Mosley Thompson Manning

 Mosley Thompson Manning, 12, is a star kid widely famous as the daughter of former NFL star Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Thompson. Peyton is a one-time football quarterback  popular for his fruitful career with the Indianapolis Colts as well as the Denver Broncos.

Likewise, her mother, Ashley Thompson is equally well-known in her career line. Born to celebrity parents, Mosley Thompson Manning lives a luxurious lifestyle alongside her twin brother. Nonetheless, the parents of the two have kept information about her upbringing, childhood, education, as well as more under the radar.

Here, we will talk about Mosley Thompson Manning and her twin Marshall. Also, tag along with us to know more about her age, family, parents, as well as many more.

How Old Is Mosley Thompson Manning? Details Of Her Age & Early Life

The star kid Mosley Thompson Manning was born on 31st March of the year 2011 in Indianapolis, which is in the USA to her prominent parents Peyton Manning and Ashley Thompson. She turned 12 years old and new in the year 2022.

American star kid named Mosley Thompson Manning and her father named Peyton Manning

Mosley Thompson Manning and her father named Peyton all excited during Super Bowl

She is an American per her nationality as we as have mixed (English and German from her father’s side) ethnic descent. Mosley is being put forward alongside her twin brother Marshall Williams Manning. They are brotherly twins and do not look alike.

Mosley Thompson Manning’s Family Is Hugely Famous

The star kid has a family full of successful as well as prominent people, especially from a football background. She is the granddaughter of the former American football quarterback Elisha Archibald ‘Archie’ Manning III and his wife named Olivia Manning.Mosley Thompson Manning

Similarly, Mosley Thompson Manning’s uncles are also football stars. Her older uncle Cooper Archibald Manning is presently working as an entrepreneur and TV personality. Besides, her younger uncle, named Elisha Nelson Manning is a great former American football quarterback of the NFL.

Mosley Thompson Manning Has Seven Siblings From His Father’s Side

From her two uncle’s weddings, she has seven cousins named May Manning, Archibald ‘Arch’ Charles Manning, Heid Manning, Ava Manning, Lucy Manning, Caroline Manning, as well as Charles Manning.

Mosley Thompson Manning, her father named Peyton Manning, and her brother named Marshall Williams Manning
Mosley Thompson Manning alongside her father named Peyton and her twin brother named Marshall during a game

Furthermore, Ava Manning was born around the same time as Mosley and Marshall in the year 2011. She is the daughter of Eli as well as Abby McGrew and is also 12 years old as of the year 2022.Mosley Thompson Manning

Is Mosley Thompson Manning Also A Fan Of Josh Allen Like Her cute Twin Brother?

Having a father with 509 career touchdowns in NFL history was certainly not enough for her twin to idolize their MVP Award-winning father. Her twin Marshall is an enormous fan of the Buffalo Bills quarterback Joshua ‘Josh’ Patrick Allen.

While Williams is fanboying Josh, Mosley is Patrick Mahomes fangirl. The 26-year-old is the quarterback of the great Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL league.

During an interview with KCNC-TV in the year 2021, Peyton Manning chatted about his children’s favorite players. He told,

“My children are decked out in Chiefs jerseys, We go skiing this past weekend, as well as my son, ’s in a Mahomes jersey to ski in, and his buddy Zack is wearing a cool Mahomes Texas Tech jersey. I mean everywhere I go, it’s great Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes. Tells you what kind of great player he is if he’s got some huge 9-year-old fans out here in the place of Denver, Colorado.”

Not to forget, during Marshall’s tenth birthday Peyton purchased a Josh jersey and mailed it to Allen for him to sign. It was Peyton’s birthday wonder for his son. However, the NFL star sent a field-worn jersey with his signature instead.

Mosley Thompson Manning Effortlessly Stole Her Father’s Thunder In the year 2015

Back in the year 2015, Peyton Manning and Mosley Thompson followed the 2015 ESPYS. During the event, the father-daughter duo left all the spectators and attendees in awe with their beautiful and cute bond.

Moreover, the then-5-year-old shy Mosley was clinging to her father’s leg during the photoshoots, this took off everyone awestruck.

American star kid Mosley Thompson Manning and her father named Peyton Manning

Mosley and Peyton during the year  2015 ESPYS award ceremony
Although Manning was there to obtain the award for Best Record-Breaking Performance for achieving his 509th career touchdown in the last NFL season, Mosley was the celebrity of the show. She had all the awareness for herself.


Mosley Thompson Manning

While obtaining the award, the proud dad even thanked his daughter for being his date for the night.

Mosley Thompson Manning’s Parents Are Childhood Sweethearts

The NFL star as well as his wife of over a decade first met each other via Ashley’s parent’s next-door neighbors. Back then, Peyton was just a freshman at the famous University of great Tennessee Volunteers.

They began dating as well as were in a long-distance relationship for a while. During this time, he went on to become Tennessee’s all-time leading passer with 11,201 yards as well as 89 touchdowns winning 39 out of 45 games. Similarly, Thompson went on to earn her degree in great Marketing as well as Finance from the University of Virginia.

American former footballer named  Peyton Manning as well as his wife named Ashley Thompson

Peyton, as well as Ashley, are childhood sweethearts who married for over two decades
The pair got married on St. Patrick’s Day of the year 2001 i.e. 17th March amidst family as well as friends in the place of Memphis. As for now, they have been married for over two decades and are happily living with twins Marshall as well as Mosley in Denver, Colorado.

Mosley Thompson Manning’s Mother named Ashley Is A good Real Estate Agent

Her mother named Ashley is into real estate by profession and owns her own real estate development company. Her company facilitates the development of downtown residential properties. Similarly, she is also a minority owner of the Memphis-based basketball team named Memphis Grizzlies. Instagram


Apart from her professional career, she is also implicated in several charitable events and organizations including her husband’s foundation, the Payback Foundation. It intends to help disadvantaged children in Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana, as well as Tennessee. Facebook

Mosley Thompson Manning

How Rich Are Mosley Thompson Manning’s Parents Now?

As Mosley Thompson Manning is too youthful to have a career of her own, her luxurious lifestyle’s credit goes to her multi-millionaire parents.

Her father named Peyton has a whopping net worth of around $250 million as of mid of year 2022. Peyton Manning is a retired quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts (14 seasons) and the Denver Broncos (4 seasons).

So far, Mosley Thompson Manning has won 2 Super Bowl championships, 5 NFL Most Valuable Players, 2 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, 3 NFL enacting yards leaders, the Campbell Trophy, and many more. He is also persuaded in the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame,

Likewise, her mother named Ashley Thompson has also earned a charitable amount of fortune from her career in the real estate business. As per Celebrity Net Worth, her recent fortune is around $20 million.


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