Shawna Loyer bio

Shawna Loyer bio is a loved American actress. Shawna Loyer bio rose to prominence after her role in the movie Thir13en Ghosts (of the year 2001) as well as Thir13en Ghosts Revealed (of the year 2002) as The Angry Princess.

In her career spanning several years, Shawna Loyer bio has appeared in a few movies from the year 2001 to the year 2002. Nonetheless, soon after that, she quit her career in pictures. Thus, there is a lot of curiosity regarding her life at present. So, where is she now? Is she wedded? Who is her husband?

Well, you will find all the answers to your questions regarding Shawna Loyer bio in this article. Stay with us to find out other interesting facts about her encompassing their personal life, career, net worth, as well as many more!

Shawna Loyer bio Early Life as well as Family

The former actress Shawna Loyer was born on October 18, of the year 1979, in Miami, which is in Florida. The actress is very private about her personal life which is why she has not disclosed about her parents as well as a family yet. Nonetheless, she once shared an image of her with her grandmom on her social profile.

Shawna Loyer bio

The actress was raised and finalized her schooling in her hometown. Later on, she joined and took classes for para-legal.

Shawna Loyer bio Debuted With The year 2001 Horror Movie- Thir13en Ghosts

Loyer made her acting debut occurring in the year 2001 horror movie named Thir13en Ghosts. In the movie, she depicted the role of The Angry Princess, one of the ghosts out of thirteen. The movie was directed by Steve Beck as well as was a remake of the year 1960 horror movie named 13 ghosts.


Although the movie was not as good as wanted by movie critics, Shawna Loyer bio’s acting was highly appreciated. As per analysts, the movie lacked enough scary scenes. Nonetheless, after 10 weeks of release, the movie was able to collect around $41,867,960 domestically as well as around $68,467,960 worldwide.

Shawna Loyer bio

Her Role As The Angry cool Princess was Admired By Cinema-Lovers

Shawna Loyer bio played the role of The Angry Princess in the movie named Thir13en Ghosts. Despite being her first movie, her role was liked by the audience. In the movie, she originally plays Dana Newman, a beautiful girl who is caught up in an abusive connection.

Shawna Loyer bio Has Appeared In Hand full of movies

Shawna Loyer bio played a role as the angry princess in the movie thirteen ghost


While people are fascinated by her beauty, she often undergoes plastic surgeries to further enhance her beauty. But after a botched experiment that accidentally mutilates one of her eyes, Shawna Loyer bio’s personality in the movie Dana commits suicide.

After that, her soul remains without salvation as well as becomes an angry princess who has hate towards people. Shawna Loyer bio has often seen with scars on her face and holding up a knife she used to murder herself in the movie.

Shawna Loyer bio

Shawna Loyer bio s able to exemplify her role very well. Unfortunately, she did not continue her acting journey after the release of Thir13en Ghosts Revealed (of the year 2002).

What Might Be The Reason Behind Shawna loyer bio Career Downfall?

As we asserted earlier, Shawna Loyer bio and sudden fame in the movie industry disappeared after a couple of movies. So, what was the justification that shorts the media industry?
?Well, if sources are to be believed, she left the industry as she was not highly eager in acting. Many believe that she got involved in another sector while others think that she simply settled down after her wedding to set up her family. Well, whatever the justification is, Shawna is currently completely out of touch with the media world and she has not revealed anything about her coming back to the industry yet.

Is Shawna Loyer bio wedded To Anyone In the year 2022? Who Is Her Husband?

Shawna Loyer bio ed the knot with her Asian-American husband named Don Soo. Although the couple has not disclosed the exact date of their marriage, they seem to be together since early of the year 2000 as per their social media posts. Both of them have shared their marriage pictures on their social media handle.

Shawna Loyer bio With Her Grandmother on Her Wedding day

Shawna Loyer bio wore a gorgeous white gown at her wedding
Following the tradition, Shawna Loyer bio in a gorgeous white gown with a long white veil holding a white flower bouquet in her hands on her marriage day. Both of them are still together as well as apply spending their marital relationship even after two decades.

Shawna Loyer bio

Talking about her husband named Don Soo, is the owner of Motor Trend’s Auto Group. Furthermore, he is a bodybuilder as well as posts many workout images and tips on his social media profile.

Shawna Loyer bio Has Two kids With Her Spouse

Well, Shawna Loyer bio has two children with her partner Don Soo. There are no details about when the couple greeted their two sons Shay Soo and Ash Soo. Nonetheless, both of them share pictures of them on their social media.

Shawna Loyer bio With Her Husband Don Soo as well as Two Children

Shawna Loyer bio has two children with her husband
The family of four is beautiful together.

What is The Thir13en GhGhostsctress Presently Doing?

After departing from the entertainment industry, the outstanding actress Shawna Loyer bio almost vanished without a trace. Shawna Loyer bio is currently away from media as well as paparazzi. However, we know that she is currently residing in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and children.

After stopping her profession as an actress, she started taking classes for para-legal. She is nowadays doing a day job as a Para-Legal.

Shawna Loyer bio

What is Shawna Loyer bio’s Net Worth?

Thir13en Ghosts’ actress named Shawna has been able to amass quite a good amount of fortune through her great journey. Her figured net worth is around $6 million. Shawna Loyer bio presently enjoying her lavish life with her husband as well as kids. She was able to gather this hefty amount of fortune by working as an actress as well as a para-legal.

Is She Available on Social Platforms?

Shawna Loyer’s bio ems were very inactive on her social media handles. Her Instagram account is private. But, she is active on other social platforms like Facebook. She percentages many posts regarding her personal life on her Facebook handle.

Also, her husband seems quite active on social media including Instagram as well as Facebook. Shawna’s fans often follow her husband on social media to keep updates regarding her.



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