Kerri Higuchi bio

Kerri Higuchi bio is an American actress as well as a director known for being John Cho‘s wife. Kerri Higuchi bio has starred in numerous movies but is primarily known for her role in Enough and Grey’s Anatomy. Furthermore, her hubby is also an actor popular for his role in Harold as well as Kumar and the Star Trek reboot series.

However, despite being an actress she is quite secretive regarding her personal life. Higuchi has managed to stay under the radar but it hasn’t stopped her fans as well as well-wishers around the globe to want to know more regarding Grey’s Anatomy’s actor. Similarly, they also want to know several facts encompassing John Cho’s marital relationships, wife, nationality, age, as well as more.

Hence, fasten your chair belts as we are going to answer all of the questions revolving around named Kerri Higuchi, John Cho’s wife. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get began right away.

Who is Kerri Higuchi bio? A Little Insight on John Cho’s Wife

Kerri Higuchi bio is a Korean-American actress as well as director. Kerri Higuchi bio was born to father Day Higuchi and a mother named Charlotte Higuchi. While she has not talked much about her birth detail, sources claim she was born in the year 1971 which makes her 51 years old as of the year 2022.

Similarly, talking regarding her ethnicity, she has a different ethnical background belonging to a White-Asian ancestry. Furthermore, she is American by nationality.

Her paternal grandparents are Hideko Higuchi, an executive with the Los Angeles County Mechanical as well as Sheriff’s Departments, and Francis. They relocated to Los Angeles after great World War II.

Details on Her Education

After finalizing high school she enlisted at UC Berkeley. It is the same university where her grandfather as well as her future husband graduated from. Nonetheless, Kerri hasn’t disclosed much regarding her further studies.

Kerri Higuchi is an Actress By Profession

As we already said earlier, she is an actress as well as a director. John Cho’s wife has headlined in a handful of TV shows as well as movies. She is, nonetheless, primarily known for her acting in the movie Enough (of the year 2002) and for TV series encompassing Flashforward (of the year 2009), & Grey’s Anatomy (of the year 2005), alongside Jasmine Guy, Gavin Houston, as well as others.

Kerri Higuchi bio age is 51

John Cho’s wife is an actress as well as a director.

Apart from being an actress, she has also worked as a director for the movie named Mr. Isaac (of the year 2005).

However, according to John Cho, she has walked away from show business to be with their children as well as prefers to be more of a stay-at-home mom.

Kerri Higuchi bio

Kerri Higuchi bio as well as Husband John Cho’s Marriage Details

The lovely duo got hitched in the year 2006 in Northern California on New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, when asked about his wedding experience Kerri’s hubby told,

It was a lot of leisure. We had it in Northern California on New Year’s Eve. I was just fuzzy with affection that night. But it was a big deal! It’s like settling on a one-night-only show. You’re the producer, director, as well as star, so you’re busy. As well as you’re the host, so you’ve got a lot going on. I’d want to do it again.

Since the wedding, the couple has been together and enjoying a happily married life. They have also been blessed with two kids and the family of four is presently living in their beautiful $3.6 million mansion in the place of Spanish Villa, Los Feliz.

Kerri Higuchi bio with her hubby named John Cho

The couple has been married since the year 2006.
Talking about their first meeting, the pair met when attending the University of California Berkeley but only began dating when they came to Los Angeles. Similarly, when asked about what were the things that enticed his now wife, the American Pie actor, John Cho told,

Kerri Higuchi bio

My wife was convinced in a way that I was very interested in, She knows who she is. I knew nothing about that. I was so troubled at that age and so scatterbrained. It’s gorgeous to see a self-assured person who knows who she is.

The pair is madly as well as deeply in love with one another.

The cute Couple Shares Two Children

Kerri Higuchi bio along with her husband has been blessed with two children. She gave birth to their first child, a boy, in May of the year 2008 and they named him Kage Chao Furthermore, Kerri Higuchi bio gave birth to a second child and this time it was a girl born in February of the year 2013, however, they haven’t published her name to date.


When asked about their kids, the couple shares a great bond as well as enjoys each other’s company.

Kerri Higuchi bio

Kerri Higuchi bio’s Husband John Cho is Also a Great Actor

John Cho is an Asian-American actor born Cho Yo-Han on June 16, of the year 1972, in Seoul, South Korea. He began his career working as an English lecturer just after graduating from the University of California, which is in Berkeley.

He made his first manifestation in The Taste of Kona Coffee (the year 1996) but earned a breakthrough from his acting in the comedy movie American Pie (of the year 1999). Similarly, he has also done a lot of movies down the line encompassing American Pie 2, American Wedding, as well as American Reunion.

Apart from that he is also best understood for his acting in the great Harold & Kumar as well as Star Trek rebooted series as Harold Lee as well as Hikaru Sulu respectively.

Furthermore, the multi-talented actor has won multiple awards encompassing a ton of nominations. He has won awards such as the Spotlight Award, the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cast, and nominees for the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cast as well as the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.


What Is Kerri Higuchi bio’s Net Worth?

Grey’s Anatomy co-star is estimated to have a total net worth of around $1 million. She has amassed her fortune from her career as an actress as well as a director.

Similarly, her other half John Cho is estimated to have a total net worth of around $25 million. He has amassed wealth from his career as an actor.

Kerri Higuchi bio

Is Kerri Higuchi bio on Instagram? Details on Her Social Media Presence

Kerri Higuchi bio isn’t active on Instagram. The explanation lies behind her secretive persona as Kerri wants to keep her emotional life away from the prying eyes of the media.

On the other hand, her husband John Cho is active on Instagram (@johnthecho) as well as Twitter (@JohnTheCho) where he posts pictures from his work as well as the time he spends with his loved ones.


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