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Jaya Kelly bio aka Jaah Kelly is well known as the middle kid of rapper R. Kelly as well as Andrea Lee. Jaya Kelly bio rose to fame because of his celebrity parents. His father is an American singer as well as a songwriter.

But did you know Jaya Kelly bio was a female during the time of his birth? Jaya Kelly bio later came out as a Trans male back in the year 2014 as well changed his name to Jaah after realizing his sexuality. So what was his family’s response when he came out? Did his family accept his judgment?

Apart from that, how is his connection with his father, who was newly convicted of sex abuse? Generously, in this writing you will witness answers to all your questionings. Scroll down below to discover more about his sexuality, his love life, as well as many more!

Jaya Kelly bio’s Early Life as well as Family

Born in the year 2000, Jaya Kelly bio is presently 22 years old. He was born to his star parents named. Kelly and his mother named Andrea Lee. He belongs to the African-American ethnicity as well as holds American nationality.

Jaya Kelly bio was brought up by his parents along with his two siblings named Joann Kelly and Robert Jr. Kelly.

Jaah Kelly bio R Kelly son

Jaya Kelly bio was female by birth.

Talking furthermore about his family, Jaya Kelly bio was born into a well-to-do family. His father named R.Kelly who is infamous for distinct legal issues was popular back then as a Singer and Songwriter. He has also won some prestigious awards such as Grammy three times. At some point in time, he was one of the great world’s best-selling music artists in the 90s.

Similarly, his mother named Andrea Kelly aka Drea Lee is a former back dancer. She worked as a backup dancer for her ex-husband’s show before her wedding. Later, she occurred in multiple TV shows and movies.

Jaya Kelly bio Came Out as Transgender at the Age of 14

Jaya Kelly bio aka Jaah was very young when he came to acknowledge that he didn’t like doing things such as normal girls. He was born as a female biologically but when he was around 6 or 7 years old, he recognized he was tempted by girls. Jaah once replied to his follower in his Ask.FM profile, that he never appreciated dressing as a woman or having female organs from a young age.

Jaya Kelly bio finally determined to have surgery and transform himself into the person he wished to be. He told DailyMail,

“I infer I am a boy as well as want surgery, and the medication to support me (be) who I was presumed to be”

Jaah coming out as a Trans Male was a fright to the world. However, Jaya finally began carrying out himself after his surgery.Jaya Kelly bio

What was his family’s reaction to him doing surgery?

Although American society is conservative regarding the LGBTQ+ community, Jaah did not have to face multiple hurdles while he was opening up about his sexuality. His family and friends were very supportive of his determination. Furthermore, Jaah always had his mother’s back as well as she was always a proud Mumma. He said,

‘My kind mom was like, “Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, lesbian, you name it as well as I would still love you so much”,

Jaah Kelly Portrait

Jaya’s mother happily acknowledged his transformation
He admitted that his mother was proud of him. Jaya then thanked his mom as well as toldJaya Kelly bio

Thank you mom for acknowledging the fact that I’m transgender.

Moreover, he is very comfortable that all his friends and siblings acknowledge him as a male. His sister calls him handsome as well as her little brother which makes him feel great.

Jaya Kelly bio’s father was Abusive Towards His Mother

Jaya’s mother named Drea Kelly revealed in an interview with ABC News that Kelly, who always lurks behind a famous face, had more of a sinister persona. Jaah’s mother was a choreographer, and dancer, as well as the happy mother of R. Kelly’s kids in front of the media. But, Drea asserted that she was emotionally, physically, as well as mentally abused off-camera. She has been hiding her graze from the world for all those years.

According to Drea, R. Kelly was a very forceful and controlling type of person and used to beat Drea. He used to tie her hands as well as legs with rope and abuse her. Drea went through all of that and still conserved her normal life in front of the camera. She also divulged that she was too scared to open up about her situation earlier as R. Kelly was very ‘powerful’ during that time.

R. Kelly and Drea Kelly
Jaya’s parent’s relationship was not as good as they seem to be in front of the media

The pair who had met each other almost 24 years ago in their home town Chicago appeared to be a perfect couple. But underneath the sugarcoated connection, Drea was going through misery to an extent that she almost committed suicide. Ultimately, in the year 2006, she sanded for divorce.

Furthermore, Drea now works as an advocate as well as a motivational speaker for domestic violence as well as helps other sufferers to come out and fight for themselves.Jaya Kelly bio

Jaya Kelly bio’s Father named Robert Kelly is Still Spending His Life In Prison

Jonah’s father is infamous for his multiple sex abuse allegations as well as civil lawsuits. He went through multiple accusations in the year of 1990. In the year 1996, his first civil suit was filed for having a sexual connection with a 15-year-old high school kid while he was 24 years old. After that, multiple other cases were filed for accusations like an illegal wedding (of the year 1994), Exposure of child abuse material and indictment(of the year 2002), as well as Allegations of child molestation (of the year 2009).

After all the accusations, his fans as well as the music industry boycotted him. His music was peeled off from Apple’s featured music. Many other celebrities stood with the “Boycott R. Kelly” and “Mute R. Kelly” activities. Despite being boycotted from the music industry, his lawful issues didn’t cease there.Facebook


On July 11, 2019, Robert was charged with alleged sex crimes as well as obstruction of justice. Thereafter, he was re-arrested on the second day and was alleged with 18 charges containing alleging sex crimes as well as obstruction of justice for child sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, child pornography production, forced labor, racketeering, kidnapping, as well as obstruction of justice.Jaya Kelly bio

After that US District Judge requested to keep Robert Kelly in the custody at Metropolitan Detention Center while staying for the verdict. He was first convicted to 10 years in prison. Later on, On June 29, of the year 2022, he was sentenced to 30 years of life in prison. He is still incarcerated in the state prison.

What is Jaya Kelly bio’s Net Worth?

Jaya Kelly was born into a celebrity family which is why he has quite a luxurious life. There are no exact details regarding Jaya’s net worth as he just began his career. Nonetheless, he does own a few portions of his parent’s property.Instagram


Talking about his parent’s net worth, his mother named Drea Kelly’s net worth is around $5 million. Her major source of income is working as a choreographer as well as a dancer. She makes good money as an inspirational speaker as well and that is how she has been able to look after her three children. Similarly, Jaya’s father’s net worth was around $10 million


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