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Lovely Mimi bio is a Vietnamese American Instagram personality, Youtuber, reality star, as well as nail artist. She is also an entrepreneur (owning several salons) as well as an occasional musician. Lovely Mimi bio further also determines herself as a comedian. She was summed up to the VH1 reality series, named Lovely Mimi bio and Hip Hop Atlanta to bring an Asian theme to what otherwise has always been a fully great African American show.

Mimi often told that during her time on the show, she led a double life, one story that she got from the show writers as well as her real one. Now, a decently successful businesswoman, Mimi often has her fame as a TV personality to increase her brand’s face. Away from the days of her reality star fame, named Mimi has close to around 2 million followers on Instagram; each of her posts has garnered around 100k views. She further has over one as well as a half million subs on Youtube.

Over the years, Lovely Mimi bio has achieved quite the awareness from fans writing blogs about her and calling her that “ratchet Asian girl,” though not an insult. While Lovely Mimi bio is no longer on Love As well as Hip Hop Atlanta, she is still enticing her fans off the camera largely with her social media. Learn what else is transpiring in Lovely Mimi bio’s life since her withdrawal from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, her professional doings, her failed marriage, her current boyfriend, her businesses, as well as others.

Growing Up Lovely Mimi bio Had A Difficult Childhood

Mimi once confessed to growing up with strict parents. She though said she was also equally a rebellious kid, particularly when she was a teenager. Lovely’s parents were old school as well as the nail beautician says her folks didn’t comprehend her that much.

Mimi, who is of Vietnamese American ethnicity, when talking to AJC, told that her parents were also poor.

The nail art entrepreneur further disclosed her schoolmates used to make fun of her. She’d also run away a lot as well as often got herself in trouble. Several times, Mimi ended up in group homes as well as juvenile detention centers. Due to all the aforesaid things, Mimi, a Taurus, confesses she never brought in it through high school or even middle school.

With no education, the juvie lifestyle would only find a few jobs as well as careers. And one of them transpired to be nail work.

Lovely Mimi, birth name, Myha Luong was born on April 29, of the year 1990, in the place of Quang Ngai Vietnam. Luong, however, grew up in Baltimore Maryland but she also dubs Washington DC her cool hometown.

Lovely Mimi Time On Love As well as Hip Hop Atlanta; She Didn’t Want To Join The Show

Mimi first occurrence on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in its sixth season, the fourth episode in the year 2017. When the production first declared openly Lovely Mimi, she was slated to be one of the many recurring characters.

Vietnamese-American reality star from Love As well as Hip Hop Atlanta, Lovely Mimi bio.
Former Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star as well as a nail salon owner, named Lovely Mimi. By Rodney Ho, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

At the outset, Lovely Mimi bio had doubts about whether to join Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as she was aware of its dramas. It took quite a while for her to agree on if joining the show was the right choice for her.Lovely Mimi bio

On The Show, Mimi Became Friends With The Likes Of Tommie Lee As well as Joseline Hernandez

At the outset of her stint with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi worked at Sierra’s Salon. She, nonetheless, would leave the workplace after having a fallout with cute Sierra. Mimi later would form a friendship with Tommie as well as Joseline.

While it is ambiguous in the present, whether Lovely Mimi bio keeps in touch with her Love And Hip Hop cast member, it is supposed she is still on good terms with Tommie as well as Joseline.

My Luong’s last time on the great show would be the series’ sixth season reunion in particular. Mimi made a total of ten episodes on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Is She Coming Back On Love And Hip Hop Atlanta?

When Bossip in Oct of the year 2019 asked if Mimi will ever deem coming back to Love & Hip Hop, Luong replied with a straight no but said she might be inclined to reanalyze if they pay her a lot of money.

Mimi Career As A Nail Artist

Before existence television fame, Mimi was remarked for her skill in nails. She got into the industry after doing not so well with her academics. She has currently over 10 years of knowledge as a licensed nail technical. She previously had her salon in her native Baltimore, which is in Maryland.Lovely Mimi bio

Some nail works of Lovely Mimi bio
Some nail art of Instagram personality, Mimi.
After she dropped anchor on a contract on Love as well as Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi moved to the place where the show is based on. Following her move to Atlanta, Lovely would buy a shop on Old National Highway in College Park, which is in Georgia. The rambunctious Vietnamese woman would thereafter name the store, named Ultraviolet Nail Lounge. It is also well-known as Luong’s Lovely Nails.

Her salon in Georgia has an all Black cortege. Mimi’s team specializes in techniques varying from feather dust complete to the bumpy diamond coated on Cardi B Esque nails.


She is also the owner of one more business venture named Ultra Violet Hair Salon which seemingly her ex-husband had gifted to her. She once spoke of her ultimate wish to build her brand as well as keep opening other nail salons, do some more acting, as well as keep hosting parties.Lovely Mimi bio

Lovely Mimi bio Says Her Instagram Helped Her Nail Arts A Lot

Lovely Mimi has a well-enough available Instagram handle. Mimi says her Ig came in handy in expanding her reputation as a nail professional.

Lovely Mimi bio tells it enabled her a lot after she had bought a nail salon shop in the place Maryland after which she was glancing to build some hype. With that in mind, Mimi began making some videos on her Instagram as well as through it, she also pursued some local girls so that they would come to her salon. Some of Mimi’s videos regarding her nail works such as “But Why Me” went on to gain notable traction. She tells even celebrities like Da Brat as well as Snoop Dogg shared her videos.

And that’s how Lovely Mimi bio became well-known on Instagram as a nail tech. Lovely Mimi bio also had a previous Instagram account which although had around 3 million followers got deleted.


How Rich Is Lovely Mimi bio Her Net Worth And All

Although Mimi couldn’t make a grand career out of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta such as its leads Rasheeda, Joseline, and Karlie, as well as others, from the looks of her social media lifestyle, the celebrity of Vietnamese origin arrives across as quite a well-off personality. To be honest, likely, she may not have instructed TV fame in the first place to cement her fate as an affluent person.FacebookLovely Mimi bio

Lovely Mimi bio was already a pretty victorious businesswoman on her own. Even now with her outstanding fan base across her Instagram as well as YouTube, she has that edge to always make money no less than a decently well-known reality star. Inferring all the aforesaid possibilities, Mimi being a millionaire very well could be the case with her net worth in all likelihood sitting in the vicinity of seven figures.


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