Sandy Corzine
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His full name is Sandy Corzine. The date of Birth of Sandy Corzine was not available. The Net Worth of Sandy is $1 million. The height of Sandy is also not available. Sandy is an American Businessman, Ex-husband of Sharon Case.

Occasionally, being in a matrimonial relationship with a star means that the celebrity’s life takes precedence over the partner’s life; that is the same in the case of Sandy. Although Sandy is identified as an American businessman Sandy is more popular for his relationship with a star.

Sandy was formerly in a matrimonial relationship with the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress whose name is Sharon Case, who is very well known for her excellent role in the drama fantasy TV drama series called The Young and the Restless. Sharon Case also had played the main role in General Hospital.

Although Sandy has become quite popular himself, Sandy keeps many facts about his life, a little confidential. Just Because of this reason, there is only a few facts accessible about Sharon Case’s former spouse, Sandy. However, we are here to tell you all about him and some hidden and interesting facts about Sandy, so stay with us.

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The career of Sandy Corzine
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Education and Education of Sandy Corzine

Sandy, husband of Sharon Case was born in the United States of America. Sandy’s exact date of birth is not known. Also, Sandy has never revealed the personality of his parents. It is also acknowledged that Sandy must have been grown as an only child.

In terms of Sandy Corzine’s early educational pursuits and interests, the details about Sandy are also not accessible at the time. Sandy is supposed to have followed high school and college, attaining unspecified degrees.

The career of Sandy Corzine

Sandy Corzine
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Sandy is quite a well-known American businessman. There isn’t much evidence about Sandy Corzine’s career, but according to his profile on LinkedIn, Sandy is the President of an institution. The name of the institution is called Nancy and.

Nonetheless, Sandy’s wife Sharon Case has had a prosperous career. Even though Sharon Case is now a very famous and a well- known actress, Sharon Case first started her career as a model in faraway Asia. In the year 1988, a Japanese explorer took a report of Sharon Case, who was only 17 years old at that time. The Japanese explorer proposed to her a job back in Japan, and Sharon Case was glad to approve his offer, and Sharon Case spent a few months there progressing their experience.

When Sharon Case shifted to the United States, Sharon Case agreed to take a shot at cinema functioning. It was an extremely incredible acquiring knowledge for Sharon Case, and it organized Sharon Case for her big-screen impressions. Sharon Case is famous for her positions on various daytime television soaps and also achieving a couple of roles in series like As the World Turns and General Hospital early on in her career.


Sharon Case started her long-running description of the part of Sharon Newman on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. The show, The Young and the Restless has evolved to be one of the longest-running TV series in America, and The Young and the Restless is also the highest-rated daytime Television drama on American television. Sharon Case still does her initial role. Sharon Case’s role has been very much liked/admired, and Sharon Case won the 1999 Daytime Emmy Award for Excellent role of Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Sharon Case has also been starred in various other TV shows such as ‘Beverly Hills, Diplomatic Immunity, 90210, Cheers, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

More formally, in the year 2010, Sharon Case made a statement about the innovation of her symbol line of fashion jewelry called Pomp. Sharon Case partnered with Elif Inanc, a fashion stylist who is also Sharon Case’s best friend, to create the jewelry line. According to Sharon Case, the symbol line was planned to procure a “piece for everybody” that could be worn at any time.

Sharon Case also illustrated her signature line as accessible, fun, chic, and hip. The signature line was disclosed in August of 2010 through the shopping system whose name is QVC Network. The preliminary reveal starred 20 varied layouts of jewelry pieces. After that nine more jewelry pieces were enhanced on the 15th of January in 2011. Sharon Case’s business obtained lots of encouraging reviews.

For instance, Kim Daugherty of Yahoo! remarked on the jewelry line, announcing, “They are praised to be excellent for a night in the city, giving ‘The Young and the Restless’ lovers an accessible way to shine and sparkle with star-quality by wearing star-designed jewelry.”

Personal Life of Sandy Corzine:

There isn’t much information that is known about Sandy Corzine’s private life. Sandy has never spoken of facts of his private experiences or earlier romantic relationships. Nonetheless, Sandy became famous when Sandy began his romantic relationship with Sharon Case.

It is not obvious when the duo, Sharon Case and Sandy tied the knot, but they are acknowledged to have been with each other for various years before getting married on the 20th of April in 2007, in Mexico.

It was a relatively confidential relationship with close friends and family, away from the outlets’ compassion. The couple, Sharon Case and Sandy Corzine didn’t even enjoy their marriage gathering before they came back to the United States. In an exclusive interview, Sharon Case clarified that Sharon Case expected a little but gorgeous marriage procession.

Sandy Corzine
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The couple, Sharon Case and Sandy kept up cheerfully married for almost two years, and in the year 2009, rumors began to go around that Sandy and Sharon Case were bringing some issues in their wedding, and their divorce was confirmed in court in November of 2009. Sharon Case and Sandy did not have any kids together. After Sandy Corzine’s neglected relationship with Sharon Case, Sandy has not been recognized to be in any other romantic relationship.


Talking about Sharon Case and Sandy Corzine’s motherhood and divorce in an exclusive interview, Sharon Case said, “Various people believe that a babe is going to cure everything, but I would never attempt that. But maternity was certainly pondering on me a lot as more and more time was passing by. I don’t believe it’s completely over for me, but in our procedure, it was a let-down.”

Net Worth of Sandy Corzine:

Based on Sandy Corzine’s career income, Sandy Corzine’s totaled net worth is more than $1 million. Sandy has had quite a prosperous career as a businessman in the United States of America. Sandy’s former spouse, Sharon Case, has a totaled net worth of more than $5 million. Sharon Case has compiled her most of wealth from her long career in the entertainment enterprise.

There is presently no horrible news respecting Sandy’s industry operations, so it is predicted that the businessman, Sandy would improve his net worth in the coming time.


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