Jungle Pam Hardy

Jungle Pam Hardy is popular for being the sidekick of the drag racing feeling ‘Jungle’ Jim Liberman. Not only this, but she also increased the limelight for her relationship with her later boyfriend Liberman. Hardy received the name ‘Jungle Pam’ because of her performance as well as her affection for drag racing sports.

Before meeting Liberman, Pam didn’t know anything about drag racing. Many drag sprinting fans around the world want to know about, the popular sidekick. So, who is Jungle Pam Hardy? How did she get into the wind racing world? Where is she now? There are a lot of interesting minds and unanswered problems fluctuating around it.

So, in this article let’s discover more regarding Jungle Pam Hardy’s career, age, net worth, as well as her life in drag racing.

Jungle Pam Hardy Wiki: Early Life as well as Her Age

She was born Pamela Hardy on March 19, in the year 1954, in West Chester, which is in Pennsylvania, the United States. As of the year 2022, she is 68 years old. She was born in an ordinary middle-class family, nonetheless, she has so far kept details regarding her father as well as mother secret.

Talking regarding her ethnicity, she has a mixed ethnical background and is American by nationality.

Talking regarding her education, she has a decent academic background. After graduating from high school, hardy aimed to have a degree in business and was accepted to West Chester State until she agreed to ditch her college and maintain a career in drag racing.

Jungle Pam Hardy’s Career as a Sidekick For great Jim Liberman

She is prominent for being the sidekick of the drag racing star named Jim Liberman. So, how did her journey start?

Pamela Hardy was walking down the road when Liberman placed her driving a yellow Corvette in May of the year 1972. Hardy was 18 at that time as well was two weeks away from graduating high school. Before meeting Liberman, Hardy was living a normal life and didn’t know anything regarding drag racing.

Jungle Pam Hardy memorized everything regarding drag racing on the job. The soon-to-do Master in Business left her grade and joined Liberman in his match race tour. She later records


I dumped the college that had ratified me, and it drove my mother nuts.

Jim initially hired Pam to get scrutiny on the track. She was usually braless and wore a tank top or skimpy halter as well as jeans. Her extraordinary performance drew a lot of crowds as well as attention. She along with Liberman appeared in Vrooom!, (a 16-minute documentary directed by Ken Rudolph). The pair also appeared in various magazines; she was on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in February of the year 1973.

Jungle Pam Hardy with her ex-boyfriend during her great drag racing career

Jungle Pam Hardy

Jungle Pam Hardy with her ex-boyfriend named Jim on a race track.
Palma Hardy earned the nickname called Jungle Pam Hardy as she staged the car, tested for any fluid leaks before the run, and filled the car with water and eight quarts of 70W oil. Not only that, but she also helped in packing the parachutes as well as helped Jim reposition his vehicle after each burnout.

Because of her achievement on the track, she was reported as a stroke of genius helping to put forward the profile of Liberman along with his team and Funny Car racing as a whole.

Pam Hardy’s Reign only Lasted for around Four Years

As we talked about earlier, Liberman hired Hardy to get the attention of the crowd. Similarly, while drag racing was booming, the sport expanded more rules and regulations ultimately leading to a situation where Jungle Pam was left without a spot on the team. After her lover’s demise, she never struggled with another driver.


Jungle Pam Hardy
Jungle Pam Hardy on a race track
Jim’s sidekick prepares Liberman for nationality in a drag race.
However, even after evacuating the sport, she hasn’t left completely. Hardy’s love for the sport is glimpsed to this date. She makes periodic impressions at sports events.

On the other hand, Jungle Pam Hardy has talked about how she hates modern drag racing. According to her, modern drag racing lacks the characteristics of entertainment. She talks regarding the time when Jim was around as well as how it used to be fun in the past.

Who Was Jungle Pam’s Partner Jim Liberman?

Russell James Liberman aka Jungle Jim was born on September 12, in the year 1945. Accepted for being an American funny car drag racer, he started his career in drag racing in the Stock division at Fremont Raceway in the year 1964 as well as later made his way to funny cars in the year 1965.

Jungle Pam Hardy

Jungle Pam Hardy’s ex-boyfriend named Jungle’ Jim Liberman died in an accident
American Drag Racer Jungle Jim Liberman.
Jim placed 17 on the great list of the Top 50 NHRA drivers of all time in the year 2001. He is also prominent for his backward driving at 160 km/h after his burnouts. His achievement in the year 1967 assisted him in the year 1968 to run a two-car team.

Jungle Jim Died at the age of just 31 years
Liberman clearly would have had more success in the industry but sadly he passed away on September 9, of the year 1977, in a road accident. The ex-boyfriend of Pam Hardy was driving his Chevrolet Corvette in the place of West Goshen Township.


He collided with a transit bus while rounding a nook at high speed. The two vehicles crashed into one another and Jim’s car was wedged under the bus bumper assassinating him immediately. It took more than 45 minutes for the responders to remove his body from the crash site.

Jungle Pam Hardy

Jungle Pam Hardy Admires Her Late Partner named Liberman

Being my sidekick of Jim for around four years. Pam had a lot of respect for her former boyfriend, named Jim. He was the one who brought her into the world of great drag racing. She appreciates him and also told

All that showmanship was his true attitude. He just didn’t turn that on at the track and then became normal such as everyone else at home.

She added:

He had that manner of flair even when we were just at the house or courted someplace. You could always realize his existence wherever he was.”

Jungle Pam Hardy

Is Jungle Pam Hardy in a Relationship? Her Marital Status

Jungle Pam Hardy was in a friendship with her then-boyfriend and famous American drag racer named Jungle Jim Liberman. But sadly, it didn’t last long because Jim lost his life in a tragic road accident on September 9, in the year 1977.

Jungle Pam Hardy was very devastated after learning the news but later she was in a marital relationship with the Funny Car owner Fred Frey. The husband, as well as wife, were living cheerfully until due to some issue they agreed to part ways.

Jungle Pam Hardy with a former husband named Fred Frey

Hardy with her then-husband Fred Frey.
Later on, Jungle Pam Hardy walked the aisle with her second husband named Bill Hodgson. Unfortunately, their whereabouts at present are not understood in the media.

Jungle Pam Hardy Net Worth

The famous sidekick of Jim Liberman is totaled to have a net worth of around $1.85 million which she has collected from her time in drag racing.

Whereas, her then-boyfriend named Jim Liberman, was totaled to have a net worth of around $2.5 million.


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