Lily Dolores Harris

Lily Dolores Harris or Lilly Harris is the single daughter of actor Great Ed Harris and his longtime wife, named Amy Madigan. Lily’s father has been in an acting career since the year 1975. He has obtained Academy Award nominations for his performances in Apollo 13 (of the year 1995), The Truman Show (of the year 1998), Pollock (2000), and The Hours (of the year 2002).

As referred to, Lily Dolores Harris is the only child of Ed and his wife who he has been with since the ’80s. Ed’s daughter is all grown up as well as holds up a striking resemblance to her actor father. She is also seeking to make her mark in Hollywood with several theaters as well as stage experiences.

Know how much Lily Dolores Harris shares those acting love with her father. Also, read the full acknowledgment of her life besides acting.

Lily Dolores Harris Comes From A Theater Background

Lily Dolores Harris was born on May 3, of the year 1993 (present age is 30 years). Her paternal grandmother Margaret (née Sholl), was a travel agent, as well as her grandfather, named Robert L.  Named “Bob” Harris (from the year 1922– to the year 2014), also Ed Harris’ dad sang with the Fred Waring chorus. He labored at the bookstore of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ed Harris’ daughter named Lily Harris was born on May 3, of the year 1993 (age 28 years).
Lily Dolores Harris is the only child of the Westworld actor Ed Harris and his wife, named Amy Madigan.
Her maternal grandfather, named John J. Madigan (1918–2012), was a well-known journalist who labored for Newsweek magazine.

Ed and Amy’s daughter, koLily Dolores Harris graduated from Reed College, Portland, Oregon with a degree in English. Next, she agreed to pursue a career in teaching, academia, as well as horseback riding but eventually landed on acting.

After college, Lily Dolores Harris expended some time doing theatre at Portland as well as some stage gigs. Some of the recognition in the genre comprises a solo version of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis as well as Mark Antony in the great Julius Caesar.

Lily Dolores Harris also studied at the American Conservatory Theater’s MFA Acting program. She understood about A.C.T.’s MFA program from a friend. Eager to enhance her craft, the Los Angeles native auditioned as well as managed to get into the class of the year 2020.

Lily Dolores Harris tells she realized her love of acting through Shakespeare. She is also reportedly a fan of horses, medieval literature, as well as earl grey tea.

Is Lily Dolores Harris A Professional Actress?

Lily Dolores Harris had her first screen appearance in the year 2009 short film, named The Three Labors Of Oliver. In the movie directed by Matt Feener, Ben Guaraldi, as well as Desiree McMahon, Lily portrayed the character of Hayden, the female twin.Lily Dolores Harris

Ed Harris’ daughter, Lily Dolores Harris has worked in two short movies, The Three Labors Of Oliver, What’s the 48?

Ed Harris’ daughter, named Lily Dolores Harris had her first screen appearance in the year 2009 short film, named The Three Labors Of Oliver.

What Made Her Choose Acting?

While chatting with the American Conservatory Theater, Ed Harris’ daughter disclosed what specifically made her shift her curiosity from academia to conducting arts. She explained she has always been much more convinced in sharing herself with others. She told she also believes acting permits her to show parts of herself that she wouldn’t have been able to feel delighted sharing in everyday life.

Lily Dolores Harris started Her Acting Debut With great NBC’s Chicago Med

In October of the year 2021, Deadline reported that Ed Harris’ daughter, named Lily Harris was about to be on the cast of NBC medical drama, named Chicago Med. As well as so Lily made her professional acting debut in the Nov. 3 episode in the great role of Astrid Meadows, a youthful patient with hallucinations. It was the show’s seventh episode of the seventh season, the title named A Square Peg In a Round Hole.

Lily Dolores Harris plays one of the patients as well as her rare situation causes some disagreement among the staff as to what the reasonable line of activity is.

Are Ed Harris As well as Amy Madigan Still Married?

Lily’s parents, Ed, as well as his wife, an actress named Amy Madigan, have been together for more than 36 years.

They afterward met in a rehearsal for a play in which both of them have to act. The year was 1980; Amy saw Lily’s father, named Ed when he was conducting on stage in the play named “Cowboy Mouth” by Sam Shepherd.Lily Dolores Harris

Lily Harris is the only child of The Truman Show actor, named Ed Harris, and his wife, named Amy Madigan.

Lily’s parents, Ed Harris, as well as his wife, actress named Amy Madigan, have been together for more than around 36 years. They married in the year 1983.


Amy later confessed seeing the Rock actor that day felt like something from a movie scene or a music video as well as that she understood then that they would meet again, which they did a year afterwards.

The second appointment between Ed and Amy took place on the set of “Places in the Heart.” Ed told he praised Amy’s socks, and they soon started dating.

Together Lily Dolores Harris’ Parents Have Done Many Films

The actor pair, who are also of the same age married in the year 1983. Lily’s parents at the time were both starring together in “Places in the Heart” as well as the nuptials took place in Waxahachie, which is in Texas. Two years later they would again become great co-actors starring in the movie named “Alamo Bay.” Together, Ed and his wife have worked in nine films and different stage productions.

Decades after their wedding, Ed and Amy greeted their only daughter, named Lily Dolores Harris.

Her birth, Lily’s father told helped him as well as his wife mature as human beings. He disclosed that they became a little bit more liable for someone other than themselves. The Westworld star put in him as well as his partner were out partying pretty hard before Lily took birth.

Ed conceded it got to the point where he had to sell his motorcycle. He finally stopped drinking as much, calmed down, as well as began thinking about his daughter.

Her Mother, named Amy Madigan
Lily Dolores Harris’ mother, named Amy Madigan, much like her husband is also a great Academy Award nominee. She attained the nod as well as subsequent recognition for her role in Twice In a Lifetime (of the year 1985). Her other notable films include Field of Dreams (of the year 1989), Uncle Buck (1989), and Gone Baby Gone (of the year 2007).

Lily Dolores Harris mentioned About Having A Cool Boyfriend

During the exact interview with ACT, Lily Harris chatted about her partner, possibly her boyfriend. When asked about her curiosities other than theater and acting, Ed as well as Amy’s daughter said,


I live with my partner as well as our incredible, adorable dog named Beau, as well as I don’t know where I’d be without them.Lily Dolores Harris

Lily Dolores Harris researched at the American Conservatory Theater’s MFA Acting program. She memorized about A.C.T.’s MFA program from a good friend.

Lily Dolores Harris once chatted about her boyfriend. She though didn’t comment who he was.

Lily Dolores Harris though didn’t comment on who her partner was or give his/her name. She, nonetheless, on Halloween 2021, through her Instagram disseminated a picture of a man albeit face semi-covered. The imaging came along with montages of other Halloween-themed images. It is supposed her boyfriend could be the very guy. Yet, Lily has abstained from talking about her private life in any manner.

Lily Dolores Harris also said she loves to read, mainly fantasy as well as magical realism. Whilst talking about her other means of entertainment, she also spoke about her love for horseback riding. She disclosed it was a huge part of her life for a long time, though told that she doesn’t get to do it as frequently now.Lily Dolores Harris

Is Lily Dolores Harris Millionaire?

Unlike her father who has a great net worth of around $25 million, Lily presumably might not be in the two-comma club. It’s hard to say she could be anywhere as wealthy as her father deeming her few to no notable drama credits. Besides, there also isn’t an approximation of where she stands financially.


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