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Nichol Kessinger bio is an ordinary American lady who came into the spotlight as the girlfriend of the popular murderer of great Chris Watts. Her then-boyfriend was found guilty of killing his pregnant wife as well as two other daughters in August of the year 2018. But before Watts asked guilty, the infamous criminal claimed that his partner named Nichol kessinger bio was also involved in the family crime.

Well, the story is quite horrifying as well as can bring chills down the spine. A lot of people want to know the truth behind the murder as well as whether or not Nichol Kessinger bio was pertained to in the case. Also, you must know what did Nichol do before meeting her partner. Where is Chris’ paramour today?

Here are a lot of private facts and mysteries about Nichol Kessinger bio. So, explore all the answers to these questions encircling Chris’s mistress in the following article!

Who is Nichol Kessinger bio? Details On Her Parents

Nichol Kessinger bio is an ex-girlfriend named Chris Watts. She was born in the year 1988 in Colorado, which is in the United States. There is not much information available regarding her childhood. But, her cute father’s name is Dwayne Kessinger. He is a great electrical engineer.

Nichol Kessinger bio in a bridge
Chris Watts’ girlfriend Nichol.
Further talking regarding her dad, Dwayne went to Red Rocks Community College and obtained his engineering degree. He then began his career working as an Industrial Electrician in 1984. He also helped as Engineering Manager for RK Mission Critical from the year 2017 to the year 2021 and as Electrical Controls & Power Engineer from May of the year 2021 to Feb of the year 2022. Furthermore, Kessinger presently serves as an Electrical Engineering Specialist for Easter-Owens Electric Co.

Nichol Kessinger bio Details on Her Education

Talking regarding her college, Nichol Kessinger bio graduated from Colorado State University in the year 2013 with a degree in geology. Moreover, Nichol earned an Associate Degree in the field of Geological as well as Earth Sciences and Geosciences from the Community College of Aurora.

What Did Nichol Kessinger bio Do?

Soon after graduating, Nichol Kessinger bio began working as a bookkeeper. She also worked as a field engineer. Nearly a decade after her abovementioned roles, Kissinger docked her job as an MWD Field engineer at the place of Halliburton.

Nichol Kessinger bio also evolved as a Project Manager at RK Mechanical. Furthermore, she helped for Anadarko Petroleum and it was also where she met her boyfriend for the first time. She there used to deal with the environmental department. However, she was blasted from the job a rare days after her partner CW.

When did Nichol Kessinger bio Meet Chris Watts? Their Short Relationship

As we mentioned above Nichol Kessinger bio met her then-beau while working together for Anadarko Petroleum. Kessinger was working in the environmental department at the time, while Watts was working as a great operator. She told Denver Post Watts with other operators would always wait in the office break room, before getting on to work. But Nichol Kessinger bio never talked to him.

Nichol Kessinger bio

Nichol Kessinger bio with her ex-boyfriend
Nichol with her ex-boyfriend named Chris Watts
Later in the middle of June of the year 2018, Watts himself came to her office room and it was where the two were inaugurated to each other. At the time, although Watts was still married to his then-wife named Shanann Cathryn Rzucek, he didn’t wear any wedding ring which left a positive feeling on Nichol Kessinger bio.

The pair soon started meeting often each other in the office. After some time, Chris also told her that he just segregated from his wife. He further disclosed that he is the father of two kids with his then-spouse.

The very first time, they came across off-duty was in late the month of June. At the time, Nichol further asked him regarding his divorce proceeding with his generous wife. He told her their divorce was almost finalized as well as they were only trying to settle their financial issues though he was legally matrimonial to his partner at that time.

Nichol Kessinger bio

Slowly by early July of the year, they also began to have a personal relationship. The pair used to meet four or five times a week. In late July, Chris phoned his girlfriend claiming that the divorce was confirmed.

Nichol Kessinger bio Deleted Some Messages: Was She Pertained to in the Murder?


During an interview with the investigators of the case, it was mentioned that Nichol canceled some of the messages she sent to Chris which is relatively odd as well as all questions of whether or not she was involved in the murder.

Nonetheless, in a two-hour long interview, she elucidated it by telling :

Nichol Kessinger bio

There is no evidence of her being addled in the disappearances, but many people believed that she was full of guilt in the interview.

Similarly, there were many drawbacks in her story, the announcements show that she was searching for wedding dresses online only after dating him for around two months. But whatever the case may be, detectives couldn’t find any information overseeing her being involved.

However, some people still think that she is equally guilty as well as her affair with the murderer also led to various backlash. Later on, the media portrayed her as a home-wrecker az well as others named her murderer mistress.

Chris Watts Gave a Heart-Warming Interview

Watts gave a very heart-warming interview before admitting to murdering his wife as well as daughters in cold blood. He told me he had a subjective conversation with his wife before she went missing.

Nichol Kessinger bio


Nichol’s boyfriend CW Found Guilty of the Murder as well as Sentenced to Life Imprisionment

Chris Watt was arrested on August 15, of the year 2018, for the murder of his pregnant wife Shannan and daughters named Bella as well as Celeste. He was found guilty after an interview in which he failed a polygraph test aka lie detector test as well as confessed to murdering them.

However, before confiding, Nichol Kessinger bio boyfriend contended that Shanann killed their children after he requested to have a divorce. So, out of rage, he assassinated his wife. The liar told he saw on the baby monitor that his daughter named Bella was on her bed, blue in the face. His wife was strangling Celeste. Watts went downstairs as well as choked her to death.

When inquired what he did with the bodies, he told the police that he took the three bodies, loaded them in his truck, as well as drove to his work site in Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Watts hid Shannan’s body near two oil tanks as well as his daughters inside one of the oil tanks. The investigators found the missing bodies in the place of Anadarko Petroleum on August 16, of the year 2018.



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