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The US is assisting India ‘significantly’ in its fight against the surging second wave of coronavirus. US President Joe Biden confirmed sending material and machine parts.

Till now, six air shipments financed by the United States Agency for International Development have departed the US for India. It will include health supplies, oxygen cylinders, N95 masks, and medicines.

We are also helping Brazil. We are aiding India significantly. I talked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Currently, he needs most is the material and the parts to be able to have his devices that can make the vaccine work. So, we are giving that.  On Tuesday, Joe Biden told the reporters in the White House press conference.

Moreover, we are sending them oxygen with a lot of the precursors. So we’re committing a lot to India and Indians. He said acknowledging a question on his assistance to India, Brazil. The question was asked on assistance to India, Brazil, and other countries amid the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Joe Biden said.

Although the AstraZeneca vaccine is being used around the world. Yet it has not been approved for practice in the US.

Concerning the AstraZeneca vaccine which we had, we have delivered that vaccine to Canada and Mexico. And there are other nations we are discussing the matter with.  Matter of fact, I conversed with a head of state today. I’m not ready to confirm who else we’ll be providing the vaccine to, the US president added.

He further told –  However, we are getting on to by the 4th of July have sent about 10 percent of what we have to other nations. This includes some of the ones you mentioned.

As we received requests from the Indian government, the USAID had before provided some allowances to the Indian Red Cross.

These are a lot of the units that the Indian government has conveyed a crucial need for. We have also sent flights with total existence about to exceed USD100 million, Psaki said.

In terms of oxygen backing which is a huge element of what they need right now, we are discussing oxygen cylinders. So the USAID delivered nearly 1,500 cylinders that will stay in India. And afterward, can continually be refilled at local supply centers with more planeloads to come.

The USAID has delivered nearly 550 oxygen concentrators to collect oxygen from ambient air. And it has also sent large-scale units to fund up to 20 subjects each of an oxygen generation unit, she added.

Joe Biden and India’s assistance 

The press secretary notified reporters that the Joe Biden administration has authorized its order of AstraZeneca manufacturing supplies to India. This will allow India to develop over 20 million doses.

Also, the US has contributed one million rapid diagnostic tests. Last weekend, the USAID delivered 20,000 treatment courses of the antiviral drug redeliver to help deal with hospitalized patients, she said.

A group of specialists from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is led to India. The team will work in confined coordination with India’s public health experts in laboratory surveillance and epidemiology, catastrophe response and operations advancement, bioinformatics for genomic sequencing and modeling, informed later.


Further, she told that 2.5 million N95 masks have been sent to India. And if the Indian government requests, we can provide them additional 21.5 million additional marks. The US also sent 1 million Rapid Diagnostic Tests and 20000 medication courses of anti-viral Remdesivir.


India recorded a record 3,780 deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest since the pandemic started.




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