Jayce Ivanah

This 25-year-old smoking hot model got famous in the year 2015, formulating such loyal followers that Jayce Ivanah was required to turn down a $50,000 hustling proposal from a billionaire! Jayce Ivanah is a newly-engaged online celebrity in Phenix City, Alabama, under her actual name Elena. Jayce is a brown-haired, blue-eyed hot girl who changed into a stripper and shifted into Atlanta, Georgia.

Jayce Ivanah Wikipedia/ Biography

If we talk about Jayce, this is not Ivanah’s actual name. Jayce Ivanah’s name is Elena. Jayce, nonetheless, agreed to modify it for her profession. Now staying in Atlanta, Jayce is an edition and a romantic dancer in a large number of the stripping nightclubs and exotic all over the world.

Regardless of prevailing as a celebrity today all over the world, Ivanah’s been keen on maintaining a low profile. Owing to Jayce Ivanah’s sexual experienced past, Jayce Ivanah has been resisting family information conversations from the people.

Yet, there are a few elements from Ivanah’s family background well- known to the gatherings. Comprised in these are the details accessible online and information acquired through Ivanah’s bills during consultations.

As spoken of Jayce above, Jayce Ivanah is a resident of America out of Alabama. Jayce pursues Christianity just because of her faith and Jayce Ivanah goes to white ethnicity.

Jayce cleared away the questions instructing them that her mom pertains to the Indian, Comanche race. And that is from where Jayce had wanted her ethnicity mixed. But Jayce pursues her dad’s race also has been whitened. Generated in January, the Zodiac Sign of Jayce Ivanah is Capricorn.

Career and profession of Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah

Jayce is currently a desiring model indifferent from being famous as a romantic dancer. Jayce started her profession when Jayce was only 19 years old. Not only it but Jayce Ivanah also got starred in a large number of music videos for example “Soulstice” and has been a portion of various photoshoots. A large number of people often amaze themselves within their careers. There are complications that Jayce is a porn model also.

On the other hand, the reality isn’t so. Jayce insists that although Ivanah is a seductive dancer. But Jayce Ivanah would never swivel towards the pornography business. In Ivanah’s head, Jayce Ivanah does not own stuff to make her physique a recreation entity for the crowds.


In an exclusive conference with D Smallz, Jayce Ivanah said that she would not join the p****graphy industry and persuade my physique. My mind does not allow me to do so. Jayce claimed that once, a person who is a billionaire gave her $50 thousand to be his prostitute; nonetheless, Jayce Ivanah said no to the contract. When in interviews Jayce was asked if she admitted guilt in her judgment ever and Jayce Ivanah said the interviewer a big “NO”.

Jayce was even scheduled to begin her dance profession in some time. Jayce assesses that she couldn’t dance ever in her life and would certainly stop it shortly or lately. There is One reason Jayce aims to resign from her strange dance profession shortly, as claimed by Ivanah, is Ivanah’s daughter.

Jayce announces that Jayce doesn’t expect her daughter to be influenced by her profession at a very young age. But Jayce would not care if Ivanah’s daughter inhabits a related career in the fortune.

Net Worth of Jayce Ivanah

Jayce was struggling since she was only 19 years old. But Jayce had a very important cocaine addict. So, Jayce didn’t get to keep as much wealth as Jayce Ivanah earned.

Jayce made practically all of her wealth as a stripper in Atlanta and Dothan, Georgia. Ivanpah’s undertaking to fetch out of the business just because it revealed her to have too many pills.

Jayce Ivanah

The Net Worth of Jayce in 2021 is $ 3 million

The Net Worth of Jayce in 2020 is $ 2 million

The Net Worth of Jayce in 2019 is $ 1 million

Net Worth of Jayce in 2018 is $ 500k

Net Worth of Jayce in 2017 is $ 250k

So, Jayce would enhance her earnings with programs in Hooters. Yet, nobody paid Jayce, just such as dancing.

Ultimately, Jayce had sufficient and halted stripping. Jayce is fascinated by her social media platforms’ existence. Ivanah’s official account on Instagram is @iamjayceivanah. Ivanah’s Instagram page comprises more than 222,000 followers.

As with other celebrities, for example, Sophie Mudd and Anisa Johma, Jayce also has subscription assistance via online fans. Jayce tosses all, such as deep vagina chances. Jayce earns $17,000 a month or lengthier.

Contact details of Jayce Ivanah

Jayce’s official TWITTER account is @jayceivanah

We have spoken of her Twitter account handler link above, and Jayce Ivanah’s ID is not Verified and Authentic. If you want to pursue her, then you can use the below-given username.

Jayce’s official INSTAGRAM account is @iamjayceivanah

We have spoken of her Instagram official ID link above, and the official Id of Jayce Ivanah is Verified and Authentic. If you want to pursue her, then you can use the above-given username.

Jayce’s FACEBOOK official account is @iamjayceivanah

Jayce’s Facebook official account is also spoken of above. It is authenticated and also verified is verified. To get updates, you can browse the above-mentioned account on Facebook.

EMAIL ADDRESS of Jayce is not available

You can deliver your industry suggestions to Jayce Ivanah by inscribing to this email id.

Family and early life of Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah

Ivanah’s career doesn’t authorize her to disclose much of her family information. But during Jayce’s conversation drifts, Jayce talk about them. Though we are not accessible to know their ownership, Jayce’s family is comprised of some seven assistants. These include Ivanah’s father, mother, and four brothers and sisters beside herself. In an exclusive interview, Jayce revealed that Jayce is extremely close to her family members particularly, her mother and her sisters.


Jayce’s mother and father have had a very long relationship together and unfortunately, they broke up after long 18-years of relationship. Ivanah’s mother and father are in a relationship to their husbands and wife and are on nice terms together also.

Ivanah’s family does not just comprise her parents and sisters, but also a beautiful daughter. Jayce has been a delighted single mum for quite a while now. Jayce is yet to demonstrate who the dad of her daughter is. Jayce doesn’t even schedule to pass into a new relationship or get wedded anytime shortly.

Love life, Relationship, and married life of Jayce Ivanah

Jayce is in an important relationship. Jayce Ivanah’s boyfriend’s name is Dquan Cage. Jayce and Dquan Cage are engaged now.

Jayce disclosed that she has been sole for quite a long time till now. Jayce, nonetheless, had a boyfriend. Speaking more about her sweetheart story, Jayce Ivanah revealed that both met at an event. The man, Dquan Cage was instantly enthusiastic about Jayce and liked to shoot Jayce out on a date.

Jayce had been however on a business trip of three days then. Dquan Cage would call Jayce daily to demonstrate his seriousness. It was the very first time Jayce evolved feelings for somebody who is Dquan Cage.


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