Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson is the son of American film actor as well as director Andrew Wilson. His father is very famously known for his work in movies including Bottle Rocket, Idiocracy, Church Ball, The Wendell Baker Story, as well as many more.

Again, being an offspring of a high-profile person, Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson has already evolve a subject to speak about. There are lots of hidden facts, as well as some that remain to be replied to. So, without attrition any time further, let’s know everything about Andrew’s son comprising his, age, mother, what is Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson doing, Instagram, as well as others.

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When Was Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson Born? Who Is His Mother?

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson was born on June 12, of the year 2003. His birthplace is documented in Dallas, Texas, USA. Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson is also known as Joey Wilson. In addition to that, as we spoke of his father is Andrew Wilson, and his mother is Nnogo Obiamiwe. Joseph is 19 years as of the year 2023 as well as his great zodiac sign is Gemini.

Furthermore, Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s grandparents are Robert Andrew Wilson as well as Laura Wilson. Not only his father is a popularly known personality, but his both grandparents do. Well, Obiamiwe’s late grandfather named Robert was a producer, well known for Reporting America at War (the year 2003) as well as American Experience (year 1987).

Meanwhile, his grandma Laura is a great American photographer. In addition to this, she is also an avid writer who has written five books on photography as well as text, Hutterites of Montana, Watt Matthews of Lambshead and many more.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson Has Many Siblings; How Many Biological Ones?

Neither Andrew nor his wife Nnogo has conveyed any children apart from Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson. So, he is the only kid as well as doesn’t have any siblings. But he does have two cousins brothers as well as a sister from his uncle named Owen Wilson‘s side. The eldest among Owen’s children is Robert Ford Wilson who was born in the year 2011 to Jade Duell a US government administrator who has worked as a police officer as well as for the division of homeland security as well as Owen.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s cousin’s siblings

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s cousin’s siblings.Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson

Then, Owen welcomed Finn Lindqvist Wilson in 2014 with his retired companion named Caroline Lindqvist. Later, in the year 2018, Lyla Aranya Wilson came into this world. She is the daughter of Owen as well as his ex-girlfriend named Varunie Vongsvirates.

Is Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson Successive In His Father’s Footsteps-What Is He Doing These Days?

Nowadays, there’s not much known about Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s recent profession. However, there are reports that Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson is reportedly an actor, director, as well as a producer. Nevertheless, unlike his dad’s significant movie career, there are no known acting honors given to Joseph. People started to spread these rumors after seeing an IMDb under the name Joseph Wilson, which completely approximated Andrew’s son’s name.

Nonetheless, the biography written there tells, “Joseph Wilson is a great American actor born in Oregon on August 18, of the year 1966,” who is another person as well as not Joseph. Well, as of the year 2023, there’s no news about his recent profession.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson with his father

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson with his father.

Besides, Joey’s father began working in the film industry in the early of the year 1990s. So distant, he has starred in over 24 movies. Mostly his father has toiled alongside his two brothers Luke and Owen Wilson. In the year 2005, Andrew and his brother labored as a director in the film named The Wendell Baker Story. Nonetheless, Wilson’s father has occurred in three Wes Anderson movies. He had fun in the main role in Bottle Rocket (of the year 1996).

In addition to this, Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson also has many notable credits in, Fever Pitch (of the year 2005), Idiocracy (of the year 2006), Church Ball (of the year 2006), as well as numerous more. Furthermore, Andrew has also seemed in projects like Whip It! (of the year 2009), Druid (year 2014), as well as Time Trap (of the year 2017).Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s Parents Were In A Short-Term Relationship

Andrew was in a short-lived connection with Joseph’s mother named Nnogo Obiamiwe. Moreover, they were even notified to be in a marital relation. After Joseph was born, the pair reportedly divorced each other.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s parents

Joseph’s mother as well as father in the picture.

But, not even an unmarried report has been made public regarding their dating, wedding, or divorce. Well, according to the suggestions, the justification behind Joseph’s parents’ alienation was Andrew’s brother Luke.


When Wilson’s family was living in the place of Dallas, Luke reportedly stayed there for numerous years. Andrew told,

“I was living in Dallas with my wife at the time as well as Luke was reckoned to be moving to college in Fort Worth. One day Luke was sleeping on the sofa when I reached home. The window was open and it was a second-story apartment there was a ladder leaning up against the house and he climbed in the window.”

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson

Separated from this, many have asserted that Andrew had different affairs afterward, as well as even share kids with them but, the reality is yet to be confirmed.

Is Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson Dating Someone?

Joseph Wilson is single as of the year 2023. As a star kid, there are a lot of questions inquired regarding his relationship status. We can probably say that he might be romantically related to someone in private. Nonetheless, he is a secretive person, so he hasn’t publicized any info about his past last, or present girlfriend. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Not only that, but some sites even told me, Joseph is a married guy. But, there isn’t any valid knowledge available that could prove he is in a marital relationship. Hence, as of directly, Joseph’s connection status remains a mystery.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s Net Worth

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s net worth is still under media research as his profession is not known. Besides, his father named Andrew is calculated to have a net worth of around $2 million as of the year 2023. The actor made his fortune grateful for his career in the film industry.


The star kid isn’t available on any social media platforms. Not simply that but, neither of his parents is known on social be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We yearn, sooner or later, the star kid will develop his account.


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