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Sage Robbins bio is a former Canadian actress, who hit the media soon after her connection with the author as well as motivational speaker Tony Robbins made headlines in the year 2000. The couple has been wedded for nearly two decades as well as they still appear in love as much as they were during the first many years of their marriage.

Besides, they both had a rocky marriage with different people. Sage Robbins bio was marital to John Lynch while her husband named Tony was in a marital connection with Becky Robbins before they were implicated in their own love story. Tony shared three kids with his first wife but Sage Robbins bio doesn’t have an unmarried kid of her own.

Generously, multiple of you might be assuming what is Tony Robbins’ wife accomplishing at present? Let us try to examine every aspect of Sage’s life here!

What Is Sage Robbins bio Real Name?Details On Her Age As well as Childhood

Sage Robbins bio’s real name is Bonnie-Pearl Humphrey. Sage Robbins bio was born on the 5th August of the year 1972, in Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, which is in Canada. Celebrating her 48th birthday in August of the year 2020, Tony shared a snapshot of his wife with a gorgeous caption,

“Happy Birthday to the light of my life as well as my soul mate. YOU are the extraordinary present I’ve EVER understood. Your love shines so brilliant as well as blesses so many of us,” the vet philanthropist further formulated, “We love you, thank you for being you, you crazy, gorgeous, magnificent kook!”

Tony ceased the post, writing, ” Happy Birthday, Sage!!”

Besides, Sage Robbins bio, 50, is an American as per her ethnicity.

Who Is Sage Robbins bio’ Parents?

Her father’s name is Bill Humphrey. Back in October of the year 2017, Robbins posted a snapshot of Sage’s parents, celebrating a monumental circumstance of Bill’s commemoration of 50 years sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Likewise, Tony shares a strong bond with Sage’s mother too. Although his mother passed away years ago, the elite writer often shares the image of his mother-in-law on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Sage Robbins bio with her mother.
Tony Robbins Wife named Sage Robbins bio Works At A Health Food Store
Sage Robbins bio is a health food store clerk. Sage Robbins bio also practices acupuncture as well as phlebotomy. In addition to that, Sage Robbins bio is an occasional actress. Sage Robbins bio scratched her first acting role as Tony Robbins Fan in the movie named Shallow Hal in the year 2001.

In the year 2013, the actress also landed her first TV role, playing in the TV series, named Toby the Vampire Slayer. The same year, Sage proceeded on to feature in the short movie, named Stab: The Real Life Sequel.

Furthermore, Robbins’ wife behaved in the documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru in the year 2016. She also seemed in the TV series named Super Soul Sunday.

How Did Tony Robbins Meet His Wife, named Sage Robbins bio? Their Engagement

The pair first came across while attending Tony’s motivational seminar back in the year 1999. During an impression on Oprah’s show in the year 2018, the enduring lovebirds confirmed when they met for the foremost time, it was “instant love.”

Robbins put in,

“When we experienced it, I felt like I had come motherland. I never had felt more satisfied with a human being in my lifetime… I just felt such as, ‘I was made to love this man.”

On the exhibit, the duo opened up and they originally remained friends until their friendship turned into a romance.Sage Robbins bio

Tony with his wife.
Sage Robbins bio with her husband named Tony Robbins.
Source: Facebook
Robbins proposed to his then-girlfriend named Sage in June of the year 2001. A few months after their engagement, they also agreed to take their connection to the next level.

Sage Robbins bio Wedding Details

Tony, as well as Sage Robbins bio, exchanged their vows on 15th October of the year 2001. The pair walked down the aisle at a ceremony in Fiji. They were surrounded by their family members as well as close friends at the event. It’s been nearly twenty-year that the duo has been married as well as their long-lasting connection is still going pretty strong.

Flaunting their unconditional love, Tony often shares beautiful posts on social media profiles. On the occasion of the year 2019’s Valentine’s Day, Tony such as celebrated twenty-year of togetherness with Sage. He jotted down the shot,Sage Robbins bio

“Today I am endowed to be applauding 20 years with my wife, my love, my companion on this way, my Sage!! You are truly the most glorious gift of my life. Living this mission with you is my greatest pleasure & I give thanks for the depth of your sweetheart today & every day. Your pure light is the oxygen to my heart.”

Sage Robbins bio husband
Tony, applauding the 20th anniversary of togetherness with his partner.
Source: Facebook

Her Previous Marriage: Her Ex-Hubby Tried To Sue Tony

Sage Robbins bio’s foremost hubby was John Lynch, a Canadian businessman. The two tied the knot back in the year 1992. Sage Robbins bio was only 19 while her then-hubby named John was 30 at the time of their marriage. They attracted huge attention when Lynch saw a photograph in a tabloid of Sage as well as Tylor kissing in September of the year 2000.

As momentarily as the pictures went heated on the media, John terrorized to sue Sage Robbins bio for “disaffection of affection”. He contended that Sage and Tony started updating when Lynch was still married to Sage Robbins bio. Sage contended that they foremost came across a year after her separation from Lynch.


Sage Robbins bio Children: Did She Have A Daughter With Her Husband?

Sage doesn’t have a kid of her own. But, the actress is a stepmother of four kids from her hubby’s previous relationships. Tony has three youngsters with his first wife Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins.Sage Robbins bio

Moreover, Robbins shares a son, named Jairek Robbins, a personal empowerment coach as well as a trainer with his ex-girlfriend named Liz Acosta.

Sage Robbins bio Net Worth

Sage Robbins bio’s fortune is $500,000 as of the year 2023. Sage Robbins bio primarily makes money from her work as a health food store clerk as well as numerous other works. In the meantime, Tony’s calculated net worth stands at around $600 million.


The duo lives in the place of Palm Beach, Fla. The $24.75 million waterfront duplex features a guesthouse, a 165,000-gallon infinity pool, as well as a master bedroom balcony as well. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Quick Facts About Tony Robbins’ Wife Sage Robbins bioSage Robbins bio

Tony’s spouse Sage Robbins bio is 50 years old in the year 2023.
She is the daughter of great Bill Humphrey.
The star wife is a fitness food store clerk.
Sage married her husband named Tony on 15th October of the year 2001.
Before Robbins, Sage was wedded to her first hubby named John Lynch.
She now resides in the place of Palm Beach, Fla with her family.


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