Megan Fox

Megan Fox

The Jennifer’s Body celebrity has a club thumb! In December of the year 2012, Megan Fox joked about her imperfection with Jay Leno. Questioned about Megan Fox’s diet when Megan Fox was expectant, Megan Fox responded, “I was speaking to my mother and her mother was like, ‘Oh, I consumed tuna every day when I was expectant with you,’” she told, referencing the harmful mercury that can be in tuna. “I was admiring if that was something that occurred to my thumbs.”

Andy Garcia

It’s occurred and noted that the Ocean’s 11 celebrity was born with an unfinished coalesced twin the extent of a tennis sphere connected to Andy Garcia’s shoulder. The twin had to be discarded by an operation.

House Man, Andy Garcia mocked the deficiency in an episode that exhibits the celebrity on a meet-up with his third-wheel-attached twin. “Hello, how about a little affection for shoulder guy?” the deformed accessory shouts at his meet-up.

Lily Allen

The musician isn’t embarrassed by her third nipple, actually getting on as far as indicating it off on Television. When Lily Allen was inquired about her characteristic on Dutch TV in January in the year 2009, Lily Allen pushed her top out and exposed her additional body aspect so that all can see that.

Taye Diggs

The Private Practice celebrity acknowledged to the girls on The Talk that Taye Diggs was born with a total of twelve fingers! “My mother said to me they inquired her if Taye Diggs wished to permit the digit to grow or to peel it, and they eliminated it. But I could possess been certainly handy,” he kidded.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah

An adolescence casualty encompassing her granny’s mobility notch lift knocked off the celebrity of the prime of Daryl Hannah’s index finger on her left hand. But missing a body part assisted Daryl Hannah boost insight into what’s significant in existence. “It has conferred on me an aptitude to be a more lenient individual,” Daryl Hannah said to Daily Mail.

Ashton Kutcher

In April in the year 2008 Television exclusive meeting on a British show, Friday evening With Jonathan Ross, the Jobs celebrity conceded to having “slightly webbed feet” and peeled off his sock and shoe to confirm it to them. When the host flinched in horribleness, Kutcher kidded, “When someone else is this nice looking, something’s bought to be put out of order!”

It’s tough to understand most of the time, but a few of our favorite stars aren’t accurate (no, not Chris off of Love Island). Below are 10 more celebrities commemorating their gorgeous drawbacks and weird body parts down.


Ashton Kutcher’s having webbed toes

The celebrity will exhibit to you his webbed paws whether you inquire to glimpse them or not. “I have barely webbed toes,” Ashton Kutcher once instructed Jonathan Ross. “When all the things are like this nice-looking, there is one thing that has to give up!

Harry styles having extra nipples

Harry styles

The Dunkirk celebrity adores all his nipples without any discrimination, although Harry Styles formerly inferred to his closest friend whose name is Nick Grimshaw that his additional nubbins might be his “best characteristic”.

Kesha’s tail

The musician disclosed that Kesha was born with a “tail”, and was unhappy when it was going to be eliminated. “It was a small tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they sliced it off and snatched my tail,” Kesha said to Heat. “That was when I was small. I’m certainly unhappy about that tale.

Karolina Kurkova’s weird there belly button

Victoria’s Secret prototype, Karolina Kurkova (second from left) has a barely soft belly button, which few people thought was the outcome of excessive airbrushing. But Karolina later corroborated to Daily News: “Karolina Kurkova had surgery when she was a newborn. It’s a truth and almost thank God she’s all god.”

Megan fox has small thumbs

The Hollywood celebrity is realizing to adore her teeny, small, clubbed thumbs. The celebrity has talked formerly about being survived with disease brachydactyly, which means shortening of the toes and fingers due to barely small bones. We say that it is cute!

Lily Allen has an extra nipple

Lily Allen doesn’t have her additional nipple (additional technically well recognized as a supernumerary nipple). “I have gone for a consultant and the doctor told, ‘It’s a third nipple’,” the musician clarified on a Television chat exhibit a few years before. “ actually, only 10 in 10 communities have them.”

Denzel Washington has a broken finger

Meryl Streep’s intuition, ‘not that former club fun again, Denzel!’ The Hollywood celebrity cracked his finger as a kid and never possessed it remedied, and is eligible to lean his illogical small finger at a 45-degree angle.

Gemma Atterton has six fingers

Preceding Bond lady Gemma Atterton formerly disclosed Gemma Atterton was born with one additional finger that’s six fingers on every hand and however has the wounds where the additional digits were eliminated. “It’s my tiny exception that I’m certainly delighted of”, Gemma Atterton said to Esquire magazine. “It brings in me some differences.”

Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple

Marky Wahlberg adores his additional outstanding nipple so greatly that Marky Wahlberg previously said to Rolling Stone magazine: “I won’t let that thing be eliminated. It’s my beloved possession.”

Tilda Swinton has a third nipple

A person or individual certainly desires to want a star third nipple club. Tilda Swinton disclosed that she’s got one also, and enhanced that Tilda Swinton couldn’t be further “proud” of her “witch’s mark” (by Buzzfeed14.)


Actors With weird Body Parts

Not every person in the Hollywood industry is an excellent glamour or directing man. From additional nipples (and toes) to attached twins, get the dope on these celebrity body shortcomings.

Don’t let all those amazing smiles and svelte abdomens fool you – actors can have body variations. But with luck, these celebrities didn’t allow their shortcomings to live in their way. In reality, as you all will glimpse, some people are even glad to post their actor’s body unusual parts with the people. These celebrities were eligible to discover the enthusiasm they wanted to accomplish their fantasies. And if all the celebrities can achieve it, why can’t you!

Halle Berry is having An Extra Toe:

Halle Berry

Academy-Award gaining achieving and annually top 10 most gorgeous lady, Halle Berry has been in rumors for a long time to have an extra, sixth toe. Portraits of what occurs to be an additional digit after her pinky toe have been published on the Internet for so many years. Polydactyly is the phrase used for retaining an additional finger or toe.

This category of body ornamental weakness is frequently hereditary and more widespread among African-Americans than in other racial organizations. The additional digit is usually just fluffy tissue without sutures and can be effortlessly eliminated.

Stephen Colbert having Floppy Ear

TV comedian and Pundit, Colbert loves to act up his body peculiarity — a lame ear. Stephen Colbert swivels his ear down into itself and accordingly provides a small sideways grin to prepare it to pop back out. In an exclusive meeting with David Letterman, Stephen Colbert illustrated that his body unusual body part was because of a difficulty inside his straight ear when Stephen Colbert was childish.


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