on April 29 in the year 1999, in San Francisco. Around 75 guests were in attendance which included Don’s close pals, Cheech Marin as well as Kevin Costner.

In attendance, there were several people from San Franciso’s upper high class. Billionaire Ann, as well as Gordon Getty, actually hosted the ceremony.

Jasper’s mother Kelley comes from a powerful San Francisco family.

Most of you don’t know that Jasper’s mother also comes from a powerful family San Francisco family and is a former debutante. His mom as well as dad first saw at a birthday party of San Francisco’s mayor Willie Brown.


Before meeting Don, Kelley also worked as a nursery school teacher.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Net Worth

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s net worth is not estimated yet as the fact that he doesn’t have a career, till now. On the other hand, his lifestyle sure is impressive.

His father Don is worth a staggering around $50 million and his mother appeared to have a powerful background. Additionally, Jasper’s dad also owns an island, which is on the south coast of Vietnam, where the family frequently goes to relax.



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