Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley, a singer, and songwriter, as well as the only daughter of the great Elvis Presley died at age 54. Lisa Marie Presley was also the daughter of Priscilla Presley as well as a humanitarian.

It was Lisa Marie Presley’s mother, Priscilla who substantiated the death of her daughter through her Instagram. This was after many news outlets documented the unfortunate news.

Read on to learn all the specifics regarding what happened as well as how it all happened. Learn which hospital Lisa Marie Presley was taken to, what was the justification for her casualty, as well as other current updates.

Lisa Marie Presley Cause Of Death; What Killed Her?

For now, multiple sources are claiming that Lisa starved following a cardiac arrest. According to the insiders from TMZ, the Now What singer had grumbled stomach pains earlier Thursday morning. It seemingly had gotten more as well as more intense. Lisa Marie Presley had been experiencing it since her attendance at the year 2022 great Golden Globe Awards.

Lisa Marie Presley as an infant with her mother Priscilla as well as her father named Elvis Presley

Elvis with his wife, named Priscilla, and their infant daughter named Lisa Marie Presley

Nonetheless, an autopsy report or the official cause of demise is still pending. Until further updates, a heart attack has been the number one speculation or belief as the cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death. It ran in her genetics as such her father, named Elvis, as well as her paternal grandmother also both lost their lives to a heart seizure at the young ages of 42 and 46 respectively.

Whatever the lawsuit, for now, her casualty does not have a suspicion of any foul play. Page Six has dispatched that Lisa Marie Presley “coded multiple periods” after the cardiac arrest. The source mentioned that the scene had no drugs.

What Happened To Lisa Marie Presley Before Her Death?

Lisa Marie Presley had surveyed into the hospital on Thursday after mourning a cardiac arrest. According to TMZ, Lisa Marie Presley’s housekeeper establishes the Lights Out singer was unresponsive on Thursday morning.

Emergency responders obtained the requests to arrive in the 5000 block of Normandy Dr in Agoura Hills, which is in Calabasas California at 10:37 PT for a cardiac arrest. Real estate accounts show Lisa was a citizen at that address.

In the meantime, the Dirty Laundry singer’s ex-husband, named Danny Keough with whom she was living at the time, conducted CPR until the coming of paramedics.

Priscilla with her late daughter named Lisa Marie Presley.
Lisa Marie Presley with her mother as well as Elvis’s widow, Priscilla
The medical help reached the scene for approximately six minutes later. The Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department documented the EMTs performed CPR and ‘found that the Tennessee-born singer had signs of life.’ They restored her pulse as well as rushed her to the hospital.Lisa Marie Presley

Originally, Lisa Marie Presley’s name was kept anonymous due to solitude laws. According to paramedics, Lisa Marie Presley came to a local hospital named West Hills at 11:47 am.

After that, the doctors instantly put her on life support, in an induced coma alongside a temporary peacemaker. TMZ was the first to declare openly Lisa’s hospitalization after which The People Magazine gave extra confirmation.

Following that, Lisa Marie Presley’s mother, Priscilla declared openly that her daughter was hurried to the hospital.

Lisa Marie Presley Death As well as Her Family Reaction

Unfortunately about an hour after the news of Lisa’s hospitalization, Elvis’ ex-wife divulged the news of her daughter’s demise.

Announcing the tragic news, Priscilla on her Instagram composed,

It is with a heavy soul that I must share the devastating announcement that my beautiful daughter named Lisa Marie has left us. She was the most passionate, strong, as well as the loving woman I have ever understood.

Priscilla further requested privacy as well as thanking everyone for their devotion as well as prayers. She also said there would not be a statement.Lisa Marie Presley

The Presley family is still retaining their silence.

From left, Lisa Marie Presley’s widow, Priscilla Presley, Austin Butler, as well as the late Lisa Marie at the year 2022 Golden Globe Awards
The late Lisa Marie with Austin Butler as well as her mother named Priscilla Presley at the year 2022 Golden Globe Awards. Getty
Presley’s last public impression was at the Golden Globe Awards of the year 2023. Lisa Marie attended the ceremony with her actress mother, named Priscilla Presley. The mother-daughter duo was there for the Baz Luhrmann film, named Elvis, which is a biopic about her late father. The film actor, Austin Butler, who played Lisa’s father, named Elvis won the best actor award in a great Drama Film that night.


Lisa Marie was the sole heir to her father named Elvis’ estate. She also had an inheritance assertion to the Grammy-winning singer’s great Memphis Tennessee Graceland. Elvis’ daughter, named Lisa was there days before attending the Golden Globe to commemorate her father’s birth anniversary on Jan 8. Lisa Marie Presley herself was 20 days missing from celebrating her 55th birthday.


Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley with her children comprising Riley, Benjamin, Harper, as well as Finley

To Whom It May Concern singer named Lisa Marie Presley with her kids, Riley, Benjamin, and Harper, as well as Finley
Lisa Marie Presley was the mother of the great Mad Max actress named Riley Keough and twin daughters Harper as well as Finley Lockwood. Lisa Marie Presley also had a son, Benjamin, who died by suicide in the year 2020. Marie also has a stepbrother, named Navarone Garibaldi.She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

The Storm As well as Grace singer, Lisa Marie was born in Memphis in Feb of the year 1968 as well as perished on Jan 12, of the year 2023. Among the notable mourners were fellow celebrities comprising Lisa Marie’s ex-husband Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Rita Wilson, Octavia Spencer, Leah Remini, Marlee Matlin, as well as others.


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