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Kim Kardashian sex tape- His side of the tale. Ray J spoke out on Kim Kardashian‘s contends about their year 2007 sex video— and the composer even called out her mom, Kris Jenner.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Family’s Enormous Scandals and Controversies

“I’ve sat in the darkness for more than 14 years enabling the Kim Kardashians to use my term, to manipulate my name, make millions of dollars for more than a decade and a half speaking about a theme I’ve never talked about,” Ray J who is 41 years old, said during an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail publicized on Wednesday, 4th of May.

“I’ve never talked about it,” Ray J who is 41 years old, said during an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail broadcasted on Wednesday, 4th of May. “I’ve never trickled anything. I have never circulated a sex video in my whole life. It has never been gone out.”

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood alum asserted that Kim Kardashian who is 41 years old, and Kris Jenner who is 66 years old, were conscious of the Kim Kardashian sex tape getting viral just because they were allegedly active in the contract. Ray J also contended that he didn’t acquire any other definitive footage from his affair with the businesswoman, other than last rumors of there being one more video.

“I had never had a sole one at my cottage —Kris Jenner had them at her home. Kris Jenner always amassed all the videos in a Nike shoebox under her mattress,” Kim Kardashian asserted. “That’s how it all came out. Once I threw away the impression to Kris Jenner, just playing around a little bit, that’s when Kris Jenner lunged on the impression, chatted to her mammy and it was out of my hands from there.”

After the sex video went viral, Ray J recalled struggling with the blame that was spotted on him.

“I felt suicidal just because of the reason when you know something’s actual and it’s valid and you’re gazing a whole family builds a conglomerate from a fiction they’ve established, it’s heart-breaking and arrogant to all the actors who have been ethical and valid to their skill” the singer clarified that he couldn’t get specific employment because of his civil “image” at the moment. “Because of what they gave rise to me, I’m not enabled to be in those places.”

Kim Kardashian

Seeing his former days become a subject of discussion then motivated Ray J to recite his sense about his connection with Kim kardashian sex tape. “For me, I’ve been strolling on eggshells guessing I’m going to get in difficulty for saying the fact and I’ve been clasping onto it for the last 14 years and seeing them humiliate me,” he proceeded. “They’re commemorating my destruction.”

The “One Wish” artist also exclaimed assertions that Kanye West procured a next sex video from him late last year. “It wasn’t a sex video — it was plenty of images, a lot of small mini tapes, and plenty of evidence we’ve been speaking for so many years [since our split],” the entrepreneur dealt. “If you transmit me an email in the year 2008, the computer doesn’t alter the period on it.”

During his exclusive interview, Ray J gave contended screenshots of a discussion between Kim kardashian sex tape and him about events from her recent reality show. After he polled the statements the California local made about the apparent second video potentially occurring footage of Kris Jenner when she wasn’t sleepless, Kim kardashian sex tape contended illustrated that she was kidding.


The Keeping Up With the Kim Kardashians alum also gave to aggravate a declaration making it apparent that Kris Jenner wasn’t attempting to pertain to Ray J in the condition onscreen.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Ups and Downs for so many Years

The Mississippi resident recently indicated that Ray J wasn’t fascinated about how Kim Kardashian claimed that West, 44, fetched the footage. Late last month, Ray J remarked on an Instagram tape indicating the event, dissertation, “All of this is a lie smh. Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.”

Kim Kardashian

The Hulu series, which debuted in April, has concentrated on the Skims producer as Kris Jenner struggled to get entry to the detailed tape amid testimonies that there was recently unreleased footage. In the latest episode, Kim Kardashian disclosed that West provided the whole video back to her after joining Ray J.

“So Kanye ran house last evening, and Kim Kardashian came back this forenoon. I want to indicate to you people what he bought me. Kim Kardashian bought me all of the sex videos back,” the celebrity/ star clarified to her precious ones before cracking it out during the 28th of April episode. “He ran home, and he gave the computer it was on and the tough hustle. He fulfilled with Ray J at the airfield, and he gave it all before for me.”

Kim Kardashian, who has kids North who is 8 years old Saint who is 6 years old Chicago who is 4 years old and Psalm who is 2 years old with the rapper, reported that her ex-husband’s litigations were stimulated by their home.

“I know Kanye accomplished this for me, but Kanye also achieved this for my children,” she said at the time, reporting that there wasn’t anything detailed in the recording. “I want to guard them as greatly as I can. If I retain the energy to or if Kanye has the energy to, that is just the greatly significant aspect to me and I am so sentimental just because of it. It just tells a lot to me.

Everything Kanye Has Said About Kim Kardashian. Since Their separation

West, for his role, formerly opened up about the undertaking that went into recovering the video. “I got on and bought the laptop from Ray J myself that evening,” he told during an exclusive interview on Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee in January. “I confronted this person at the airfield, then purchased on a red-eye, arrived heretofore [and] provided it to her at 8 a.m.”

Kim Kardashian

In the early year of 2007 a sex videotape starring Kim Kardashian and her, therefore, boyfriend R&B musician Ray J was gone viral online; she prosecuted the tape’s distributor and later earned an out-of-court concession. The awareness enabled the Kim Kardashian homeland a reality Television series, Keeping Up with the Kim Kardashians, which pursued their everyday lives, comprising Bruce Jenner’s later evolution into a woman.

The show was broadcasted on the E! channel in October of 2007 and was a grade achievement. All the family components achieved differing degrees of celebrity, with Kim Kardashian —who was realized for her nice looks and full-figured figure—becoming a pop community manifestation. Although some decried her rage, declaring that Kim Kardashian was barely popular for being popular.


Her sophisticated self-promotion—which also comprised a powerful social media presence—helped establish a hugely successful denomination. In extension to approval contracts, Kim Kardashian was implicated in various business investments, comprising a series of health DVDs, a credit card, and numerous glamour commodities.


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