Julie Brady

Julie Brady is an ex-collegiate soccer player as well as an old special education teacher who is popularly known as the elder sister of the NFL superstar, Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.  Julie Brady is also the wife of Kevin Youkilis, a two-time World Series named champion with the Boston Red Sox,

Julie’s husband, Youkilis is also an All-Star corner infielder who expended most of his career with the Boston Red Sox; Youkilis resigned from baseball in the year 2014 after a year playing in Japan.

Julie Brady is the youngest of Tom’s three sisters. There are as many stories regarding the NFL idol’s siblings as his. Julie Brady and the rest of her sisters have proven to be a huge influence on her brother’s career. Read all regarding them in the assortments below with over and above premise on Julie; her childhood, growing up alongside the Super Bowl champion, her career, relationship, as well as more.

Julie Brady Birth, Parents, And Siblings

The sister of seven-time Superbowl champion Julie Brady was born on August 3, in the year 1974. The now 47 years old Julie is one of the four children of Tom Brady Sr as well as Galynn Patricia Brady.

Her siblings encompass Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady, and Tom Brady. They matured in San Mateo, California

Each Of Julie Brady’s Siblings

Julie’s eldest sister, named Maureen is the oldest child of the Brady bunch. Just Like her brother, Maureen was also a stand-out athlete as well as an All-American softball pitcher at Fresno State in the 1990s.

Following graduation, however, Julie’s eldest sister continued a career in nursing as well as now Maureen reportedly works at a local hospital in Bakersfield, California. Julie’s other sister, Nancy, on the other hand, has managed to stay out of the spotlight for years.

Julie Brady was also an athlete; Nancy took advantage of a basketball player as well as a softball player. Nancy, who is a graduate of Boston University, as per reports works as a Public Health Technical Advisor.

Julie Brady And Her Siblings Competed Against Each Other A Lot And Loved Sports 

Julie Brady as well as her sisters reportedly are all every bit as competitive as their brother Tom. The California native once disclosed she and her siblings loved sports from a young age.

Both of her sisters were great athletes and teammates, and Tom lettered in football, but he was an outstanding baseball player, too.

We fought hard against one another but also applauded wildest for each other. No one liked to lose,

said Julie Brady to NY post in June in the year 2013.

Are Julie Brady And Tom Brady Twins?

People mostly call Julie Brady Tom’s “twin.” They, however, have a three-year age gap.

Tom was born in the year 1977 and Julie in the year 1974. The reason that they are mistaken for twins is that both siblings happen to share the same birthday on August 3. And so, Everytime the ex-England Patriots QB celebrates a birthday, he mostly jokes that he’s wishing his ‘twin’ sister named Julie a happy birthday as well.

Julie Was An Excellent Athlete During High School As well as College

Much like her sisters as well as her brother, Julie, too, was a standout soccer player who visited St. Mary’s before earning a scholarship. The second daughter of Tom Sr. and Galynn Brady, Julie, along with her older sister Maureen and a younger sister named Nancy, was an avid athlete growing up in Northern California.

Julie Brady played softball as well as basketball but pursued soccer at St. Mary’s College of California. Julie later on become a very special education teacher.

What Does Julie Brady Do Now?

The six-foot-three-inches tall footballer’s sister, Julie now primarily is a stay-at-home mother with an interest in charitable causes.

Julie Brady

In June in the year 2014, Julie Brady helped organize an event for Youkilis’ charity, Youk’s Kids, to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy as well as the Boston Marathon bombings.

Julie Brady , Wife Of Kevin Youkilis

Ms. Brady married the former Red Sox’s first baseman, Kevin Youkilis in the year 2012.

Talking a bit regarding the wedding in the summer of the year 2012, Julie’s husband, Youkilis said,
It was the enormous off-day of my life. It was a lot of fun, good times. I know there have been some hard times with baseball, but — I don’t usually talk regarding this — but it’s something good and I wanted to share.

The attendees were immediate family and friends.

Julie, as well as Youkilis’ nuptials, encompassed no teammates or extended family, The five-time Superbowl MVP, Tom Brady, as well as his model wife Gisele Bundchen, however, did cut April in the year 2012, assured to have a bigger party to celebrate his nuptials to his new bride.

Julie Brady 

How Did Julie Meet Her Husband Youkilis?

Kevin, as well as Julie, first saw each other in the year 2004 at a nightclub near Fenway Park known then as Avalon. Youkilis and a few of his Red Sox teammates were then whacking the popular nightclub together.

