Maureen Dumont Kelly

Maureen Dumont Kelly is a late Las Vegas showgirl as well as an actress famously known for minor roles in films and TVs like Thirty something (of the year 1987), Hell Squad (of the year 1985), and Roseanne ( of the year 1988). Dumont who died in late the year 2000 is also well known as the mother of the Butler actress, named Minka Kelly.

Her daughter is also famous for playing Lyla Garrity in NBC’s Friday Night Lights, Gaby in Parenthood, Eve French in Charlie’s Angels, as well as Dawn Granger in the HBO series named Titans.

The former exotic dancer Maureen Dumont Kelly had her daughter, named Minka with her ex-partner, named Rick Dufay, a onetime Aerosmith guitarist. Unlike her daughter, named Minka, as well as ex-partner, named Dufay, Maureen Dumont Kelly had a bit of a toned-down profile despite being an actress as well as locals interpreting her as a remarkable woman. Learn details compelling to her in the decodings ahead; beginning from her hometown to her relationships, her daughter, as well as her death as well.

Maureen Dumont Kelly Is A Californian

The Parenthood alum, Minka Kelly’s mother, named Maureen Dumont Kelly was a native of Whittier, which is in California. She was born on December 20, in the year 1956.

Maureen Dumont Kelly with her daughter named Minka Kelly As a Child.
Gaby from Parenthood actress Minka Kelly — as a child with her late showgirl mother, named Maureen Dumont Kelly.

Minka’s mother, named Maureen Dumont Kelly had Irish, English, Scottish, French, Dutch (primarily), as well as German ancestry. Allegedly she also had a little Indonesian heredity.

Maureen Dumont Kelly Had A Bit Unusual Relationship With Her Daughter named Minka Kelly

A while ago, the Charlie’s Angel actress named Minka talked about her unusual childhood as well as the not-so-normal relationship with her mother with US Cosmopolitan.

In Sep of the year 2011, during an interaction with the media, she asserted that her mom Maureen worked different odd jobs varying from petrol stations to a restaurant, and actually as a stripper.

Maureen Dumont Kelly


Charlie’s Angels actress named Minka Kelly with her late mother named Maureen Dumont Kelly.
21 Jump Street actress, named Maureen Dumont Kelly with her and Rick Dufay’s daughter, named Minka Kelly. Instagram

As per the Just Go With It actress, her mother, Maureen Dumont Kelly would get along on that for as long as she could. What’s more, every Friday Maureen Dumont Kelly would seize her only daughter to the US chain store Payless to buy shoes as well as she would also say Minka to skip school as well as take her to expend the money.

Maureen Dumont Kelly also utilized to wake Minka late at night after returning home from helping at the strip club. Thereafter They would then take off to the supermarket shopping.

That was like our big Friday. She would need me to skip school [the next morning]… I was like ‘No, Mom, I’ve gotta go to college!

documented the Roommate actress with Cosmopolitan.

Maureen Dumont Kelly

Maureen Dumont Kelly Had A Single Daughter named Minka Kelly With Her Partner

Roseanne actress, named Maureen Dumont Kelly’s daughter, and Parenthood actress, named Minka Kelly.

The Euphoria actress tells she would never know whether to be pleased with how her mother dealt with her versus her wish of how she liked Maureen to just be her mother. With Cosmopolitan, Minka, nevertheless said Maureen, as well as her relationship, stayed ‘pretty complicated.’

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Relationship With Ex-Aerosmith Guitarist named Rick Dufay
As far as the records and journals go, only the Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay has been interpreted as Maureen Dumont Kelly’s partner. While reports vary as to whether they were married or not, some, nonetheless suggest they were husbands as well as wives. However, when together, they would become parents to their only child, named Minka Kelly.

Aerosmith guitarist as well as Maureen Dumont Kelly’s ex-husband, Rick Dufay with his daughter and actress, named Minka Kelly.
Maureen’s ex-husband named Rick Dufay with his daughter as well as Parenthood actress, named Minka Kelly.

It is ambiguous when Maureen Dumont Kelly and Dufay decided to separate, the former, nonetheless, chose to raise her daughter as a single parent. Though years later, Minka would disclose her father wanted to work on his and Maureen’s relationship as well as also requested to co-raise the Drunk History actress.

Maureen Dumont Kelly

However, as per Dufay, the Thirtysomething actress declined and the musician declared she was too alive to have fun.

It wasn’t like he didn’t like to be part of our lives.

Minka subtracted whilst clarifying all the aforesaid statements.

Maureen Dumont Kelly Died Of Colon Cancer

The Roseanne actress Maureen Dumont Kelly as mentioned died in early Dec in the year 2008 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She missed her life to colon cancer. Her daughter, named Minka in an interview revealed while Maureen’s cancer was detectable, her recklessness, as well as lack of scrutiny of her own body, made her diagnosis terrible.

“That’s appreciable. Talk regarding being reckless and not paying scrutiny to your body,”

the Path actress was told on the Today show in Sep of the year 2011. Minka as well as her mother, Maureen, however, made peace with each other before the latter’s death.

The Almost Humans alum was clasping her by the time Maureen Dumont Kelly took her last breath. Minka tells she was with her mom until her ultimate juncture. It, still, is open to debate where the funeral of Entourage actress’ mother took spot since Kelly never technically circulated Maureen’s obituary.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Brother Once Claimed that She Was A Drug Addict
Turns out Maureen Dumont Kelly had a problem with material abuse. This came out in the open in late the year 2009 through the phrases of her brother.


Although for years, it was different who comprised Maureen Dumont Kelly’s family, her parents, and siblings, in Sep in the year 2011 the NY Daily alleged the Hell Squad actress had at least one brother who at the time took off by the name Michael Millhollin.

Millhollin, then, however, was residing in the streets. He had been homeless since the year 2008. Michael said Minka’s mother, named Maureen worked as a stripper in reprisal to her disagreeing family.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s uncle also alleged her mother, named Maureen’s work as a stripper as a reason for familial rifts. He expanded his sister always had problems governing money. Maureen apparently would expend without impression or on drugs as she allegedly was a drug addict.

Millhollin also told how he and his whole family were frantic because the Euphoria actress withheld the news regarding Maureen Dumont Kelly’s death. Michael as well as Maureen’s family knew about her passing six months later.

Maureen Dumont Kelly


Minka Kelly had cut off ties with her mother’s family in light of her assumption that they had evacuated Maureen and the Lansky actress. Michael, still, said he as well as his family never quit Maureen and his actress daughter; they all had relatively just hard affection.

Maureen Dumont Kelly Movies As well as TVs

Different from her daughter, named Minka, Maureen had only a few or two recognitions as an actress. Her first role on the screen was as one of the members of the squad in the year 1985 movie, named Hell Of Squad. She then in the year 1985 had a cameo in the ABC series, named Lady Blue as Caral Accardi in the episode, Death Grip.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Net Worth

While on one hand Maureen’s daughter, having helped on a handful of shows and films long cemented her repute as a millionaire actress, on the other hand, just the same announcement is reasonably broad to put into words for Kelly’s late mother.

Maureen Dumont Kelly

Also, unlike some reports, the surmise Maureen Dumont Kelly was celebrity-Esque rich appears within the bounds of likelihood since the late showgirl had far less screen period than her daughter. Further, only a prime few dailies minded trailing Minka’s mother’s life full on much less her net worth as well as all.



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