Paulina Kathleen Myers

Paulina Kathleen Myers is the celebrity kid of a Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, as well as producer, named Mike Myers, and his wife, Kelly Tisdale. Paulina Kathleen Myers’s actor father is well common with the 90s audience of Saturday Night Live as well as the people who have loved the DreamWorks adventure fantasy enlivened franchise, Shrek.

Myers had Paulina Kathleen Myers, his third child with Tisdale in the mid-2010s. The Austin Powers actor, named Mike once said he always had a wish of becoming a father and that he feels lucky to be the dad of three. He, however, frequently hesitates to bring up several stories about his kids despite remembering them one or two times.

There, nonetheless, are some moments from Myers’ children specifically his daughter, named Paulina that are worth having a look at. And apparently, they are quite funny as well. Read what exactly were the circumstances in addition to knowing regarding Paulina’s birth, how she is growing up, her siblings, her mother, named Kelly Tisdale, as well as others.

Paulina Kathleen Myers Is A New Yorker By Birth; Her Ethnicity

Paulina Kathleen, the third child of Mike Myers and his wife, named Kelly Tisdale was born on Nov 2, of the year 2015, in New York on Monday. Some months earlier, in Nov of the year 2014, talking regarding her impending birth on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mike told,

It is the gladdest time in my life.

The ex-SNL star expanded,

I always wanted to have kids. I always believed I would want it, of course, I didn’t know I was going to like it. I was very nervous.”

While her maternal ancestry is a bit unclear, from her father, named Mike’s side, Paulina is of English as well as a small amount of Welsh descent. Her paternal grandmother, named Alice Bunny E was a data processor and her grandmother (Mike’s father) was an insurance agent; they were both from the Old Swan area of Liverpool. They were both also fulfilled in World War 2.

There Aren’t Several Images Of Paulina Kathleen Myers

Despite remembering his children including Paulina, Mike has never revealed any clear-cut images of his kids. Although the actor has a few or two posts as well as images on his Instagram handle, Myers is yet to show a single glimpse of how his kids are growing up.

Who Is Paulina Kathleen Myers Mother; Her Relationship With Actor named Mike Myers

Paulina’s mother and Mike Myers’ wife, Kelly Tisdale is an ex-coffee shop owner; she had co-founded named Teany, a Lower East Side hipster cafe in the place of New York.

Paulina Kathleen Myers’ mother as well as an ex-coffee shop owner, Kelly Tisdale, and her father named Mike Myers.
Paulina Kathleen Myers’s parents as well as husband and wife named Mike Myers and Kelly Tisdale. Christopher Polk
Tisdale, who is now 45 years old, was also a scenic artist having worked in the art department of the year 1994 animated series, named Erotic Confessions. She as well as Myers have been together since the mid-2000s.

The parents of Paulina Kathleen Myers, Spike, and Molly began dating in the year 2006 and four years later they wedded in the fall of the year 2010. Myers and his wife, named Kelly, nonetheless, kept the news of their wedding private for around five to six months. After the wedding, Tisdale as well as Myers would have three children, one of them being Paulina.

Paulina Kathleen Myers Siblings; They Have A Bit Unusual Names

As remembered Myers, as well as Tisdale, are parents to three kids, Paulina and her two elders siblings, Spike as well as Sunday Molly.

During Paulina Kathleen Myers’s birth, her brother, named Spike was four and her sister, named Molly was 18 months old. The eldest child of Myers as well as Tisdale, Spike Myers was born Spike Alan Myers on Sep 29, of the year 2011.

Paulina Myers’ elder brother, named Spike Myers, and their father, named Mike Myers in Dec of the year 2019.
The Shrek actor, named Mike Myers with his son and Paulina Myers’ elder brother, named Spike in Dec of the year 2019.
Paulina’s older brother, named Spike got his name because Myers, as well as his wife named Kelly,y, liked how the name was so common in the place of Liverpool England. Also, Spike’s father, named Mike reportedly is a fan of Irish English poet as well as comic, Spike Milligan.

On the other hand, Paulina Kathleen Myers’s elder sister named Sunday Molly was born on April 11, of the year 2014. For Sunday’s name, Mike as well as his wife, named Tisdale concentrated on the thing that they hated.

Paulina Kathleen Myers

Paulina Kathleen Myers during his interview with David Letterman in April of the year 2014, the d they named their first daughter Sunday because he as well as his wife hate Sundays. And by designating it something as beautiful as their daughter, the pair wanted to make it a good thing.


Austin Powers actor, named Mike Myers kids and Paulina Kathleen Myers’ siblings, Spike as well as Sunday Molly.
Paulina Kathleen Myers’s elder siblings, Spike as well as Sunday Molly.
Paulina’s sister, named Sunday’s middle name, Molly comes from Myers’ aunt from Liverpool who also had the same first name.

While two of their kids’ names have some stories behind them, it is ambiguous why Mike and his wife, named Tisdale went with a more traditional name for their baby no 3, Paulina.

Paulina Kathleen Myers Didn’t Like Her Father, named Mike Myers’ This Popular Film

The year 2001 Ogre comedy animated film, Shrek as well as its sequels have managed to gain quite a several fans over the years. Nonetheless, the film lead star, named Mike’s children including his youngest daughter, named Paulina is not so much of a fan of this personal work.

In an interview with SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, in May of year 2022, the 59-year-old actor, Mike disclosed while all three of his kids had watched his popular film franchise, The Shrek, the kids just didn’t end up liking it.

Paulina Kathleen Myers

The Shrek as well as The Austin Powers actor, Mike Myers.
Paulina Kathleen Myers’s father is named Mike Myers.
During the conversation, Mike told his one son and two daughters, Molly as well as Paulina instead loved Cat in the Hat from The Shrek but didn’t care for the movie’s titular character. Paulina as well as her siblings also didn’t like the film.


And it was… it’s true. As well as but I have tough, these are tough New Yorkers.

told the Pentaverate star. Saying a bit more regarding the subject, Mike said when his children, Paulina, Spike, as well as Molly watched Shrek, they afterward came up with some adult Esque criticisms. According to the Wayne’s World actor, his kids told, “Dad that would never happen. A speaking donkey would never say that.”

Mike attributed his kids not liking Shrek to the typical attitude of New York’s tough crowd. This is particularly true for Myers’ youngest kid, Paulina.

And my inexperience is… and she’s not a fan. She’s tough. She’s a New Yorker this kid.

asserted the father of three. Mike tells this might be alleged because of some deep-seated skepticism that the New Yorkers have.Paulina Kathleen Myers

Paulina Kathleen Myers Knew How popular Was Her Father At A Very Young Age

While most celebrities do their best to avoid telling their kids that they are popular as late as they could. Myers nonetheless has told his kids encompassing Paulina Kathleen Myers how famous he is as well as what he does.

The Emmy winner in an interview with Good Morning America, in June of the year 2018, said he told his about his career to his kids when they were quite young.



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