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Jo Koy‘s love life has always been the limelight of media. Jo Koy was earlier married to his ex-wife Angie King.

But who is Jo Koy‘s wife in the year 2022? Ever since Koy became popular, his fans wanted to know who is his lady luck. After all, it has been said several times, behind every successful man there is always a woman.

Well, he was once married but for now, Jo Koy doesn’t have a wife. Talking about his ex-wife, the former flames were in a married relationship for some years. From their relationship, they are a delighted parent of one kid.

Today we are going to take an in-depth look into Jo’s personal life and we will find out about his conjugal life.

Jo Koy’s Wife as well as Present Relationship Status

First of all, Jo doesn’t have a wife at present nor is he married to anyone. However, as of now, Jo Koy aka Joseph is in a relationship with a fellow comedian, named Chelsea Handler.

It was Chelsea who first affirmed her relationship with Jo Koy. She conveyed a PDA-filled picture with her new boyfriend named Jo.

In the caption, she wrote, He’s on tour, she is on tour, sometimes they tour together. All coming to a city near him!

Joy joy was rumored to be dating an actress named Tia Carrera.
There were rumors that Jo Koy is reportedly in a relationship with an actress and dating her after some time.

Several tabloids also claimed the comedian is dating an American actress, named Tia Carrera. But there is no solid evidence about their affair behind the scenes.

The only time Jo Koy has ever stated Tia is in the year in the year 2011. Back then, he congratulated the Hawaiian actress for her Grammy win in the category named Best Hawaiian Music Album.

During the same year, the pair also made a joint appearance at the premiere of the year 2011 movie, known as Footloose.

Apart from the above two incidents, both of them have rarely made any appearances together. Neither of them has in recent years shared any pictures of each other on social media platforms. Safe to say, the news of their relationship, at present, is nothing but loose talk.

Relationship of Jo Koy with wife:

The couple is on good terms. Before his newest relationship koy was already married in the past years. Jo Koy was married to his ex-spouse named Angie King. She is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur as well as a musician. She became motivated in the music field because of her dad, who was a great opera singer.

Besides, not much is known about how as well as when did the pair first begin dating. Till now, we do know the former couple dated back in the early 2000s and married around the same time. Unfortunately, their marital life couldn’t last for long. They ended it shortly after their wedding.

But unlike a typical divorced couple, Jo Koy, as well as Angie, have excellent terms with each other. She even quarantined together with her hubby at his residence during a pandemic. Joseph has expressed his love and respect for his former partner every time.

What’s more, Angie frequently occurs in her ex-husband’s Instagram account. As we discussed earlier that they were quarantined together during the 2020 lockdown. The couple wasted no time and they created funny skits straight from their kitchen during that period.

Though we can insist that their mutual respect for one another keeps up them together. Their son is the one who acts as the glue between the couple. Whatever the case may be, Jo Koy as well as his ex-spouse is living a happy and content life.

The couple is enjoying their personal life. Jo Koy’s ex is presently in a relationship with Gino Perez.

Jo Koy
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Jo Koy is blessed with One Child With His Former Wife

The couple shares one son, named   Joseph Herbert Jr. aka Lil Joe. Angie gave birth to him on 21st April in the year 2003. Although his parents parted their ways sometime after his birth. Still, he was raised by both of them in a very fairly coordinated manner.

That is why Joseph is relatively close to both his mom as well as dad. Jo and Angie knew they had to stay peaceful otherwise it might influence their son’s childhood.

Jo Koy has taken off through the same phase when he was at the age of 13. His mom as well as dad decided to divorce. Thereafter, Jo was then raised and grown by his single mom. This phase made him alienated from his father.

Jo Koy
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Jo joy didn’t want his son to suffer the same pain. Fortunately, everything worked out well. At present, Jo, as well as Angie,e, are proud parents as their son has graduated high school. He might become a comedian just like his popular father.

It will happen only if he starts appearing alongside him in several comedy events. Additionally, he repeatedly appears in his mom as well as dad’s accounts.

Jo Koy is more like a brother rather than a dad to his son

During an interview with Fatherly, the comedian talked about fatherhood. He stated that he is doing all the things that he hoped his father would’ve done with him during growing up.

Joseph Sr. as well as Jr. go out to eat and hang out then and now also. While he was still studying in school, he used to give him lunch. The lunch included a food item from a restaurant of his own choice.

Jo Koy
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Moreover, when asked whether his son likes the Filipino culture or not, Jo Koy said he hardly ever had to teach him anything. As the household is filled with Filipinos one is bound to consume everything.


Jo Koy also added that He’s been to the Philippines for almost a month to see where his grandmother was raised. It’s kind of neat. Things he never got to do when he was a kid, his son is doing.

We’re glad that Jo is admiring all the great moments with his sweet son.

His Career

Jo Koy credits his mother for his comedic as well as acting talents. He often tells stories regarding her in his comedy shows. She motivated him to participate in school talent shows and to give impromptu performances for his family and friends. This led to performances at a Las Vegas coffee house. This led to a move to Los Angeles.

In the year 2005, Jo Koy performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He came to be one of a select few comics to receive a standing ovation on all the shows.

On June 12, in the year 2020, Netflix released Jo Koy: In His Elements, a comedy outstanding featuring Filipino American comedians, DJs, as well as B-boys.


On August 4, in the year 2009, The Jo Koy Foundation hosted its first philanthropic event named Hilarity for Charity. It was a stand-up comedy show featuring Koy, amid special surprise comedic guests. The show took place at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, which is located in the heart of Citywalk, Universal City, California. Proceeds from all the ticket sales were donated to The Children’s Hospital of Orange County.


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