Miles Alexander Teller

Miles Alexander Teller is an American Actor who is well- Known for His movies like, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ ‘Whiplash’, and ‘Divergent’ Film Series
Miles Alexander Teller was born on 20th of February in the year, 1987 (Pisces)

He was Born In Downingtown in Pennsylvania in The United States of America

Miles Alexander Teller is well- known with the name Miles Teller is a very popular Hollywood actor, widely praised for his award-winning in the movies, ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘The Spectacular Now’.

His character or roles in the films, ‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’ and ‘Whiplash’ also earned various nominations, bringing him recognition and fame. He illustrated his ingenious bent of mind from an early age, excelling as a saxophonist in his high school’s harmony band. Further, Miles Alexander Teller played the drums in a congregation’s youth chorus and was very good at a few other harmonious instruments as well.

Coming after his graduation from the ‘New York University Tisch School of Arts’, he began concentrating on his acting career. In the early years, Miles Alexander Teller had to be content with nominal roles in various telefilms as well as feature movies, comprising ‘The Unusual’, Moonlighters, ‘A Very Specific Recipe’ and The Musicians’ to name a few.

He acquired the first major break in his career when he played the role of Jason in the movie whose title is, ‘Rabbit Hole,’ which was pursued by supporting parts in ‘Project X’ and ‘Footloose’ that he acted efficiently. He got so popular in his position as an actor with his roles in the films, that are, ‘Whiplash’, ‘The Spectacular Now’, ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘War Dogs’ and ‘Only the Brave’.

Childhood & Early Life of Miles Alexander Teller

Miles Alexander Teller was born on 20nd of February in the year, 1987 in the Downingtown borough under Chester County in Pennsylvania in The United States of America. He is the only child of Mike Teller who is a nuclear power plant architect, and Merry Flowers Teller who is a real estate agent.

He has two sisters whose names are Dana and Erin, both elder to him. Both his mom and dad hail from Carneys Point, New Jersey. Miles Alexander Teller lived a wandering life during his initial up years as his dad who is a nuclear power station engineer, had to emigrate from one city to another.

When he was only 12 years old, he moved to Citrus County, Florida where he got admission in Lecanto High School. For a while, he lived in Delaware and Pennsylvania While he was studying at Lecanto High School, he was selected as a member of the institution’s rock music band where he played on the alto saxophone. He was also proficient in playing the piano and guitar.

He was a member of the high school’s baseball team also , and at one time, he adored the dreams of coming to be a professional. Miles Alexander Teller was an associate member of a congregation’s youth chorus where he was a drummer as well as guided a drama club. He served as a a server in a a cafeteria whose name is, ‘Crackers,’ while he was studying in high school.Miles Alexander Teller

He got a degree from the Tisch School of Arts (affiliated to New York University), obtaining his B.A. degree in ‘Fine Arts’. His thing was ‘method acting,’ imparted by the ‘Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute’ where Miles Alexander Teller studied by dint of his obtaining a transfer acclaim from ‘Tisch School of Arts’.

Career of Miles Alexander Teller

Miles Alexander Teller began his professional acting career on a low-key note, receiving small roles in low-profile short movies and telefilms. He started his career as an actor in the short film whose title is ‘Moonlighters’ that was broadcasted in the year, 2004, in which he played the role of a character sharing his first name.

He started again to star in various other hidden short movies from the year, 2004 through 2010, well-known amongst these were, ‘The Musicians released in the year, 2008, ‘A Very Specific Recipe’ released in the year, 2007, and ‘The Track Meet’ released in the year, 2010. He got featured on the small screen for the first time when he played the role of James Boorland in the series, whose titles are ‘The Unusual’ released in the year, 2009, in an episode whose name is , “Boorland Day”.Miles Alexander Teller

‘The Unusual’ was a black comedy Television series promoted and proclaimed by ABC. Miles Alexander Teller got the first big break of his career when he successfully auditioned for the role of ‘Jason’ in the John Cameron Mitchell-directed drama film whose title is , ‘Rabbit Hole’, released in the year, 2010.


He shared screen space with well-known Hollywood stars, comprising Aaron Eckhart, Nicole Kidman and Dianne Wiest in ‘Rabbit Hole’. Miles Alexander Teller was vetted for the role of ‘Jason’ by none other than Nicole Kidman. He received a Chlotrudis Award in the year, 2011 for his role in ‘Rabbit Hole’ in the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ category and was also nominated for a ‘Discovery Award’ pursuing the screening of the movie at Savannah Film Festival in Savannah in Georgia. He  is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Miles Alexander Teller’s next major opportunity came in the year, 2011 when he was offered to play the role of Willard Hewitt’s personality in the movie adaptation of the musical drama, whose title is ‘Footloose’, featuring Andie MacDowell, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid Kenny Wormald . He had formerly depicted William Hewitt in the musical while he was a high school pupil.

Following his roles in the movies like, ‘Footloose’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ Miles Alexander Teller began receiving requests to feature in mainstream feature movies as well as indie films. He got featured in the critically acclaimed movie whose title is, ‘Project X’ released in the year, 2012 that was made on a budget of 12 million dollars however grossed more than 100 million dollars globally.

The year, 2013, proved to be a noteworthy year for Miles Alexander Teller as his portrayal of Sutter Kelley in the romantic-comedy movie whose title is, ‘The Spectacular Now’, was lapped up by his lovers as well as analysts.


Miles shared the Dramatic Special Jury Award with his co-star whose name is Shailene Woodley at the Sundance Film Festival Award in the year, 2013, and he also got selected for ‘Indiana Film Critics Association’ and ‘MTV Movie ‘awards. In the year, 2013, Miles Alexander Teller got featured as Miller in the Scott Moore and Jon Lucas-directed comedy movie whose title is, ‘21 & Over

Miles Alexander Teller

Family & Personal Life of Miles Alexander Teller

Miles Alexander Teller was severely wounded in a near fatalistic car mishap in the year, 2007 when he was thrown out of the car’s window. He somehow outlived but was left with various blemishes throughout his face, imprints of which are still observable. Miles Alexander Teller declares that he has mixed genealogy, comprising Jewish, Russian, Irish and English. He has a steady girlfriend, whose name is Kaleigh Sperry, and it’# a rumour that the couple will soon get married in a year or later on.


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