Sherry Holmes

Sherry Holmes is a – TV Host, Contractor & Weekend DIY-er. Holmes is known for her work in reality series like Holmes Inspection of the year 2009, Holmes on Homes of the year 2001, and Holmes Makes it Right: Retooled of the year 2019.

Sherry Holmes Biography

 Sherry Holmes is a force in her own right. As an expert renovator, framer, as well as exceptional tiler. Sherry Holmes sure has made a name for herself in the contracting world.

Sherry Holmes, who also identifies herself as a tradeswoman, is an influencer who is working to change this statistic. Through public speaking, media appearances, as well as her social media influence, Sherry Holmes continues to change the face of Canada’s skilled trades workforce.

Sherry Holmes is also a big supporter of youth who wants to get into the trades. Moreover, as a big supporter of youth who wants to get into the trades, Sherry Holmes continues the family support to Skills Canada as well as World Skills.

While she has become a popular face in the world of home renovators, it’s her father, named Mike Holmes that is the leading man behind the Holmes family legacy.

Mike himself is a prominent builder, contractor, and reality TV star, who has starred in different home-improvement TV shows. made what they are now. Sherry’s dad’s success, as well as dedication, motivated two of his children, Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes, herself to follow in their father’s footsteps as well as make a name in the industry.

Since going to work for their father, the Canada-based family has made recognition for themselves with Holmes on Holmes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes It Right. Moreover, fans have shown quite a bit of curiosity regarding the Mike Holmes children’s lives. Though the piece down below will focus more on his daughter, named Sherry Holmes. They read the story of her challenges as well as successes as a contractor.

Sherry Holmes Early Life As well as Her Family 

The Canadian reality star, Sherry Holmes was born on June 21, in the year 1987. Sherry Holmes grew up in Toronto in a tight-knit and happy family.

She as well as her siblings developed a lovely familial bond with each other. Sherry Holmes is the middle child of Mike Holmes and Alexandra Lorex.

She has an elder sister, Amanda, as well as her brother, Mike Jr too has made different appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show, Holmes Family Rescue. In Addition, he also has credit as a part of the construction crew, as well as a site supervisor on ‘Holmes Makes it Right: Retooled.

The 35-year-old Sherry Holmes also has a half-brother.

Sherry Holmes Parents Divorced After Experiencing Financial Crisis 

Holmes’ father and mother Mike and Alexandra divorced in the year of 1990. It was also the time when Sherry Holmes’s family went into severe financial crises during the recession, as well as Mike even had to file for bankruptcy in the years of 1990.

Sherry Holmes

The bankruptcy soured Sherry’s parents’ marriage, and the two eventually decided to split. The Holmes on Holmes star, however, is still close to both of her parents.

Sherry Wasn’t Good In Studies

Sherry once told that she wasn’t very good at mathematics during school.

Afterward, her father helped her with her skill of measuring. Mike taught her how to measure different things. During high school, Sherry wanted to take a tech course as well as try some hands-on construction work.

Furthermore, to do that, the future Holmes Inspection star had to take a half-semester of home economics, which encompassed learning how to cook and run a household.

She even had an auto-body mechanic teacher in her high school saying to her that he wanted her in his course, but she didn’t take it as she said that she was too afraid.

Sherry Holmes In Construction Business  

Sherry Holmes was bound to get into the construction business as she grew up watching, working, as well as playing with her dad, named Mike Holmes. As early as 16-years-old she began working behind the scenes of her father, Mike’s hit reality series, Holmes on Homes.

Sherry Holmes

It was her contractor patriarch, Mike Holmes from HGTV‘s Holmes Family Rescue who taught his son, named Mike Jr, as well as Sherry Holmes well, setting them both up to be experts in the home repair and renovation field also.

Sherry Holmes’s interest in house rejuvenation, however, spawn in the year 2008 when she agreed to strap on her tool belt and traveled to New Orleans to help build a hurricane- as well as a flood-resistant home for a victim of Hurricane Katrina, in Holmes in the place of New Orleans.

It was her first job as well as at the time she was just 21 years old. Her time in New Orleans also got a documentary adaptation which afterward became the Gemini award-winning show Holmes in the very state.

Since then, Sherry Holmes has been a permanent member of the great Mike’s Make it Right crew, first on Holmes Inspection, after that on Holmes Makes It Right, as well as now on Holmes: Next Generation, on DIY Network.

Sherry Holmes TV Career 

Holmes’ career as a reality TV constructor started with her working initially as a production assistant on Holmes on Homes before falling in love with construction as well as becoming a part of the construction crew.

Over the years, she has lent her talent to the construction crew while filming Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes It Right, as well as Holmes, Makes It Right: Retooled.

Sherry Holmes

Moreover, She has accompanied her brother as well as appeared online same shows as him, like Holmes: The Next Generation, Holmes, and Holmes, as well as Holmes Family Effect.


Moreover, Holmes also has a noteworthy appearance on another show named Holmes Family Rescue.

Fans can also see the blonde star alongside her brother named Mike Jr. and father named Mike Holmes in Holmes and Holmes on DIY Network as well as another Canadian series Holmes 911 on CTV Life.

She is also on the cast of HGTV’s Home to Win. She similarly acts as an Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity’s Annual Women Build Event. But according to the fact, Sherry has won two Women Build Ambassadors for Habitat for Humanity GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

She Is Involved In Many Other Businesses

Additionally, to a TV career, Sherry Holmes also mentors all the young women through Conestoga College’s Jill of All Trades. The latter is a great program that calls on women to help build stronger, safer communities.

Sherry Holmes

Along with her brother and father, Sherry Holmes helps young people whose mission is to make a difference as well as bring positive change in the lives of all the people and their community.

Sherry Holmes further also collaborates with organizations such as Skills Canada, supporting events that encompass the National Skilled Trades and Technology Week.


With different organizations, she works to create awareness, for both men as well as women, around the viable career options in the skilled trades and technology areas all over Canada.

Sherry Holmes On Working With Family

Sherry Holmes says working alongside her father as well as brother hasn’t come even without its challenges. Like always For her, there’s always something, but she thinks communication is key. Holmes mentions it’s also hurtful to work by the side of her father as well as her brother at times.


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