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Mecca White is the daughter of an actress, singer, as well as a musician named Persia Jessica White. Mecca White’s mother is Persia White. She is a Bahamas-born American is perhaps best recognized for her role as Lynn Searcy on the UPN sitcom Girlfriends.

The series originally aired from the year 2000 until the year 2008. Mecca White’s mom is also a member of the band XEO3 and a solo singer who published her debut album Mecca in the year 2009.

Mecca White has built quite a resume for a film and art lover. Mecca White is truly exhibiting some potentiality as a young cinema maker. We are going to Know all about how she acquired a passion for movies and how her actress mother was a big impact on her.

Amid the way, you are also going to know about her private life & much more.

Mecca White Has An Irish As well as Bahamian Ancestry

White was born on October 7, in the year 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Her maternal family includes Irish-American as well as Bahamians. Her maternal grandfather’s body was curtailed after a car accident. He later shifted to Miami to seek better medical care.

White’s mother, later on, joined the Miami Coconut Grove Children’s Theater. As a teen, her mom studied dance, acting, singing, as well as painting.

Just After high school, Persia signed with the Ford Agency as well as got her Screen Actors Guild card. Mecca White’s mother then shifted to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Mecca White is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School Class of the year 2016. Mecca White’s daughter studied acting at The Groundlings, Sanford Meisner Center, New York Film Academy, London Academy of Music as well as Dramatic Arts

After some time she returned to The Los Angeles Film School just to study directing.

Mecca White’s Biological Father

Persia raised Mecca White all on her own and she has never disclosed her daughter’s biological father’s identity to the public.

There were rumors that claim rapper/singer, Saul Williams, Persia’s ex-husband, was her father. And while nobody has verified this particular speculation. Williams and Persia were in a connection for a total of six years (2003 – 2009). This makes it difficult to deny the singer might be Mecca White’s real dad.

Persia’s other television credits comprise Angel, NYPD Blue, The Steve Harvey Show, Brooklyn South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as regular roles on Breaker High with co-star Ryan Gosling.

Mecca White’s Education

In the year 2013, Mecca White joined New York Film Academy. It was one year program to study commercial workshops, acting for film, screenwriting, voice and movement, audition technique, as well as stage combat.

Persia’s daughter then enrolled herself in Los Angeles where she studied Digital Literacy, English Composition, Film, and Society, Film Theory, as well as Screenwriting.

In addition, she also holds knowledge in Mathematics, Production, Independent Film, Cinematography, Production Design, Sound, Art, Aesthetics, as well as Culture.

Mecca White’s Movies as well as TV Series:

Mecca White Is a Writer and a Director
In June in the year 2016, Mecca White wrote, directed, as well as starred in the comedic TV pilot Juice Truck as Alex. The comedy follows the story of two socially awkward girls functioning in a juice truck which was in Santa Monica, California.

Mecca White’s mother, Persia White portrays one of the best characters. Interestingly, Mecca White used to sell juice in real life as well. One of her thesis projects was Juice Truck.

In September in the year 2018, Morgan discussed her short film during that year’s Westfield International Film Festival. He disclosed the sitcom Broad City was a big inspiration for it.

During working on Juice Truck, the former film student said working with students didn’t make things anything easier as some of them would just leave set. It includes the ones in charge of the props. She also added that she would feel like a madwoman. Morgan nonetheless filled the gap with the realization that she was also a director.

Mecca White
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Night Owl Productions, the company run by Mecca White’s stepfather named Joseph Morgan, assisted produce the short film.
The California-born filmmaker has also featured as well as acted on the short film Carousel (by the director, Joseph Morgan who is also her stepfather).

Similarly, she also co-starred as Savannah in the UPN/CW sitcom, Girlfriends. In addition, the young filmmaker has values in the short film, known as 818. Her theater works comprise Twelfth Night, Cyrano de Bergerac, Phantom Tollbooth, Little Shop of Horrors, as well as Footloose.

Moreover, Mecca White has a YouTube. Her YouTube channel is named Mecca White TV.

What Inspired Mecca White To Filmmaking?

Morgan attributes her foundation in the arts to her mother Persia White as well as stepfather Joseph Morgan. She tells both help her get fascinated in the world of art and film.

Mecca White also replied what inspired her to pursue a career in the film industry ie her mother. The 25-year-old clarified growing up, she’d join her mother on sets, where she got to learn that it was the most fun job in the world.

Mecca White, originally, just wanted to act. But over the course, she would want to establish her content as well. So she expanded her horizons.

Her Mother’s Love Story With Her Step-father, named Joseph

White’s mother, Persia met Joseph, in the year 2011 on the set of The Vampire Diaries season three. Joseph represented the character of Klaus. It is one of the actual vampires, while Persia played Abby, a witch as well as the mom of the main character.

In the year 2013, Joseph directed and produced a short film, Revelation; Persia would also have a role in the feature. The couple began opening up more about their romance in the year 2014. In the same year in May, Joseph proposed to White’s mother.

Mecca White
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Then on July 5, in the year 2014, Persia White and Joseph Morgan married each other in a beach ceremony in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The couple clarified that they chose the venue near the ocean because both of them grew up by the sea.

Mecca White Has A Great connection With Her Step Father

Mecca White found a great father figure in Joseph Morgan. They have seemingly formulated a great bond since the time Morgan entered Mecca White and her mother’s life.

As noted Morgan helped her learn and get inspired by the world of art. He even adopted her. He gave her his name which Mecca White has used as her middle moniker.

White’s Instagram page supposedly exhibits the trio are as close as a family could get. Joseph has never missed hanging out with the mother-daughter duo. Whether it is dancing at the Thanksgiving dinner, roaming in the winter wonderland, or even spending Saturdays on the beach.


While wishing Joseph his birthday through her Instagram on May 16, in the year 2021, the New York Film Academy graduate called him the coolest dad on the island.

Mecca’s Net Worth

For someone who has just begun to make a name in Hollywood, Mecca White’s net worth is a hard subject to delve into. Yet glancing at her Instagram, one could say that she is doing comfortably well in terms of living on her own. She is happily living her quality life.

She is also on Cameo, a virtual platform for people to hire actors, athletes, artists, and celebrities of all types to establish personalized video messages for any occasion. Some of the brands she talks for include Dr. Dart+, Cera Ve, Cozy Earth, Glossier, Cove USA, and so on.

Mecca White
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She Is Available On Instagram

Well, Mecca White is pretty active on Instagram. As of the year 2022, he has over 60k followers on her Insta page. Like any celebrity, she likes posting her daily life on social media platforms.



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