Robin Dearden

Born on December 4, of the year 1953, in Los Angeles, California, Robin Dearden is an American actress best known for labor in films and TVs encompassing Knight Rider, Generations, The Incredible Hulk, and even Breaking Bad. She is, however, most outstanding as Bryan Cranston’s wife.

With Cranston, Robin Dearden has been dwelling through one of the enduring marriages in Hollywood. Dearden and Bryan have been in a married affiliation for over three decades. Well, how did the two first meet?

The write-up below will map-read to and fro the duo’s advent as a couple, their marriage, and children in expansion to Robin Dearden’s life on its own. Read through her early life, she won a career as an actress or what she is doing presently, and so forth.

How Old Is Bryan Cranston’s Wife, named Robin Dearden?

Cranston’s wife, named Robin Dearden, full name, Robin Gale Dearden, who now is 68 years old was born on Dec 4, of the year 1953. While Cranston is an LA-born, it is ambiguous where his wife, Robin’s hometown is.

Also in the fog are the subtleties of her parents or the likewise whatever. That said, Robin comes from a well-to-do family & had a decent upbringing.

Robin Dearden

Robin Dearden Career: She Appeared In Breaking Bad; Who Did She Play? 

Dearden did seem in her husband’s career-defining series, Breaking Bad. She pokes the character of an emotional woman in the series’ third season in an episode titled, named No Más (of the year 2010).

In expansion, Dearden has occurred thrice in the 1987 series, named Murder, She Wrote; every time as a various character.

Other series where she was a constant identity are The Kroft Supershow-1977, Magic Mongo of the year 1977, The Incredible Hulk of the year 1979, Magnum PI of the year 1981, TJ Hooker of the year 1982, Generations of the year 1990, Fantasy Hospital of the year 2016, and much others.

Cranston’s wife, named Robin Dearden in Magnum PI.

Robin Dearden in the series is named Magnum PI. From Instagram hashtags
Robin Dearden also has been in over a dozen of movies, TV, as well as others. Many films where she has acted are To Race The Wind of the year 1980, Fugitive Family of the year 1980, The Asphalt Cowboy of the year 1980, Murder 1, Dancer 0-1983, Earthlings of the year 1984, Stitches-1985, Thirst of the year 1998, The Shrink Is In of the year 2001, Myron’s Movie of the year 2004, Illusion of the year 2004, as well as others.

Robin’s last manifestation on the screen was in the year 2017 comedy film, named Chicanery as Diana Flare.

Robin Dearden

Robin Dearden Met their Husband Bryan Cranston During The Filming Of The Series, named Airwolf
Dearden fulfilled her boyfriend-turned-husband Cranston in the year 1986 when both of them were amid the casts of a military drama, Airwolf. In one of the episodes, Bryan was fiddling with the role of an antagonist who hijacked a sorority cruise, as well as his then-future wife, named Robin Dearden, was portraying the character of a fraternity sister.

The script stressed Cranston holding a pistol to Robin’s head.

Robin Dearden with her husband as well as the Breaking Bad actor, named Bryan Cranston when they were newer.

Young Robin Dearden with her husband as well as Trumbo actor, named Bryan Cranston.

Clarifying the first-ever time, they interacted with each other, Cranston, in the year 2013 told,

My spouse was the victim of the week, and I was the bad guy of the week, and I held her accountable by gunpoint. It’s also very sexy, I think, though. It’s like she believed I was very difficult. Ooooh!

Robin Dearden

After the scene, everyone around chatted regarding their intense sexual chemistry. The people also communicated with the rest of Cranston as well as Dearden’s other on-screen intercourses.

Cranston too admits that there was sexual tension between him as well as his wife when they met during the filming of the Airwolf. They allegedly had a connection and also winked at a lot of the article.

Though Dearden, as well as Cranston, have always insisted nothing happened between the two at the period as both were dating other partners.

Robin As well as Bryan Reunited After One Year

After the end of Airwolf, Robin and Bryan didn’t relate for a year. They both reunited when Dearden transpired to enlist the comedy improv class which Cranston was in.

Robin Dearden

Years later, Dearden disclosed she and Cranston wouldn’t have stayed together if they had dated then. While the couple thinks the series, Airwolf was horrible, they do agree because of it each of their lives changed. The multiple Emmy winner once in a meeting said it was “serendipitous” that they had to wait a year to begin a connection.

Cranston Proposed Robin For wedding In A great Bathtub

Cranston asked Dearden to wed him in quite an unusual manner. The recommendation took place in the bathtub one night.

The Trumbo actor tells he asked her in such a manner as he feared he would have sobbed if he was facing her. Bryan had concealed the engagement ring on his toe and when he believed it was time, he begged Dearden to take the circlet off of it.

They were both facing the same direction. This promoted the Godzilla actor to formulate to his then-girlfriend from the back.

Robin Dearden as well as Her Boyfriend-Turned-Husband named Bryan Cranston Met During An Episode Of Airwolf
Generations actress, named Robin Dearden with her spouse as well as the Breaking Bad actor, named Bryan Cranston. Wenn
As per The Stand cute actor, himself, his good words were

Here’s your ring, but I can’t attain it. Take the ring off my toe.

Robin Dearden

Robin interprets the question as romantic. The Family Guy alum in Dec of the year 2016 whilst interpreting the reason why he formulated to his wife in that way, said,

I needed to formulate but didn’t quite know how. I thought, taking a bath together we could perch each other, but I was busy changing the music as well as candles. My difficulty was, that I didn’t know where to put the ring.

Cranston said to Dearden that he would marry her only if she was down to having children. Cranston, as well as Dearden, married on July 8, of the year 1989.



Robin Dearden As well as Cranston’s Daughter Is Also An Actress

Together, Robin as well as the Supermansion actor are also parents to a daughter, named Taylor Dearden who the pair greeted in Feb of the year 1993.

Dearden’s daughter, named Taylor also appeared on Breaking Bad; she shows up in the procession in the year 2010 as a sad-faced girl in a similar episode as her mother, No Mas. Taylor after that also did some or two films, largely tight.

Robin Dearden

Robin Dearden’s daughter, named Taylor Dearden, & Husband named Bryan Cranston


from right, Fantasy Hospital actress, named Robin Dearden, her husband, and actor, named Bryan Cranston, and their daughter, named Taylor Dearden. Getty
Further, in the year 2016, she fiddled the role of Ophelia Mayer in the MTV series, named Sweet/Vicious. Sweet/Vicious later went on to receive various praises for its portrayal of sexual abuse.

Two years later, she also headlined the Netflix mockumentary American Vandal alongside Travis Pope and Tyler Alvarez. Her other films encompass 101 Ways to Get Rejected of the year 2013, Calling of the year 2011, Search as well as Destroy of the year 2019, The Last Champion of the year 2020, and many others.


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