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Ray J’s aspect of the article. Ray J spoke out on Kim Kardashian‘s alleges about his and Kim Kardashian’s 2007 sex video— and the composer, Ray even yelled his mom’s name, Kris Jenner.

Ray J had crouched in the darknesses for more than 14 years enabling the Kim Kardashians to use his name, insult his name, and make a lot of dollars for more than a decade and a half talking about a subject Ray J hasn’t ever certainly talked about this was all said by Ray, who is 41 years old in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail broadcasted on 4th of May on Wednesday, Ray has never circulated anything. Ray has never circulated a sex video in his whole life. Any private or sex video was never leaked by Ray.

The Hip Hop and Love Hollywood alum alleged that Kim Kardashian who is 41 years old, and Kris Jenner who is 66 years old, were conscious of the sex video getting on the public as they both were allegedly engaged in the contract. Ray J also contended that Ray didn’t retain any other detailed video from Ray J’s affair with the businesswoman, Kim Kardashian despite the last articles of there being one more video.

Ray had never a sole one at his house Ray always had them at his home. Kim Kardashian always had all the videos in a Nike shoe box under her mattress Ray asserted. This is the way it all appeared about. Once Ray threw away the idea to Kim Kardashian, just playing around a slight bit, that’s when Kim Kardashian hopped on the idea and spoke to her mother and that was out of Ray J’s hands from there.

After the sex video goes viral, Ray J remembered battling with the charge that was spotted on Ray 

Ray felt that he would attempt suicide just because when you learn that something’s actual and it’s valid and you’re seeing an entire family establish an empire from a story they’ve developed, it’s insulting and heart-breaking to all the celebrities who have been credible and real to their skill the singer, Ray further clarified, that contending that Ray couldn’t get specific employment because of his in front of the people at that time. Because of what they brought Ray, Ray was not supposed to be in those spots.


Staring Ray J’s past comes to be a subject of discussion once again motivated Ray J to talk his mind about his affair with Kim Kardashian. “For Ray, he has been stepping on eggshells believing that he is going to get in difficulty for saying the fact and I’ve been clasping onto it for the preceding almost 14 years and staring them humiliate Ray J, Raj J further said, that people are commemorating his destruction.”

The “One Wish” celebrity also screamed states that Kanye West procured one more sex video from Ray J in the late previous year. That wasn’t a sex video — that was just a lot of images, a lot of small mini tapes, and much evidence we’ve been chatting from so many years [since our break up] the entrepreneur posted. “If you posted me an email in the year 2008 then the computer wouldn’t alter the period on it.”

During Ray J’s exclusive interview, Ray J gave asserted screenshots of a chat between him and Kim Kardashian about events from Kim Kardashian’s new reality show. After Ray J polled the statements the California resident compelled about the apparent second video potentially being a recording of Kim Kardashian when Kim Kardashian was sleepless, Kim Kardashian contended illustrated that she was kidding. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum also proposed to put off a declaration creating it appear that Kim Kardashian wasn’t attempting to entangle Ray J in the dilemma onscreen.


The Mississippi resident previously implied that Rat J wasn’t fascinated about how Kim Kardashian declared that West who is 44 years old, procured the recording. At the end of the previous month, Ray J remarked on an Instagram tape indicating the event, Ray J said, All of that is a lie smh. He Can’t allow them to do that anymore – so inaccurate.


The Hulu series, which debuted in the month, of April, has concentrated on the Skims producer as Kim Kardashian struggled to get a permit to the detailed tape amid testimonies that there were recently unreleased recordings. In the last episode, Kim Kardashian disclosed that West provided the whole video back to Kim Kardashian after addressing Ray J.

So Kanye cruised home last evening, and Kanye came back this forenoon. Kim Kardashian desire to indicate to you guys what Kanye got Kim Kardashian. Kanye got Kim Kardashian all of the sex videos back to the real celebrity, Kim Kardashian illustrated to all her fans king down during the episode on the 28th of April. Kanye cruised house and Kanye got the computer it was in use and the hard drive. Kanye confronted Ray J at the terminal, and Kanye got it all back for Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian, who shares children, North who is 8 years old, Saint who is 6 years old, Chicago who is 4 years old, and Psalm who is 2 years old, with the rapper, remarked that her ex-spouse’s activities were stimulated by their family.

Kim Kardashian comprehends that Kanye did that for her, but Kanye also performed that for her children, Kim Kardashian said at the moment, remarking that there wasn’t anything obvious in the recording. Kim Kardashian hope to safeguard them from as much as she could.

If Kim Kardashian have the strength to or if Kanye has the ability to, that would be just the considerably significant thing to Kim Kardashian and Kim Kardashian was so sensitive because of that that was just enough for Kim Kardashian, recently told the people about the endeavor that she had done in regaining the video.

Ray J

Kim Kardashian explained that she took off and collected the laptop from Ray J herself that evening, that Kim Kardashian said during an exclusive interview on Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee in the month, of January. Kim Kardashian confronted that man at the terminal, then got on a red-eye, came back [and] provided it to her at 8 pm.


The Yeezy creator also recollected how much the movement meant to his ex-spouse. His ex-wife yelled when she glimpses it. & the reason why she cried when she saw that on the laptop is just That it exemplifies how much she’s been manipulated on this West added by saying that this implies how much the population didn’t adore her and they only glimpse her as property.

Reports related to the second sex video initially began to publicize at the end of the previous year from Ray’s last administrator Wack 100. In September of 2021, the report administrator alleged that he had extra recordings on his own but he would only be ready to provide them either to Ray or to West.


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