Randy Chrisley
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His real name is Randy Chrisley. The date of birth of Randy Chrisley is not available. The net Worth of Randy is $100.000. The height of Randy is 185 centimeters. Randy is an American Real Estate Businessman. Randy is the older brother of Todd Chrisley.

It isn’t always that the prosperity of a family member prolongs in other families. In a few cases, particular members of a star or a very famous family manage to exist their lives under the radar. In Randy Chrisley’s family, this came to be the topic. The Randy name has been made very famous, thanks to the reality TV personality and Real estate tycoon, Todd Chrisley. Todd Chrisley’s name has made most of the members of his household famous, but still few members of his vast family are still anonymous to the people. One of Todd Chrisley’s relatives is Randy.

Randy is in relation, a brother of Todd Chrisley. Nonetheless, Todd Chrisley’s success has surpassed Randy’s over the years, and not a large number of people certainly know much about Randy. Randy Chrisley first attained some public fame after he featured in his brother, Todd Chrisley’s TV series.

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Education and Early Life of Randy Chrisley

Randy was born and grew up in Westminster South Carolina. Randy Chrisley’s dad’s name is Gene Raymond Chrisley.

Gene Raymond Chrisley is a US Army Veteran, and Randy Chrisley’s mom’s name is Faye Chrisley, a Westminster High School graduate. Randy Chrisley’s exact date of birth is unknown and information about Randy Chrisley’s adolescence is also a little blur.

Randy Chrisley
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Nonetheless, Randy is the younger brother of Todd Chrisley. Randy and Todd Chrisley, both were raised in Georgia. The pair, Todd Chrisley and Randy Chrisley also had another brother name is Derrick Chrisley, but Derrick Chrisley sadly died just four months after his birth in the year 1971.

Randy followed the West Oak High School in the year 1984. After high school education, there is not any kind of information implying whether or not Randy improved his education.

The career of Randy Chrisley:

Like his brother Todd Chrisley, Randy started out struggling in the real estate business at a very young age. While Randy, Todd Chrisley’s brother creates achievements in his career, Randy Chrisley’s business doesn’t appear to have attained suction.

After passing some years, Todd Chrisley’s achievements brought him success, while Randy Chrisley’s business saw him fading out behind the scenes.
Randy began laboring as a dealer at RS service in August of 2001 and has been a part of it for a long time.

Randy may have other industry dealings, but no data provide any evidence of such. Meanwhile, Todd Chrisley acquires a real estate administration firm, Randy Asset Management, and a Television series, Chrisley Knows Best. Nonetheless, court files indicate that Todd Chrisley’s estate management company has been in horrible shape for some years directly.

Chrisley Knows Best, TV series:

Chrisley Knows Best is a family reality Television series that pursues the beings of the real estate giant Todd Chrisley’s family and Todd Chrisley. It began to air on the 11th of March in 2014 on USA Network. Adding to this, the series, Chrisley Knows Best has had more than seven seasons. Other than Todd Chrisley, other recurring cast co-partners comprise Todd Chrisley’s wife Julie, and Todd Chrisley’s children Chase, Lindsie, Grayson, and Savannah. Although Randy has been featured on the show, Randy is not inscribed as a cast co-actor. Many people have said that despite the name of the show, Chrisley Knows Best, it concentrates more on Todd Chrisley’s sudden clan, somewhat the whole Chrisley family.

Personal Life of Randy Chrisley:

Randy is in a relationship with his now distanced wife, Pamela for a short time before the couple, Randy and Pamela tied the knot in August of 2012. In the year of 2014, Randy obtained the sad disease of stage four cancer, and Randy Chrisley was taken to the hospital. Giving attention to Randy Chrisley’s health issues, many people feel that Randy Chrisley would not withstand it.

Nonetheless, thanks to the consent of family members like his older brother Todd Chrisley, and widespread chemotherapy, Randy Chrisley soon made a rapid recovery and presently lives a healthful life. In the year 2016, Randy’s relationship faced some issues after Randy Chrisley’s wife put forward charges of affair.

Todd Chrisley, Randy Chrisley’s brother was sharp to take Randy Chrisley’s side, alleging that Pamela, Randy’s wife was a gold digger defrauding the family. After the divorce was confirmed, Pamela got imprisoned on arrests for trying to defraud Randy.


Councils revealed to ET that Pamela was imprisoned on the 4th of March, and was arrested with 2nd-degree harassment. Pamela, Chrisley’s wife, was later discharged on that same day on a $1,000 fine. As per the event reports attained by Fox Carolina, Pamela, Randy Chrisley’s ex-wife terrorized.

Todd Chrisley made Pamela’s detention inferred to the public after Todd Chrisley dealt Pamela’s mugshot on his Instagram page on the 5th of March in 2016,
Later in the year 2016, Randy persuaded some bad attention after being imprisoned for shoplifting in South Carolina.

Randy Chrisley
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As per the report, Randy packed various pouches of candy that were worth almost $22. At the time of the Police appearance, Randy was already in a row but later quit the queue and began stepping rapidly towards the barrier of the shop, lifting a carriage.

At the end of an investigation, Randy confessed that Randy had put the sweets in his pants, and aimed to step out of the shop without giving him money for them.

Net Worth of Randy Chrisley:

Randy is very famous to be a businessman. Randy must have received some wealth through his business profession for so many years. Although there is no type of particular knowledge about his net worth, Randy’s money flow is totaled to be more than $1 million. Meanwhile, Chrisley’s older brother Todd Chrisley is said to have a net worth of about unfavorable $5 million since Todd Chrisley is facing insolvency.

Todd Chrisley has had many financial issues for so many years. Apart from this, the real estate mogul and fashion icon, Todd Chrisley keeps up with his generous lifestyle. Todd Chrisley still inhabits a 30,000 square foot building and is contended to be spending over $300.000 on his clothing. Todd Chrisley is comprised in a $45 million lawsuit, comprising a land property that wasn’t profitable. Todd Chrisley was documented for bankruptcy in the year 2012 and alleged to have $4.2 million worth of possession and he is about $50 million in obligation.


Conclusion of Article:

Randy isn’t the most famous Chrisley family member. Apart from Randy Chrisley’s brother, Todd Chrisley, Randy leads a very personal life. These days Randy is on a hectic schedule putting up with his health and industry away from people’s attention.


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