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Seven Sirius Benjamin is the child of Erykah Badu and her ex-boyfriend André 3000. Seven Sirius Benjamin who has a remarkable similarity to his dad is doing very well on his own and at times, spawns quite a bit of interest among his parents’ followers. In addition to this, being a casual musician, Seven Sirius Benjamin is also a student in college.

While Erykah Badu and Andre 3000’s relationship didn’t go smoothly, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 are still stayed close friends and have also made a healthy co-parenting connection to give to their son, Sirius Benjamin a healthy growing environment. Sirius Benjamin’s biological father and mother, who belong to the same organization, were in a relationship for nearly four years before their break-up in the late 1990s.

Know more about their first kid, Sirius Benjamin in the headings below. How was Seven Benjamin’s life growing as a celebrity kid, is he also into music, does he have a girlfriend, and many more interesting facts.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Is The Son Of mother, Erykah Badu

Sirius Benjamin who was born on the 18th of November in 1997, is now a 24-year-old and he is about to graduate college.

Interestingly the Dallas, Texas native was born the same day, Sirius Benjamin’s singer mother, Erykah Badu broadcasted her second LP, Live in the United States. The journal reached the top on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

In an exclusive interview, Erykah Badu, Seven Benjamin’s mother said the reason she named her son Sirius Benjamin was according to her it was “a great number which cannot be divided.”

Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents Were Not Sure of Having Him:

When Erykah Badu got pregnant With Andre 3000’s kid, the ex-couple are a little confused about whether to have a baby or not as both of them were at the edge of their careers. Andre 3000 once conceded to The New Yorker, “Me and Erykah Badu had to sit down and figure out if we were going to keep this baby or not.”

The then duo, however, decided to cheer their first baby and keep going on a melodious tour.

Sirius Benjamin Has A happy Relationship With His Mother, Erykah Badu, And His Father.

The young adult, Sirius Benjamin is very close with both of his parents. In like manner, his dad and mom are also doing an incredible job when it comes to their parenthood roles for their first-ever baby.


While speaking with Magic 107.5, Erykah Badu said, “[We’re] very devoted parents. Since the day I got pregnant, we decided we would make this human being that we got into this world jointly.

Erykah Badu added that neither her ex-boyfriend, Sunny Bridges nor did she take the presence of their son for granted.

What Is Seven Sirius Benjamin Doing Nowadays?

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Unlike his famous mother, Erykah Badu, Sirius Benjamin somewhat yearns to live a life behind the camera.

What’s more, Sirius Benjamin is also not that active on any social media platforms. Sirius Benjamin though can be seen periodically on his mother’s social accounts.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Parents, Erykah Badu And Andre 3000 Relationship:

Sirius Benjamin’s parents, Erykah Badu and Andrew 3000 first met each other sometime back in the year 1995 at a New York City nightclub. Quickly after seeing the Mama’s Gun singer, Andre 3000 played Erykah Badu’s song On and On at the club.

Then, Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu started going on dates, and around after two years later Erykah Badu got pregnant with Seven Sirius Benjamin and gave birth to him on the 11th of February in 1997. Erykah Badu and Andre 3000’s relationship, nonetheless, began to fall apart in 1999.

Erykah Badu, in an exclusive interview, revealed that she and Sirius Benjamin’s father decided to end their relationship simply because it is not working out between them. Erykah Badu added there was no cheating or infidelity behind their breakup.

Many Have Commented that Seven Sirius Benjamin Looking exactly Like His Father:

Sirius Benjamin indeed, to a significant extent, looks like his father. Whenever his mother, Erykah Badu spotlights herself with him on her social media accounts, lovers can’t help but point out and talk about the remarkable similarity Erykah Badu’s son shares with his father.

Back in May of 2019, the son-mother duo was on a road trip to Hawaii and Seven Sirius Benjamin’s dual platinum-certified songstress mom mailed a short video of her son, Sirius Benjamin from their trip on her Instagram.

Shortly after her post, in the comment section, one devotee wrote, “Wow! Sirius Benjamin is Andre 3000’s, twin!”
On the same post, another commented,
“Andre 3000 and his son, Sirius Benjamin look like twins.”

Not only do the lovers talk about Seven Sirius Benjamin and his father, Andre 3000’s physical resemblance, but they also often refer that their common understanding of fashion and very-alike voice.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Has Two Half-Siblings:

After breaking up with Andre 3000, Erykah Badu went on to have a relationship with Texas-based rapper The D.O.C (Tracy Lynn Curry). When Tracy Lynn Curry and Erykah Badu were in a relationship, they welcomed a daughter whose name is Puma Sabti Curry, Sirius Benjamin’s half-sister on the 5th of July in 2004.

