Jody Hamilton bio

Jody Hamilton bio or Jodie Hamilton is a TV producer, actress, as well as writer. She is well known as the daughter of The Carol Burnett Show host Carol Burnett. Hamilton is the middle of Carol’s great three daughters.

Jody, comparable, to her mother, named Carol, also followed her steps into show business. Jody Hamilton bio has been the producer for the show, named Carol Burnette: Show Stoppers, the TV movie, Porkchop Playhouse, as well as the short film Lunchtime Thomas. On the other hand, her mother is one of the most noted comedies as well as has over eighty credits as an actress in addition to a multitude of TV appearances. Jody Hamilton bio has also been in hit shows such as Mad About You, Hawaii Five-O, Hot In Cleveland, All My Children, and Carol As well as Friends.

Although Jody Hamilton bio was the daughter of one of the most special female comedians in the US, her childhood wasn’t like other star kids. As it turns out, she as well as her sisters have had a bittersweet connection with her famous mother. Read on to learn more about this daughter of Carol Burnett; have a documented look at her career to whom she is married as well as others.

Jody Hamilton bio Is Californian By Birth

Jody Hamilton bio was born on Jan 18, of the year 1967, in the place of Los Angeles California. Carol once in an interview told Jody Hamilton bio in addition to her two sisters named Erin as well as Carrie practically grew up on the set.

Jody Hamilton bio’s late father, named Joe Hamilton died in the year 1991 from the head as well as lung cancer. He was a television producer for various shows as well as he furthermore served the very role in Carol’s titular show, named The Carol Burnett Show for around eleven years.

Jody Hamilton bio Parents; Her Father Was Her Mother’s Second Husband

Throughout her life, Jody’s mother, named Carol has had three husbands. Burnett’s first husband was her cool college boyfriend, Don Saroyan whom she marry in the year 1955. They nonetheless divorced in 1962.

Jody Hamilton bio’s parents Carol Burnett as well as Joe Hamilton
Comedienne Carol Burnett with her great second husband named Joe Hamilton. Shutterstock

A year later, Burnett married Jody’s father, named Joe Hamilton in the year 1963. It lasted until the year 1984 during which Burnett greeted three daughters comprising Jody. The other two were her sisters Erin as well as Carrie.

After divorcing Jody Hamilton bio’s dad, named Joe Hamilton, Carol wedded her now husband Brian Miller in Nov of the year 2001.

Jody Hamilton bio Sisters Erin As well as Carrie; One Of Them Died Of Cancer

One of Jody’s sisters, named Carrie died on Jan 20, of the year 2002, at the age of 38. She was battling lung as well as brain cancer, just like her great-late father.

Carrie had evolved into a heavy drug and alcohol addict by the age of 13. She, fortunately, was able to get rid of her addiction as well as later grew up to be an actress. She conducted in the year 1996 rock opera film Rent and the year 1986 TV series, named Fame. Jody’s sister, named Carrie once also collaborated with her actress mother, Carol; she jotted down a play titled Hollywood Arms detailing her mother’s story of rags to riches.Jody Hamilton bio

Jody Hamilton bio’s late sister, named Carrie, as well as her mother named Carol Burnett

The late actress as well as a singer named Carrie with her mother Carol Burnett. Getty/AP
Carrie was also the lead singer of the great punk band named Gilt Lily.

Besides, Jody Hamilton bio’s late sister become a successful actress, singer, as well as playwright. She also had roles on shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, X Files, and Murder She Wrote, as well as others.


Hamilton Other Sister, named Erin Also Battled An Addiction

Jody Hamilton bio’s other sister, named Erin, the youngest daughter of Carol is still alive. She nonetheless has also battled addiction similar to her late sister named Carrie. In fact, in Aug of the year 2020, Carol sought legal custody of Erin’s son, named Dylan, after she considered her daughter’s addiction problem was running her grandson’s life.

Carol with her other daughter, named Erin Hamilton

Jody’s younger sister named Erin with her mother, Carol.
In addition to her two sisters, named Jody has eight more half-siblings albeit they are from her late father’s last connections.Jody Hamilton bio

Jody Hamilton Career; She Now Oftenly Hosts Podcast

As mentioned, Carol’s middle daughter is a producer for film, TV, and industries, as well as others. The year 1967-born producer says she is primarily responsible for any logistics of production as well as for facilitating production requirements. She admittingly also handles tasks comprising equipment contracts, purchase orders, tape/digital media, inventory, insurance, day player contracts, cast as well as crew lists, and different other set requirements. Jody Hamilton bio also has a firm understanding of Final Cut Pro Editor.


The year 1967 born Carol Burnett’s daughter named Jody Hamilton
The Porkchop Playhouse producer named Jody Hamilton bio
Hamilton now mostly is the host as well as producer of the weekly podcast show, named From The Bunker, about politics as well as pop culture. It has been operating since March of the year 2009. Jody is responsible for recording, editing, as well as uploading each episode of great From The Bunker.

Jody Hamilton bio additionally seems as a guest every Tuesday on Steph Miller Show as well as Thursdays on Bob Cesca Show.

In history, Carol’s daughter was also the producer at her father’s Joe Hamilton Productions as well as Creative Vision Group.

Jody Hamilton bio once also obtained an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Special. Jody Hamilton bio furthermore has sung covers as well as a few original songs as well.Jody Hamilton bio

Jody Hamilton bio has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Entertainment Management from the great University of the Pacific.

Talking of Jody Hamilton bio’s past relationships, while the middle child of Carol as well as Joe is yet to shed a light on that, it relatively could be the case that Jody Hamilton bio has had few or two boyfriends or even more severe connections in history. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

As such Jody was already 33 when she met her recent husband, Lonny and it might be within the justification to say Jody Hamilton bio has had at least one or two connections before that. Moreover, the Emmy nominee, so far, hasn’t spilled any details on those issues.

Is Jody Hamilton bio As Rich As Her Mother; What Is Her Net Worth

Jody Hamilton bio although a celebrity on her own seems less wealthy than her widely well-known comedienne mother, named Carol who has an astounding net worth of over $40 million.Jody Hamilton bio

The number categorically puts Carol in the league of some of the richest actresses in the great TV world. The magnitude of her fortune furthermore shouldn’t come as a surprise deeming that the now 89 years old singer,, as well as comedienne’s career spanned over six decades.

On the other hand, Carol’s daughter, named Jody Hamilton bio despite being in show business for quite a spell, frankly hasn’t gotten a breakthrough identical to her millionaire mother. Hamilton nevertheless could still be a well-off celebrity child with at least a six-figure or even more net worth in custody.



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