Latarian Milton
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Latarian Milton is popularly known for being a juvenile delinquent. Latarian Milton at the age of only seven stole his grandmother’s truck. Then he went on a road rage rampage via Palm Beach, Florida. It caused damage to many numbers of properties along the way. He is also famous for the nickname Hood Rat Kid.

Early Life

Latarian was born on the 30th of September 2000. He was born in Palm Beach, USA. He has the zodiac sign of Virgo. He holds American nationality and African-American identity. His mother’s name is Sheneequa.

She gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old. He was grown and raised by his grandmother Zikkita Stratford. In June 2015 he completed secondary education at John F. Kennedy Middle School which is in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Hood Rat’ Stuff

He got into the limelight in April 2008. He took his grandmother’s, Dodge Durango. apace with a friend who carried out a ‘joyride’ through the streets of Palm Beach. This led to both two seven-year-olds cruising in an SUV. There was severe damage on a bunch of assets – the boys rushed over two mailboxes. They hit with two parked cars in a Costco parking lot. Moreover, he showed no regret in this act. This was the major reason for his becoming viral in all media.

During the reportage after the accident, covered by the West Palm Beach News Station WPBF, Latarian Milton stated that he was angry at his mother, who is a chain smoker.  He had a wish to smoke cigarettes and do hood rat stuff with a friend. He claimed that he wanted to do it just because it’s fun, fun to do worse things.

As a result of this uniqueness, it became so odd to explain and justify his acts. His video went viral. It became an internet sensation overnight. It spawned a large number of memes. It motivated a lot of various mash-ups and remixes as well. This all led to featuring his infamous quote. It earned him the tag of hood rat moniker.

The Boondocks

This whole venture motivated an episode of the TV adult animated action-comedy series whose name is The Boondocks named as Smokin with Cigarettes. Its main protagonist is Lamilton Taeshawn, which is a parodic fictitious sociopath and malicious juvenile. It is formerly based on Latarian Milton.

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Latarian Milton Strikes Again

Just after two months of this accident in June 2008, he again got the attention of the media once again. This time the charge was beating his grandmother in Lake Park Wal-Mart, as she wasn’t wanting to buy him ‘some chicken wings’. After going through custody he was sent to a hospital where he was subjected to a mental evaluation and checkup.

Latarian Milton present residence:

Although it was assumed that all would work out when he began his secondary education with aims to get his life in order. To join the school’s American Football team, after that to continue his schooling by studying engineering or even joining the US Navy. Latarian Milton proved everything wrong. In August 2017, among a couple of friends, he booked a Lyft ride and afterward robbed the driver, then he pulled him out of the car and drove away.

After that, He was arrested and charged with carjacking and robbery. Furthermore, after several court dates, he was sent to a juvenile detention center. Till 2019, he is imprisoned. He is still waiting for the final verdict which is going to end up with a 15-year-long jail sentence.

Net Worth of Latarian Milton

As of early 2020, Latarian Milton’s net worth isn’t known as per all the sources and reports. After considering his present situation, it’s very likely to be either plus or minus zero.

Latarian Milton, who is now a grown-up man, is no less than a criminal. Earlier also, he became a widely covered juvenile criminal after stealing his grandmother’s car and damaging various properties in a road rage rampage across palm Beach. Since then he is called by nickname Hood Rat Kid.

Latarian Milton’s Age:

He is Infamous for his crazy mischief in the past. At present, Latarian Milton is 22 years old. Unfortunately,  we are not able to gather any information regarding his father so far.In his earlier years, his grandmother Zikkita Stratford was the one who took care of him for the major part of his childhood. But, by the age of 7, he got involved in smoking and bad habits. He developed a criminal mentality and mindset. Milton started to love enjoying crime just at the age of 7. Milton started to love enjoying crime by the age of 7. As of 2022, it has been over a decade since that strange incident happened.


Education :

Milton Finished did His Graduation In 2015:
With all the past accidents that he has done behind, it is likely to assume he must have become a criminal. But luckily, things slightly changed for him as he has completed middle school.
In the year 2015, the media covered him for a nice reason, on his graduation day. He completed his graduation from the John F. Kennedy Middle School which is situated in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Latarian Milton
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During a conversation with the media, he exposed his plans to pursue football at the national level. Moreover, he also stated that he will continue his studies. He will join an engineering college or join US Navy if professional football will not work for him.

After assuming that Latarian Milton has finally turned into a wise and ideal man, things happen which don’t seem to have changed him much. After that road rampage incident back in 2007, he was once again charged with carjacking. The car was from the Lyft ride-sharing service in suburban West Palm Beach.

According to the Lyft driver, he picked up a woman and four men. They also included Milton. After dropping the woman at an apartment, the men in the car said him to take them to another location. But as the request was not done through the app, the driver didn’t accept it.

Out of the four men, one’s name was Joseph threatened the driver at the gunpoint and got him out of the car. They wrapped his jacket, wallet, and iPhone. After that Latarian took over the driver’s seat and drove away.

Till 2021, Latarian Milton is serving a jail sentence. He was being charged as an adult in Palm Beach County. According to Palm Beach County arrest records, since November he is on carjacking charges.


Social Media presence:

Well, Latarian Milton is available on Twitter and he has a page on Facebook as well. On Twitter, he has around 149 followers already. Similarly, on his Facebook, he has over 5k followers. Unluckily, he is not available on the Facebook page anymore.


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