There, Kevin who was then the new young third baseman bumped into the big man in the place of Boston — Tom Brady, after that superstar quarterback for the Patriots. Tom, the father of three, at the time had two of his three older sisters, named Nancy as well as Julie, in tow. Julie ultimately caught Youkilis’ eye.

Kevin, however, seeing Tom felt coercion as well as never got the strength to ask for Julie’s number. After Four years, Kevin went on to marry Enza Sambataro. The union though ended in the year 2010.

Shortly afterward, the ex-New York Yankees player, as well as Julie, would finally get to talk to each other the same year. It was six years after that night in the year 2004 during another random run-in.

Both of them Finally Talked To Each Other During A Fund Raiser

Julie as well as Youkilis’ second meeting happened in December in the year 2010, when Julie attended a fund-raiser organized by her younger sister, named Nancy. Youkilis came to support the night’s emcee, his buddy, and “Glee” actor named Mike O’Malley.

Julie recalling the first time they saw each other at a nightclub, with The New York Post in the year 2013, said,
Kevin reminded me of the first time we met. And how he was intimidated to ask for my phone number as he didn’t want to step on any toes with Tommy.

Julie Brady

The Brady clan’s middle sister also disclosed how Tom and Kevin despite living in the same city didn’t know one another. She said they nonetheless had common respect, as professional athletes.

Upon knowing regarding Julie as well as Kevin’s relationship, Tom reportedly told his sister to take it very slowly. Julie had told her brother named Tom, ‘I think I may go see him (Youkilis).’

To this Tom would reply, ‘If I were you, I’d move as slow as molasses.’ Julie reports her brother, by that, meant never move at all. Kevin and Julie officially began their relationship in the year 2011. They dated in private for over a year before marrying in the year 2012.

Julie Brady As well as Kevin Youkilis Initially Had A Long Distance Relationship 

In the year 2013, Julie told the YES Network that she and Kevin indeed took it slow since he at the time was living in Boston and she was in California. First of all they became very good friends because all they had was a long distance.

Julie in an interview said it was Youkilis’ easy sense of humor and their shared values as well as expectations that made her fall for the Ohio native.

Kevin made me laugh, as well as that is why I fell in love with him. We were safe together and could talk for a long time, said Tom’s sister, Julie Brady.

They originally went through a long-distance relationship. Youkilis as well as Julie Brady got finally engaged in the year 2012 and married that same year in a small ceremony on an off day. The pair tied the knot at their home in Weston, a suburb of Boston.

Julie’s husband with the local radio station WAAF said he as well as his wife have planned to do a greater ceremony at some point. Ms. Brady, as well as Youkilis, have two sons together, named  Zachary as well as Jeremy.


Julie Brady

Tom’s sister also has a daughter, Jordan from a earlier relationship. It though is not clear who her ex-husband/partner is. Julie now reportedly helps her spouse, named Kevin run a brewpub, Loma Brewing Company, in Los Gatos, which is in California, where the couple lives with their three children.

Youkilis co-owns the brewery with his brother, Scott Youkilis, who has run numerous restaurants in the San Francisco area.

Julie Net Worth

While Tom is undeniably one of the richest athletes the generation has seen, the financial footings of his lesser-known family members are somewhat natural interrogatives.

Although Julie’s net worth might very well never get stated in any standard write-up, chances are it is always less likely that she is anywhere near as rich as her brother Tom. The 2000 NFL draftee has an estimated net worth of around $240million.

Furthermore, anyone who is a millionaire from her family domain is her husband, Youkilis himself. The retired MLB player reportedly possesses a wealth of more than aà $25million.


Baseball-Reference reports Brady’s spouse Youkilis earned around $56 million in the majors. Also since retiring after an injury-plagued of the year 2013 season with Mariano Rivera and the rival Yankees, Youkilis now evidently brings in quite a lot from his Loma Brewing Company.

Julie Brady

Moreover, Julie could also be a very well-off woman since Julie is also a co-partner in her husband’s brewery business.

Does Julie Have Social Media Accounts?

Additionally to her net worth, something that is missing in the case of Julie Brady is her presence on domains such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The just 47 years old unlike her husband who is in action on Instagram is passably a very non-person on social media.

Julie nonetheless sometimes resurfaces on her husband, Kevin’s Instagram. Moreover, She also doesn’t get missed when her footballer brother has to wish her on her birthday.

Other Facts 

In the year 2021, Julie’s parents fought quite a life-threatening battle with coronavirus at the start of the season.


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