Lisa Marie Kurbikoff

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is an ex-stills photographer who is also known as the wife of the great English actor, named Cary Elwes, Westley from the year 1987 American fantasy adventure comedy film, The Princess Bride. Cary as well as Lisa Marie Kurbikoff have been wedded since the early 2000s. As an actress, Cary’s wife has had behind-the-scenes credits in films containing Wonderland, The Cool Surface, and Rent Control.

Fans will always recollect Cary as the knight in shining armor who went through so many hardships to get to his love. And he also was partly of a a motion of love for the 80s era. Further, having commenced his career in the late 70s, Cary is still busy with a few or two acting jobs. Nevertheless, Elwes’ real-life princess, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff has been well off the limelight despite all the years she has been Cary’s wife.

Although Elwes’ off-the-screen Princess Bride story might not be just as adventurous as the movie, he has quite a lasting as well as strong bond going on with his wife, named Lisa Marie Kurbikoff starting from the early 90s. So, learn what else there is to understand about her down in the writing. Also, know her history; her early life, parents, siblings, how she met Elwes, their children, as well as further.


The longtime partner of Cary Elwes, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff was born on May 9, of the year 1971, in Agoura Hills, which is in California.

Fun Fact: Lisa Marie Kurbikoff attended high school with actresses comprising Heather Graham, Aimee Graham, and Shane Stanley, as well as a model, named Beverly Peele.

Ex-Stills photographer as well as Cary Elwes’ wife, named Lisa Marie Kurbikoff, middle left, with her siblings and father.
The 45-year-old wife of Cary Elwes, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff, in the middle left, with her siblings as well as her father. Facebook

While not much about her family is known, according to Facebook, Cary’s wife at least has three sisters, named Donna, Darlene Wynn, and Janet, and a brother, named Peter A Kurbikoff Jr. Also one of her sisters, named Janet is her twin.

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is the daughter of Sandra Carol Kurbikoff as well as Peter A Kurbikoff. Kurbikoff’s mother, named Sandra, a native of Westlake Village, perished in March of the year 2015.

It is supposed her father originally is from Bridgeport Connecticut.

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff Career As A Photographer

Although it is unclear how the present Cary’s wife, named Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is doing, in the past, she used to be a photographer.

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff used to shoot for the MTV car customization reality series, named Pimp My Ride. Her then works were also featured in great AutoWeek magazine.

The Agoura Hills native has also shot for Robbie Williams’ “Greatest Hits” in addition to other artists such as rapper Xzibit. Her imagery works have also been featured in The great Miami Herald.

Has Lisa Marie Kurbikoff been In Any Films?

While her only work as an actress was in the 1994 erotic thriller film, The Cool Surface as a random partygoer, Lisa has somewhat more credits as an additional crew for films namely Rent Control (as a still photographer as well as associate producer), as well as Wonderland (as a crime scene photographer).

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff Met Her Husband named Cary Elwes In Malibu

The stills photographer Lisa met the Saw actor named Elwes in the year 1991 at the annual Malibu chili cook-off.

Cary tells meeting Lisa was his real-life fairy tale romance. When he saw her, Cary was carrying a handful of access for some rides. Shortly after noticing Lisa, the British celebrity invited her to join him on the rides which she decided to do. Elwes left quite the belief in Lisa the first time Lisa Marie Kurbikoff met him.

They however stayed a couple of months before going out on a first date.

The Princess Bride actor named Cary Elwes and his longtime wife, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff in Jan of the year 2020 at the Sag Awards.
Lisa Marie Kurbikoff with her husband as well as an actor at the Sag Awards in Jan of the year 2020. SAG/Getty
Marie as well as Elwes got engaged in Dec 1997 in Paris. The London-born actor suggested to Lisa the Eiffel Tower inside the Le Jules Verne restaurant. Because of this reason, Cary once indicated the French capital is his favorite destination. The now 59-year-old actor told the place is also very tight to his heart.

Kurbikoff and Cary wedded each other on June 25, of the year 2000. Seven years later, they would welcome a daughter, named Dominique on April 24, of the year 2007.


During another interview, Elwes said meeting as well as falling in love with his wife, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff was the most Westley-like juncture in his own life. Something within the exact range is also the birth of his daughter. Being the father of Dominique, Elwes tells is his best achievement on the planet.Lisa Marie Kurbikoff

Dominique, in the middle, her actor father, Cary, and her mother named Lisa Marie Kurbikoff.
The Saw actor, Cary with his daughter, named Dominique, and his wife, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff. Instagram
The couple along with their only child, Dominique allegedly reside in Malibu, which is in California. The Westminster native, Cary once disclosed he had always dreamed of living in beach city since he first visited it when he was a kid with his family. Elwes got hooked on Malibu since it also transpired to be the place where he first met his wife.

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff As well as Her Spouse, Cary Are Both Fans Of Netflix’s Stranger Things

Both Lisa, as well as her actor husband, have been long-time fans of the Netflix supernatural adventure series, named Stranger Things. The couple in particular, also ditched a bunch of their other strategies so that they just couldn’t stop looking after the Millie Bobby Brown starrer show.

Stranger Things, admittingly, is the only show that Cary binge-watched with his wife. Lisa Marie Kurbikoff’s baby’s father wasn’t fond of attending shows in one sitting.


Cary during an interview disclosed to have a part in the show meant a lot to him. Elwes’ character on the Netflix hit series, named Larry Kline is a recurring antagonist in the show’s third season.Lisa Marie Kurbikoff

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff Is Also Quite Active On Facebook As well as Instagram

Although Lisa might not be in showbiz or among the interest of media, the longtime wife of Cary Elwes is fairly in sharing mode with her Instagram as well as Facebook posts. The brunette Californian woman’s feeds mostly contain the family pictures that she takes has taken with her husband as well as her daughter, named Dominique.

Her social media posts also show some TBT junctures that she has shared with actor-spouse, Cary Elwes. Lisa Marie Kurbikoff also often mentions her late mother as well as get siblings via her Instagram as well as Facebook. On the latter she further gives her say on burning entertainment as well as geopolitical news as well as matters or just shares them with her friends.


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