Juanita Vanoy bio

Juanita Vanoy bio is a former model as well as an executive secretary of the American Bar Association. However, Juanita Vanoy bio rose to prominence being the wife of a former NBA basketball player named Michael Jordan. Coming up to the year 2022, she has since been divorced from Michael as the pair separated mutually as well as amicably in the year 2006.

Talking more regarding her ex-husband named Michael, he is a six-time NBA championship winner with Chicago Bulls as well as got worldwide appreciation as “one of the enormous basketball players of all time”. He is also the principal, owner, as well as great chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA.

Being the ex-wife of such a distinguished player, Juanita Vanoy, bio and her personal/professional life is a matter of interest to the people who follow Michael Jordan. So, today, we are here to address all your interest in Michael Jordan’s ex-wife along with her age, social media, her marriage and divorce with the NBA player, youngsters, and several more.

When Was Juanita Vanoy bio Born? Her Age, And Early Life

Juanita Vanoy bio was born to her father named John Vanoy and her mother Dorothy L. Vanoy on 13 June of the year 1959, in Chicago, which is in Illinois. So, as of the year 2022, she is 63 years of age. Vanoy spent most of her early days in her hometown in the place of Southside Chicago.

Similarly, Juanita Vanoy bio grew up in a family environment led by her lovely parents along with her five siblings named Gwendolyn Hicks, Jacqueline Rogers, Rhonda Armstrong, Bernetta B. Vanoy, as well as Margaret Vanoy. For her academic degree, she attended Christian Fencer High School and further shifted to American University for higher study.

Besides, Juanita Vanoy bio comes from Cuban-African ethnicity as well as American nationality.

Career Detail Of Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife named Juanita Vanoy bio

In her professional career, Juanita Vanoy bio, who captured the headlines after getting pertained to former basketball player Jordan, did various jobs, Firstly, she began with modeling in her teenage years. Slowly, she started about as a model for several projects and finally landed in secretary job.

Likewise, Juanita Vanoy bio helped as an executive secretary for American Bar Association. Aside from the secretary post, she began again her modeling career. After her companionship with Michael, her then-husband, they together formed an organization named Michael as well as Jaunita Endowment Fund, to support charity programs. Following charity work, the former American model was also satisfied in the real estate business.

Besides, Juanita Vanoy bio also worked at a publicity agency company, which is where she also met her former husband for the first time.

Juanita Vanoy bio’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband, named Michael Jordan: How It Started?
Talking regarding their first meeting, well, there are two nice stories. Firstly, some reports contend they met in the year 1984 at Chicago Bennigan’s restaurant after she was inaugurated to Michael. Some days after their first meeting, the duo again met at a common friend’s party and they began seeing each other.

Meanwhile, an old magazine claimed they first met while Juanita Vanoy bio was working at great Burrell Advertising, an ad agency. Jordan was at the agency for his approval business.

Juanita Vanoy bio was wedded to NBA player Michael Jordan

Juanita Vanoy bio with her great Ex-Husband. Source: Her Daughter’s Instagram
Regardless, after dating for three years, Michael finally formulated with Juanita which resulted in their engagement. Unfortunately, the engagement was canceled later. Subsequently, within one year, Jaunita became pregnant and as per some sources, Jordan paused to accept the unborn child that his girlfriend, Juanita Vanoy bio, was carrying.

Juanita Vanoy bioWhatever the assumption, the child was eventually revealed to be Jordan’s, and the duo decided to get wedded. At the time of their marriage, the cute pair already had a 10-months old son. In the existence of their beloved son, the couple shared their vows on September 2, of the year 1989, at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The former pair was on good terms until Vanoy filed for divorce in the year 2002.

Juanita Vanoy bio Filed For Divorce Against Michael Two Times: What Had Happened?
The former American model, for the first time, asked for a divorce from her spouse in court in the year 2002, citing irreconcilable discrepancies. Nonetheless, she got back together with Michael after a while and withdrew the divorce request.

Still, getting back together didn’t work out which is why she again filed for divorce as well as got segregated legally on December 29, of the year 2006. After the divorce, she received around $168 million from her husband as a divorce settlement which at a time was deemed the most expensive divorce settlement.

Juanita Vanoy bio

Did Juanita Vanoy bio re-marry? What about her ex-husband?

At the time when she filed for divorce, Juanita was already a mother of three kids so, even after her separation from her children’s father, she didn’t roam to find love from another man instead she greatly chose motherhood over anything else.

On the contrary, her ex-partner named Jordan got married to his long-time girlfriend, a Cuban-American model named Yvette Prieto on April 27, 2013. The pair has twins together.

Juanita Vanoy bio shares three children with her Ex-Spouse

An Illinois- born former model is a mother of three children named Jeffery Michael Jordan, Marcus Jordan, and Jasmine Mickael Jordan. Her firstborn child Jeffery was born before his parent’s wedding on 18 November of the year 1988.

Juanita Vanoy bio is a mother of three children

Juanita Vanoy bio’s children with their father, named Michael. Source: Instagram
Additionally, she became a mother for the second time by giving birth to Marcus on 24th December of the year 1990. Furthermore, on 7th December of the year 1992, she welcomed her daughter named Jasmine.

Juanita Vanoy bio


What Profession Did Her Children choose? More Into Their Life

Juanita Vanoy bio’s son Jeffery as well as Marcus runs a philanthropic foundation, Jordan Heir. Moreover, both of them is a former basketball players. Jeffery has played for the University of Illinois as well as the University of Central Florida. In May of the year 2019, Jeffery wrapped the knot with his best friend named Radina Aneva, He had formulated to Radina in the year 2018.

Following the footsteps of his father as well as an elder brother, Marcus also played basketball for UCF Knights men’s basketball team. In a related manner, Juanita and Jordan’s youngest daughter, named Jasmine is also career-oriented and worked for Air Jordan XI “Heiress”.


Moving further, Jasmine is already a great mother of a child. She greeted a baby boy in the year 2019 with former Syracuse basketball star named Rakeem Christmas.

Is Juanita Vanoy bio On Instagram?

Despite being so independent as well as fast-forward woman, Juanita wants to live a low-key life. As a result, she does not have an Instagram account, as well as neither she is on Facebook.

But, the celebrity ex-wife joined Twitter in December of the year 2012 under the username @TheRealJuanitaJ, where she has around 157 followers.

Juanita Vanoy bio

Juanita Vanoy bio’s Net Worth

She has been a former model as well as has worked as an executive secretary. In the divorce settlement, she took a great amount from her ex-husband. So, it can be said that she has quite a good lifestyle and has a fortune of around $200 million, as per some sources and reports.

On the other side, her celebrity ex-spouse has a net worth of around $2.1 billion as of the year 2022.


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