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News of celebrities getting married and then divorced makes the headlines almost every day. If not about those, there are at least assumptions regarding their new love affairs and romantic relationship. While almost every star is entrapped in such rumors as well.

Lauren German has stood up as an exception. Though she has, to some extent, organized to keep herself away from the baseless conjectures, the intense interest among her fans in Lauren’s German husband seems impossible to shut down.
And since Lauren German has already turned 42 years old, the curiosity about her marriage is obvious.

The term “Lauren German husband” has become a buzzword already. So, who is her husband? Or is Lauren German even married? In case, you have always been looking for the answers to all these questions, you have reached the right place.

In this session, we will not just talk about her marriage but also going to discuss if she has dated a boyfriend? Let’s get begun.

Who Is Lauren’s German Husband? Lauren German’s marital status

It seems impossible to believe, but Lauren German is not yet married. It’s not that the Lucifer star has a problem while tying the knot but Lauren German has simply not chosen to walk down the aisle yet.

But does she has any plans for marriage? Well, so far, German has not talked regarding her marriage plans. She is never into talking about her love affairs and relationships even during her public appearances.

Also, her social media posts are mostly regarding her work, which hints her focus is on her profession and not romance. Judging by that, Lauren German is not likely to have any plans to marry any time soon.
However, we would love to see the 42 years old Chicago Fire actress named Lauren German with her husband.

Lauren German Boyfriend

The news regarding her relationship with an American actor named Ashton Holmes was a subject in the media. Believe it or not, the rumors of their affair had been made to all online magazines.

The speculation regarding their affair started after they were seen together on several occasions back in the year 2009. If reports are to be believed, they began dating in the year 2009. Later in the year 2011, they were again seen together during the promotion of their movie The Divided.

Well, despite all the claims regarding their love affair, they never verified their relationship. As per the reports and sources, the duo is no more together. Hopefully, they talk regarding their relationship in case they ever dated.

Lauren’s Lesbian Rumors

If you didn’t know, she was up in a rumor regarding her being a lesbian. All the speculation began after Lauren played  Leslie Elizabeth Shay in the American drama television series known as Chicago Fire.

However, she soon denied all the claims calling all of them baseless conjectures. Besides, she also talked about the rumors in one of her interviews. She also explained her character in the series.

In a candid conversation, she stated that she mean love is love, and she would approach it no differently,” She’s played a few lesbians, and she has gay and lesbian friends, and she won’t think it’s any different. It’s just like asking a straight character ‘how do you play straight?’ You’re just attracted to what anyone is attracted to. It’s just about playing whatever’s going on in the scene.

German has Great Bonding With Tom Ellis
A beautiful actress named Lauren shares a really strong relationship with Tom Ellis. They came to become close to each other after they appeared together in the successful TV series named Lucifer.

Both of them share such great chemistry in the series. Many have also assumed that they are encompassed romantically in real life.

Well, the fact is that they are good friends and both of them are not dating. She has even talked about the kind of relationship she has with Ellis.

In one of her conversations, she stated Oh, he’s the best. She’sbeen so lucky in my life with costars. Taylor Kenney, as well as Jesse Spencer, are still her very close friends, Monica Raymund is her best girlfriend, but Tom is the most lovely person. He is so kind as well as giving. She loves him.

This pretty much proves that they have more of a platonic relationship and connection.

Is Lauren Dating In the year 2021?

It might seem unlikely for a celebrity like her but the fact is Lauren is single in the year 2021. There are no allegations that suggest that she is in a relationship. Over the years, she has kept her love life away from the limelight as well as barely speaks about her love life.

Lauren German
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Lauren German Career

Lauren German’s first work was on stage in Peter Pan as well as Oliver. Lauren German made her feature film debut in the year 2000 romantic comedy named Down to You.

There Lauren German had a small role as a lovestruck woman. Lauren German appeared in a pictorial for Maxim magazine’s January in the year 2002 issue and was placed as #47 in Maxim’s “Hot 100 of the year 2002.

In the year 2002, German co-starred in the romantic drama named A Walk to Remember with Shane West as well as  Mandy Moore, based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1999 novel of the same name.

She played Belinda, which is a popular but mean-spirited high school girl who harbors an unrequited fondness for Landon Carter (West). She then applied to the crime/horror film named Dead Above Ground, the drama A Midsummer Night’s Rave, as well as the TV movie The Lone Ranger.

Lauren German
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In the year 2003, Lauren auditioned to star in the remake of the classic 1974 horror film named The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the role went to Jessica Biel, and German won the role of the hitchhiker.

German co-starred in the crime drama named Born Killers in the year 2005, the thriller Rx in the year 2005, the romantic comedy Standing Still in the same year. As well as the drama It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine in the year 2007.


She also featured in the musical drama What We Do Is Secret with Shane West again, founded on a true story. West played the original Germs singer, as well as German, played The Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle.

Lauren started in the horror film Hostel: Part II, produced by Quentin Tarantino. And the French apocalypse suspense The Divide. She showed in the second season of the CBS police drama Hawaii Five-0 as DHS agent Lori Weston from 2011 to 2012.

From the year 2012 to the year 2014, she showed as paramedic Leslie Shay in the NBC drama Chicago Fire. When her character was murdered, her character’s name was printed on the door of the ambulance in which Lauren rode, as a memorial. Lauren graced the cover of TV Guide magazine with her Chicago Fire co-stars on November 18, in the year 2013.

Lauren German
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In the year 2015, Lauren German was added to the main cast of the Fox fantasy comedy-drama Lucifer, while playing Detective Chloe Decker.

Lauren German depicted the leading female role of an LAPD homicide detective who finds herself both repulsed as well as fascinated by Tom Ellis’s character. Lucifer Morningstar, the one who was tired of his job as the Lord of Hell as well as has relocated to Los Angeles. The series ended in the year 2021.


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