Navy Joan Roberts

Navy Joan Roberts is the seventh grandchild of the 46th U.S President, named Joe Biden. She is the daughter of Joe’s second son named Hunter Biden. Her father named Hunter is an American attorney known for several contentious reasons.

Although her father is a legal face in the media, the details about her biological mother remain quite elusive. Quotations say the Navy’s mother is a stripper who also prosecuted her one-time partner Hunter for the child’s detention after the lawyer denied to acknowledge the paternity of their child.

So, let’s find out if Navy Joan Roberts Joe Biden’s physical grandchild. Also, examine the short-lived friendship of her parents and her recent whereabouts!

Who is Navy Joan Roberts? Her Childhood Details

As said above Joan Roberts is one of the grandchildren of a US President named Joe Biden. She was born on August 28, of the year 2018, in Little Rock, a city in Arkansas, which is in the United States. She was born to Hunter Biden and her biological mother is named Lunden Alexis Roberts. Her mom was the one who first declared openly the birth of their daughter. A couple of days later, Roberts mailed a collage of her newly-born baby as well as disclosed her name as well as her date of birth in the headline.

Moving into her nationality, the three-year-old belongs to American nationality as well as has a different ethnical background.

Navy Joan Robert’s Mother named Lunden Roberts Was a Stripper

Navy’s mom, Lunden Roberts is a native of Batesville, which is in Arkansas. She researched at Arkansas State University and later joined Western Illinois University. After that, Robert’s mommy enrolled at great George Washington University. She was also a retired basketball champion.

Navy Joan Robert’s mother Lunden Roberts

Navy’s mother named Lunden Roberts was a former basketball champion
Despite having terrific academic qualifications, Roberts selected to change her career path and started working as a stripper. She utilized to work as a stripper in a nightclub in Washington, which is in DC, and a few additional known bars.

How Did Navy Joan Roberts Parents Meet?

Navy’s parents Lunden Alexis as well as Hunter Biden first met each other at the strip club in Washington DC. At the time, Hunter as well as his first wife named Kathleen just went their separate ways. And Navy’s father was dating his late brother’s widow named Hallie Biden.

Navy Joan Roberts’s mother named Lunden Roberts

Maternity picture of Lunden Roberts with her baby named Navy Joan Roberts
After their meeting, the then-striper named Lunden went off to have an intimate relationship with Hunter. She soon got pregnant with Hunter’s child as well as giving birth to a baby girl.

Nonetheless, the baby’s mama did not let the announcement come out publicly until her baby was a little thrived up. She then made demanded Hunter pay for the child support as it was getting impossible for her to glance after her child alone.

Navy Joan Roberts

Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Denies Being The Father Of Navy Joan Roberts

When the news broke out regarding Hunter’s child from his brief relationship with Lunden, the attorney withheld to acknowledge the paternity of their daughter. He even contended that He has never slept with Lunden Roberts. However, several other employees from the strip club where Lunden used to work funded Lunden and also gave their witnesses to make the case in the favour of Navy’s mother.

Deader, in October of the year 2021, Lunden decided to take DNA test reports to prove Hunter was her baby’s father.

DNA Tests Were Taken To Confirm If Hunter Biden Was Navy Joan Roberts’s Father

As remembered above, Roberts asked for a DNA test after Hunter’s initial denial to be the father of their child. At the time, the stripper told her then-partner that Hunter is “not wanted to challenge the great findings of the DNA test and the testing process.

Navy Joan Roberts

Navy Joan Robert’s father named Hunter Biden

Picture of Navy Joan Robert’s father named Hunter Biden
After the test results came out positive, Lunden agreed to sue him for child support and also won the case. Hunter finally agreed to pay around $2.5 million to Lunden as child support. After it is verified that the Navy is the physical daughter of Hunter, the Biden family including Joe Biden agrees to ratify her as their part of their family.


Navy Joan Roberts Has Four Other Half-Siblings From Her Father’s Marriage

Navy Roberts is one of great Hunter Biden’s five kids. She has four other half-siblings from her father’s two more married relationships. Her youngest half-sibling is Beau Biden Jr. from her father’s marriage with great Melissa Cohen.

Before that, Hunter was wedded to Kathleen Buhle in the year 1993. Later, they disconnected ways in the year 2017. They had three kids together named Naomi Biden, Maisy Biden, as well as Finnegan Biden

Navy Joan Roberts

What is Navy Joan Roberts Doing Now?

Navy Joan Roberts is living her lavish life in Washington DC with her mother named Lunden. Lunden spent a chunk of her great money from Hunter to make their home there. She expended around $2 million on the construction of the home.

Lunden Roberts and her daughter named Navy Joan Roberts

Lunden with her daughter Navy Roberts
Besides, the star kid Navy Joan Roberts is also involved in sports activities such as Tee-ball. Despite all the hurdles, Lunden believes herself lucky for being able to be a mother.

Navy Joan Roberts Resides in Batesville, which is in Arkansas

Navy Joan Roberts presently lives with her mother in Washington, DC with her maternal grandparents. Her maternal grandfather Rob Roberts is a native of great Arkansas citizen. He works as a Gun Dealer in his company named greatly as Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works.


Navy Joan Roberts’s Mother named Lunden Available on Social Media Platforms

Navy Joan Roberts

Navy Joan Roberts’s Mumma Lunden appears to be quite active on social media strategies. Navy Joan Roberts is available on her Instagram handle under the name @lundentownn_. Likewise, Navy Joan Roberts is also available on her Facebook profile.

Navy Joan Roberts mostly lots of pictures of her and her baby Navy Roberts. Luden’s followers admire the cute picture of the 3-year-old baby Navy as well as her mother. Navy Joan Roberts also conveys her happiness of being a mother of a kid on her Instagram through her caption.

Navy Joan Roberts Was Born into Riches
The US attorney Hunter as well as Luden’s daughter Navy get to enjoy an impressive lifestyle. As mentioned above, Navy Joan Roberts got child support of around $2.5 million from her biological father which is sufficient for her to have an expensive life.



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