Keanu Reeves biography: Keanu Reeves’s full name is Keanu Charles Reeves. Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian-American celebrity who is well known for his character of Neo in the action movie trilogy The Matrix, Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted Logan in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, and Officer Jack Traven in Speed.

Many other prominent positions comprise Siddhartha Gautama in Little Buddha, who played the role of Scott Favor in the show whose title is My Own Private Idaho contrary to River Phoenix, and Keanu Charles Reaves as Johnny Mnemonic in the sci-fi movie Johnny Mnemonic opposite Dolph Lundgren.

Keanu Reeves biography- played the role of Kevin Lomax in the supernatural suspense movie whose title is The Devil’s Advocate opposite Al Pacino; Keanu Charles Reaves as the chevalier Danceny in Dangerous Liaisons; and featuring roles in Constantine, Chain Reaction, and the epic surf drama Point Break.

Keanu Charles Reaves played bass guitar in the grunge band Dogstar in when the 1990s, and further just in the band Becky. In an ET online questionnaire in the year 2006, Keanu Charles Reaves was comprised in the “Top Ten of America’s Favourite celebrities”. On the 31st of January in the year 2005, Keanu Charles Reeves obtained a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Early Life of Keanu Charles Reaves:

Keanu Charles Reeves biography – was born in Beirut, Lebanon, as the kid of Patricia Bond (née Taylor). Patricia Bond is a fashion Performer/designer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr., is a geologist.

Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom is white, and his dad is of Chinese descent and an American of Hawaiian. Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom was functioning in Beirut when Keanu Charles Reeves’s mother confronted his dad.

Keanu Charles Reeves’s dad toiled as an inexperienced laborer and it is contended that he attained his GED while being detained in Hawaii for trading drugs at the Hilo International Airport ( Keanu Charles Reeves’ dad corroborated this in a 2001 exclusive meeting ). Keanu Reeves biography reveals that his dad left behind his spouse and home when Keanu Charles Reeves was 3 years old, and Keanu Charles Reeves does not presently have any connection with Patricia Bond, his dad.

KEANU REEVES biography

Keanu Charles Reeves is called after his uncle whose name is Henry Keanu Reeves. Keanu Charles Reeves is a Hawaiian phrase that implies chill wind over the peaks. When Keanu Charles Reeves first appeared in the Hollywood industry, Keanu Charles Reeves’s dealers understood the first name of Keanu Charles Reeves was too foreign, so when he was in the early days of his Hollywood industry career, Keanu Charles Reeves was occasionally named as K.C. Reeves.

Keanu Charles Reeves has one biological sister whose name is Kim. Kim was born in 1996 in Australia. Kim was analyzed with leukemia in her early 1990s. Besides, via Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom, Keanu Charles Reeves has a half-sister whose name is Karina Miller. Karina Miller was born through Keanu Charles Reeves’s dad. Keanu Charles Reeves has another half-sister whose name is Emma Rose Reeves. Emma Rose Reeves was born in 1980 in Hawaii.

Keanu Reeves biography- encountered a volatile adolescence period moving all around the globe often and residing with numerous stepdads. Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom and dad got separated in 1966. Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom came to be a fashion designer and first, they shifted the family to Australia and then to New York City. There Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom met Paul Aaron. And She also married Paul Aaron. Paul Aaron is a Hollywood and Broadway director.


The duo, Paul Aaron and Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom shifted to Toronto but they also got separated in 1971. Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom then tied the knot with Robert Miller. Robert Miller is a rock promoter, in the year 1976, but this duo also got separated in the year1980. Keanu Charles Reeves’s fourth spouse is, Jack Bond. Jack Bond was a hairstylist. Jack Bond and Keanu Charles Reeves’s mom’s marriage got divorced in the year 1994. Nannies and Grandparents babysat Keanu Charles Reeves and his sister and half-sisters.

Keanu Reeves biography- matured mainly in Toronto. For almost five years, Keanu Charles Reeves followed four various high institutes, comprising the Etobicoke School of the Arts, from which Keanu Charles Reeves was later dismissed.

KEANU REEVES biography

Half-jokingly, Keanu Charles Reeves tells that he was dismissed because he was running around a lot and also greasy. Keanu Charles Reeves was almost a small too unruly and shot my mouth off once too frequently. Keanu Charles Reeves has not commonly the most well-oiled device in the institute. Keanu Charles Reeves was barely bringing in their path, he guessed.

Keanu Charles Reeves was dismissed more in hockey than in examinations, as Keanu Charles Reeves’s academic improvement was questioned by dyslexia. Keanu Charles Reeves was a prosperous goalie at one of his high institutes ( whose name is De La Salle College “Oaklands”). Keanu Charles Reeves’s committee nicknamed him “The Wall,” and elected him MVP.

Keanu Reeves biography says that he would wish of coming to be an Olympic hockey athlete for Canada. After quitting De La Salle College, Keanu Charles Reeves followed a free school ( whose title is Avondale Alternative), which enabled Keanu Charles Reeves to attain an education while struggling as a celebrity; Keanu Charles Reeves dropped out, never attaining his high school certification.

The career of Keanu Charles Reeves:

Keanu Charles Reeves started his acting career when he was only 9. Keanu Charles Reeves occurred in theater at a production of Damn Yankees. When Keanu Charles Reeves was 15 years old, he performed Mercutio in a stage creation of Romeo and Juliet at the Leah Posluns cinema. Keanu Charles Reeves prepared his screen acting debut in a CBC TV humor series, Hangin’ In.

Throughout Keanu Charles Reeves’s early 1980s, Keanu Charles Reeves occurred in some Advertisements ( comprising one for Coca-Cola), short movies comprising stage work such as Brad Fraser’s cult hit Wolf Boy and the NFB drama One Step Away in Toronto. In the year, 1984, Keanu Charles Reeves was a columnist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television youth program Going Great.

Keanu Charles Reeves’ first studio film impression was in the Rob Lowe ice hockey movie Youngblood. The shooting of this film is done in Canada. In this picture, Keanu Charles Reeves played a Quebecois goalie. Promptly after the film was released, Keanu Charles Reeves drove to Los Angeles in his 1969 Volvo.

KEANU REEVES biography

Keanu Charles Reeves’s ex-stepdad, Paul Aaron, a theater and TV director, had persuaded Erwin Stoff to be Keanu Charles Reeves’ administrator and dealer before he appeared in Los Angeles. Erwin Stoff has continued to be Keanu Charles Reeves’ executive and has co-produced a lot of his movies.

After Keanu Charles Reeves had done some minor roles, Keanu Charles Reeves obtained a more significant role in 1986’s River’s Edge. Pursuing the movie’s accomplishment, Keanu Charles Reeves spent the late 1980s occurring in a lot of films attempted at teenage audiences, comprising Permanent Record, and the suddenly prosperous 1989 humor, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which, along with its 1991 series, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, typecast Keanu Charles Reeves as a sweet-natured teenager.


Keanu Reeves biography following their portrait in the press and most of the reaction to his drama has been impacted by his portrait of the airheaded Ted. Keanu Charles Reeves has told that he used to having dreams that they would settle ‘He played Ted’ on my headstone.



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