Kindly Myers

Kindly Myers is a model as well as a bartender from Tennessee. Kindly Myers is notable for gracing the cover page of Modelz View Magazine November in the year 2014 Part 1. Kindly has also been in other top popular magazines laying claim to being the top Hot rising Model from Tennessee.

Additionally, to very active Twitter and Instagram accounts, she has also been released in Maxim,, as well as different other magazine covers and photoshoots. Moreover, an aspiring model, named Myers was an eyecatching force in the great Maxim’s Finest competition, placing 3rd out of around 52 contestants in the South Group Nineteen.

Kindly Myers’s drop-dead gorgeous seems combined with her distinctive Invictus tattoo running down her right side give her little a bit of appeal. The Tennessee/Kentucky blonde model is specifically appreciated for flashing her curves in exotic bikini pieces.

The Playboy model frequently treats her followers to a glorious view of her toned posterior as she loves to flaunt her behind. Kindly Myers has come through all starting from Farming to Bartending to Modeling as well as to an internet sensation.

Insiders claim the just 37-year-old who has a measurement of around 32DD-26-35 is also one of the coolest as well as most down-to-earth gals one could ever talk to.

Take a look at the ups as well as downs of Kindly Myers’ life and modeling journey in the ensuing headings; know how she got into the beauty industry, her other focuses, her personal life, and some interesting details.

Kindly Myers Is A Kentucky Grown 

Kylie Myers fully Kylie Jean Myers was born on 20 September in the year 1985 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, although she now lives in Nashville, which is in Tennessee. Kindly Myers is from a very small town in the great state of Kentucky.

Kindly Myers grew up on a farm with lots of animals. During an interview, Kindly Myers said that she had a great childhood as well as she couldn’t have asked for more.

Kindly Myers went to high school in a very small town in Kentucky as well as the Tennessee border also where Kindly Myers grew up. After school, she, however, moved to Nashville to get out of her hometown and to see what the other cities had to offer.

Kindly Myers Always Wanted Become A Model 

Kindly Myers says she’s always thought of becoming a model as well as it was something that had always been a passion of hers. Kindly Myers admitted to Modelz View in April the year 2021. The Southern model once said that she had also had strong family support during pursuing a modeling career.

Kindly Myers

When Modelz View asked how she found her way in front of the camera, Kindly Myers said, that she had always wanted to model, but growing up it didn’t seem practical. One day she just decided not to let anyone or anything tell her she couldn’t at least try. She has been very fortunate to work with a few amazing photographers on her journey.

For her, one of the most challenging things regarding modeling though was finding her confidence when she first started. Kindly Myers admits that she was very nervous at the starting.

Kindly Myers now nonetheless is very well on the track and as stated has famously posed for monthlies like Modelz View, Maxim, Coed, and many more. Furthermore, She was also on the cover of Joker Magazine as well as has been released on Busted Coverage also.

Kindly Myers Is A Huge Kentucky Wildcats Enthusiast 

Kindly Myers

Kindly Myers is also a huge fan of Kentucky basketball and is from the University Of Kentucky Athletics (UK). She is a self-proclaimed superfan of great Kentucky Wildcats, something that she proudly tells in her Instagram bio. Myers admits that she has always been a Kentucky fan.

Moreover, she frequently gives her insights about the team’s season as a random pundit. Her best Kentucky sports memory is of the UK vs. Louisville in the year 2004 when Patrick Sparks was fouled with less than a second left as well as the UK sank all 3 free throws to win the game.

In Addition, her socials are also filled with the elations as well as laments of a typical die-hard Wildcats fan.

Kindly Myers Was In The Army

The Kentucky-born during her early years in her 20s was in the army national guard. Kindly Myers joined the guard when she was just 20 years old. she served for around four years in the Guard. Of that experience, Myers says, she learned so much regarding herself during those years.

Kindly Myers maintains that basic training in the Army National Guard taught her a lot about herself. She admits to learning that she is much stronger than she ever thought she was, both mentally as well as physically.

While in the guard, Kindly Myers states she also got to shoot numerous types of guns as well as rocket launchers. To her, it was fun where she met many great people. The blonde IG model says that the national guard gave her enough confidence to kick someone’s ass in hand-to-hand combat if that situation arose.

Kindly Myers

Kindly Is Also A Bar Tender

Kindly Myers once was an ace bartender for Legends Corner in Nashville, which is known as one of the best places in Tennessee’s capital city. Presently, She though works at Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge.

Her journey to this line of the profession started when she moved to Nashville and started doing promotions for a bar. To her, the bartenders seemed to be having so much fun as well as she, therefore, kept on asking to learn.

They ultimately put her behind the bar on a Saturday night to work/learn the ropes. Myers says it was stressful in the starting but she picked it up pretty quickly and has been bartending for many years now.

Kindly  Myers admits that it’s a great job from which she makes great money, gets to have fun, as well as meets many new people. The bikini model says that she’s always busy with her bartender job as well as modeling.

And when she’s not working Kindly  Myers is mostly busy with her dog as well as the horse. Between modeling and bar, Kindly once said that it’s the former that she would love to do as a full-time career, but the bartender/model stated she would have even missed bartending.


When asked what are her dreams and ambitions in mid of the year 2021, Kindly Myers said that she was going to school to get a degree in marketing. Continuing modeling is also something that she says is seeming to pursue long-term.

Kindly Myers

Does Kindly Myers Have A Boyfriend?

The Kentucky Wildcats fan does have a boyfriend-turned-husband, named Harrison Yonts. The couple married in Sep in the year 2021.


It is not clear when the now husband and wife started dating, though Yonts first worked on Myers’ Facebook in Nov in the year  2018. Kindly  Myers once admitted to her husband knowing how she gets marriage proposals twice every week during bartending.

Though her partner trusts her as well as knows she is not going anywhere. Myers, however, says her boyfriend will never get used to people either taking her pics or saying they love her.

Other Facts

Myers also loves her horse and dog. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures as well as videos of hers and her horses and her pooch.

Kindly allegedly got a mini horse when she was just 3 years old and she’s been riding ever since.


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