After The D.O.C, Sirius Benjamin’s mother started dating another record producer and rapper, Jay Electronica with whom Erykah Badu gave birth to her second daughter/ third child, Mars Merkaba Thedford on the 1st of February in 2009.

As Per some reports, Sirius Benjamin is very close with both of his half-sisters. Sirius Benjamin often tangles with them to have some great family time, again indicated by his numerous times’ Billboard chart-topper mother’s Instagram account.

In July of 2019, Erykah Badu posted a picture, starring all of her children in one frame. The picture comprised a description that read, “The Hip-hop Incredible… don’t switch the channel.”

Seven Sirius Benjamin Was Home-schooled?

Erykah Badu home-schooled her first kid, Sirius Benjamin from kindergarten to first class. Seven Sirius Benjamin’s mother, Erykah Badu said that she did so as she “wanted to give Seven Sirius Benjamin special attention academically, to give him an advantage.”

The Grammy champion illustrated – because Seven Sirius Benjamin had educators at home, “Sirius Benjamin developed an edge in his schoolwork.”

In an exclusive interview with Babble, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s mother, Erykah Badu said, he was a very disciplined student and he was also a topper in class. Erykah Badu also disclosed how her son, Seven Sirius Benjamin never wished to miss school or be untidy be late, or not have his stuff in order. As that was the biggest part of how she raised him.

When asked if Erykah Badu’s son, Sirius Benjamin was going to follow in her footsteps, the Baduizmsinger said that she didn’t have any possible idea of what Seven Sirius Benjamin was going to do. But, Erykah Badu added that her son, Seven Sirius Benjamin would always discipline himself and he will never stop learning.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Studies At The University Of Colorado:

As of 2022, Sirius Benjamin is a student at The University of Colorado-Boulder. In April of 2016, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s mother Erykah Badu, herself declared openly her son getting acceptance messages from four universities to which Seven Sirius Benjamin always wants to go on Twitter.

While declaring the news, Erykah Badu also shared a throwback picture of her holding her son, Seven Sirius Benjamin with her ex-boyfriend.

Alongside Twitter, the Queen of neo-soul wrote, “Our son Sirius Benjamin got his four university option acceptance letters. Seven Sirius Benjamin makes parents feel good. The dream has worked.”


Erykah Badu at that time also revealed her boy, Seven Sirius Benjamin was about to follow psychology, science, and art at college.

Does Seven Sirius Benjamin Have Food Allergies?

The On and On singer, Erykah Badu once disclosed that her son Seven Sirius Benjamin has food allergies to some legumes, nuts, and melons. After Erykah Badu came to know about her son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, the singer, Erykah Badu agreed to shift his diet to macrobiotic.

Erykah Badu also transitioned Mars Merkaba, her daughter’s diet to a macrobiotic.

Does Seven Sirius Benjamin Think About Pursuing Music As A Career?

Although the Cider’s House Rules and Dookieblossumgame III actress’ son, Seven Sirius Benjamin are yet to disclose his passion, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s parents sometimes talk about him.

While standing for a Q and A with Kid Kraddick In The Morning, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s father, Andre 3000 said that his oldest son has musical talent.

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He said, “He can rap very well. But Seven Sirius Benjamin doesn’t want people to know he can rap.

He’s good,” Someone who himself is a famous rapper, Andre 3000 also gave his son, Sirius Benjamin some recommendations about rhyming with phrases. Andre 3000 said that he instructed his son, Sirius Benjamin to just put it out and to disclose it at any time he wants to.

Is Seven Sirius Benjamin Having A Girlfriend?

As mentioned above, the 24-year-old son, Sirius Benjamin of Erykah Badu, and her ex-boyfriend are quite reserved about his private life. So far, Sirius Benjamin hasn’t even sat up for even a reasonable conversation much less let his personal affair out in the open.

Considering his age that is 24, however, the possibilities are that Sirius Benjamin to a great amount has undergone some form of human partnership.

Though it’s totally up to a matter of time to know who Sirius Benjamin’s wife or girlfriend is or will be.

What Is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Net Worth?

Both Sirius Benjamin’s parents, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 are overtly millionaires with the latter’s fortune sitting around $10 million and her ex-boyfriend’s over $35 million.

It, nonetheless, is only a hypothesis and array of impressions when it comes to analyzing Sirius Benjamin’s wealth. In any of the cases, it may be very early to go on and seek facts concerning his financial net-worth especially given that he is an ultimate private about his profession and personal life.



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