Peter Buchignani bio

Peter Buchignani bio is an American businessman who came to the attention as the husband of a FOX News reporter, named Carley Shimkus. Peter Buchignani bio’s wife presently serves as a co-host of the show called Friends First.

Though Carley is a known name in the media world, not much information is available regarding her husband named Peter. Peter Buchignani bio as well as Shimkus are together for more than half a decade now and are still going strong. So, let’s also find out how did the pair meet? Do they have any kids?

In this article below, we will examine everything about the “Fox and Friends First” co-host’s life partner Peter Buchignani. Also learn about his nationality, interest in football, job, as well as more!

What Is The Age Of Peter Buchignani bio? His Nationality As well as Ethnicity

Peter Buchignani bio was born on September 21, of the year 1986, making him 36 years old as of the year 2022. He is an American native who was born as well as brought up in Bloomington, Illinois, United States of America.

Carley Shimkus husband named Peter Buchignani bio
Carley Shimkus’s husband, a businessman named Peter Buchignani bio

Belonging to a Caucasian ethnic background, Buchignani clasps American citizenship. Well, though the celebrity spouse spent most of his adolescence in his hometown, Peter Buchignani bio now resides a few miles away in the place of Chicago.

Peter Buchignani bio’s Family; His Parents And Siblings

The businessman was born to his parents named Mary Edna Buchignani (mother) and Leo Buchignani (father). His dad was reportedly a lawyer while his mother was a great homemaker.

Also, according to reports, Peter Buchignani bio is not the only child of his parents. He has a cute younger sister named Lainey Buchignani and an older brother named Leo Buchignani Jr. All the brothers as well as sisters have shared a beautiful relationship.

College: He Graduated From Princeton University

Moving into his great academic qualifications, Peter has a bachelor’s degree in political science. He joined Princeton University in the year 2005 as well as graduated there in the year 2009. Before that, he did his schooling in a good local school in his hometown.

Peter Buchignani bio Was In The Football Team In His College

During his college days, Peter available participated in most sports. According to sources and reports, he was a defensive end on the football team for three years. He also played basketball in a great high school.


Following his interest as well as a passion for sports, he also received All-Ivy honorable Mention Honors two times. Not only this, but he also listed 34 tackles in the year 2007.

Who Is Peter Buchignani bio’s Wife? When Did They Marry?

The relationship between Peter Buchignani bio as well as his spouse has been quite open to the public. The businessman has been married to his girlfriend-turned-wifey named Carley Shimkus for several years.

As remembered earlier, his spouse Buchignani is a famous media personality who is outstanding for her work on the FOX News Channel. She is currently an anchor as well as a reporter as well as a co-host on “Fox and Friends First.”Peter Buchignani bio

Peter Buchignani bio and his wife named Carley Shimkus in their marriage

Peter Buchignani bio and his wife named Carley Shimkus in their wedding
Talking about their love life, according to numerous tabloids, the doting pair came across in the year 2009 on Carley’s birthday. Even though the sweethearts then crossed paths, they started dating only in the year 2013. And after dating for several years, the duo eventually decided to tie the knot on 8 August of the year 2015. As for their marriage, it was held at Fiddlers Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, which is in New Jersey.

The couple is presently married for almost about seven years and is still going strong although they live in numerous cities due to their profession. Yet, the sweethearts somehow manage to expend quality time together going on leisure to exotic places away from their work.


Does Carley Shimkus Have a Baby With Peter?

No, the husband and wife have no kids yet. Even though the pair was rumored to have a kid named Zoe because of the photo Carley uploaded on her Instagram, it was all baseless talk.Peter Buchignani bio

While digging in to search for the truth, we came to find it was one of her friend’s great daughters. She was there only to commemorate the baby’s first birthday. Therefore, as of now, Peter, as well as Carley, don’t share any baby yet but we hope they welcome their packet of joy soon.

What Does Peter Buchignani bio Do?

As per his LinkedIn profile, Peter presently works in the business development department in Securitized Products Sales at Amherst Pierpont Securities. Mr. Buchignani started working as well as earning for himself right after his graduation in the year 2009. He landed his first job as a sales analyst at the place of Barclays Capital in Securitized Products. He was there from July of the year 2009 to August of the year 2011.

Carley Shimkus’s spouse Peter Buchignani bio

Businessman Peter Buchignani bio
Peter then joined Deutsche Bank as MBS Sales in Jan of the year 2012 as well worked there for about three years until Jan of the year 2015. He finally went on to work in his established working company and has been there for 7 and a half years now.

Peter Buchignani bio’s Net Worth

Though Peter hasn’t opened up about his earnings as well as assets, the businessman’s net worth is estimated to be near $1 million. Meanwhile, his wife named Carley has also amassed a total fortune of around $1 million. She has made her worth through her cool media profession.Peter Buchignani bio

The couple currently resides in the place of Greater Chicago Area.

What Is the Height of Peter?

He is around 5 feet as well as 9 inches tall.



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