Larry Page is very well known as Lawrence Edward Page. Lawrence Edward Page was born on the 26th of March in the year, 1973 in East Lansing in Michigan, in The United States Of America, Lawrence Edward Page is an entrepreneur and American computer scientist who, with Sergey Brin, produced the online search engine Google, one of the most prominent sites on the Internet.

Lawrence Edward Page, whose dad was a lecturer of computer science at Michigan State University, obtained a degree in computer engineering from the Michigan State University in the year, 1995 and joined the doctorate program at Stanford, where Lawrence Edward Page met Sergey Brin. The two, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin were both thrilled with the idea of improving the ability to take out the meaning from the quantity of data amassed on the Internet.

Functioning from Lawrence Edward Page’s dormitory room, they arranged a new type of investigation engine technology that leveraged Web users’ ranking skills by searching each site’s “backing links”—that is, the number of other pages correlated to them.


To improve their investigation engine, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin lifted about 1 million dollars in outside financing from family, investors, and companions. Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin called their enhanced exploration engine, Google—a name originated from a misspelling of the phrase googol (a mathematical phrase for the number 1 heeded by 100 zeros). By September of year, 1998 the two, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin had created Google Inc., with Larry as chief executive officer (CEO).

The next year, in 1999 Google obtained 25 million dollars of investment capital allocation and was processing 500,000 questions each day.

Lawrence Edward Page walked down as the CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) in the year, 2001 to come to the president of products. He was replaced as CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) by technology executive officer, Eric Schmidt. Nonetheless, both Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin stayed discreetly comprised in running Google.

By the year, 2004 the exploration engine, Google was being utilized 200 million times per day. On the 19th of August in the year, 2004, Google Inc. published its initial public offering (IPO), which earned him more than 3.8 billion dollars.

In an accession indicating the business’s actions to enhance its assistance beyond Internet searches, the search engine, Google paid for in a year, 2006 the most famous Web site for user-submitted streaming tapes, YouTube, 1.65 billion dollars in stock. In a year, 2011 Larry Page started again his responsibilities as Google’s CEO (chief executive officer), Eric Schmidt having shifted to the position of executive chairman.


Google was restructured in August of year, 2015 as an assistant of the newly built holding business Alphabet Inc., and Larry Page came to be CEO (chief executive officer) of Alphabet. He left the post of chief executive officer ( CEO) in December of year, 2019 but proceeded to assist on Alphabet’s board of directors.

Lawrence Edward Page is a computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who joined together with a grad school friend whose name is Sergey Brin to inaugurate the search engine Google in the year, 1998.

Who Is Lawrence Edward Page?

He was born in Michigan in the year, 1973, Lawrence Edward Page’s mother and father were both computer experts. Pursuing in their footsteps, he studied computer engineering at Stanford University, where he met his boyhood friend, Sergey Brin.


The duo, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin developed an exploration engine that recorded results as per the rage of the pages, and, with Larry as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Google came to be the world’s most famous search engine after inaugurating in the year, 1998. Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin took charge of Google’s new parent organization, Alphabet, until stepping aside from their everyday functions in late year, 2019.

Education and Early Life of Lawrence Edward Page


Larry was born on the 26th of March in the year, 1973, in East Lansing in Michigan. Lawrence Edward Page’s dad whose name is, Carl Page, was a missionary in artificial intelligence and computer science, and Lawrence Edward Page’s mom taught computer programming. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer engineering from Michigan State University, he determined to focus on computer engineering for graduate school at Stanford University, where Lawrence Edward Page met his boyhood day Friend, Sergey Brin.

Developing Google With Sergey Brin
As an exploration project at Stanford University, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin established an exploration engine that recorded results as per the rage of the pages, after determining that the most famous result would frequently be the most helpful. He called the exploration engine “Google” after the mathematical phrase “googol,” which relates to the No. 1 ensued by 100 zeros, to indicate their mission to compose the immense amount of data accessible on the websites.

After lifting 1 million dollars from friends, family, and other investors, the duo, hs inaugurated the organization, Google in the year, in 1998. Google has since come to be the world’s most famous exploration engine, obtaining an average of 5.9 billion questions every day in the year, 2013. Headquartered in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Search Engine Google held its first public offering in August of year, 2004, bringing Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin into billionaires.

Developing Conglomerate

In a year, 2006, Google bought the most prominent website for user-submitted streaming tapes, YouTube, for 1.65 billion dollars in stock.

In September of year, 2013, Larry Page was ranked No. 13 on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in the United States of America. That October, he was ranked No. 17 on Forbes’ in year, 2013 “Most Powerful People” list. As Google’s CEO ( chief executive officer) he shared duty for the company’s processes with Sergey Brin, who assisted as the
governor of particular projects for Google, and Eric Schmidt as the organization’s executive chairman.


In a year, 2015, Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin declared openly the invention of a new parent organization called Alphabet to supervise Google and other assistants. Larry and Sergey Brin came to be Alphabet’s CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) and president, respectively, with Sunder Pichai walking in as Google’s top administrator.

Autonomous Air Taxi

In March of year, 2018, it was declared openly that a business personally financed by Larry, called Kitty Hawk, had achieved a treaty with administrators in New Zealand to start the credential process on a completely electric, self-piloting drifting taxi.

Kitty Hawk had been experimenting with its aircraft, also known as Cora, over New Zealand since the last October. With Airbus, Boeing, and Uber among the businesses glancing to break ground in the burgeoning air taxi business, Kitty Hawk is seeking to have a marketable network of automobiles up and running by the year, 2021.

Personal Life of Lawrence Edward Page

Lawrence Edward Page has been wedded to a research scientist whose name Lucinda South worth since year, 2007. The duo, Lawrence Edward Page and Lucinda South worth have two kids.


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