Sissy Sheridan

Sissy Sheridan is one of the rising actresses as well as social media influencers who earned a lot of fame and an enormous fan base via the internet. Over the 18 years, an old TV actress has already occurred in various films and web series to date.

So far, Sissy Sheridan has shown in Netflix’s miniseries Maniac, Copycat Killers, Homeless Bound, DIY with Me, Chicken Girls, and more. Similarly, the actress newly signed a deal with influencer movie makers called Invisible Narratives.

Sissy Sheridan is presently dating fellow influencer Sunny Suljic. Moreover, in 2021, Sheridan made it to the headlines after she impeached her ex-boyfriend named Miles Despair for grooming minors.

How rich is she now? Does she have another name? To know more regarding Sissy Sheridan tag along with us.

How Old Is Sissy Sheridan? Details Of Her Age & Height

The rising actress named Sissy Sheridan was born in Washington, DC, on 15th June in the year 2004. She was born with the birth sign Gemini. She previously turned 18 years of age in the year 2022.

American actress named Sissy Sheridan’s real name is also Sissy Sheridan

Sissy Sheridan is an American rising actress well known for Chicken Girls
Source: Instagram

Sissy Sheridan is of white Caucasian ethnicity as well as holds the American nationality. She stands around 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall in height.

She has a cute older brother named Julian who is two years older than her. Similarly, she attended need Laurel Springs School online course for freshmen high school.

Sissy Sheridan

Sissy Sheridan Was Homeschooled
Back on 4th September in the year 2018, Sissy Sheridan uploaded a video titled ‘the real reason I’m being homeschooled’ where she talks regarding her school life.

In the video, she disclosed that she was homeschooled during freshmen year as she was taking part in Billy Elliot occurring at the signature theatre.

Sissy Sheridan also disclosed that she will be playing in several other shows. She also expanded that she didn’t want to miss out on her education while working in LA.

How Did Sissy Sheridan Land Roles In TV Shows as well as Plays?

Apart from being a social media personality, Sheridan reached her first role ‘Sam’ at the age of 12 in the short film Paper Airplanes. She then occurred as Katie Edwards in the TV series named Copy Killers.


Similarly, the 18-year-old used to post cover songs on her self-titled YouTube channel before publishing her single ‘Most Girls’ in the year 2019.

American actress named Sissy Sheridan on the sets of her movie

Sissy alongside her Annie cute co-star behind the sets of the play
Source: Instagram

The actress is nicely-known for playing Angie in the television series Chicken Girls alongside Jules LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, Dylan Conrique, as well as others.

Some of her other notable work credits comprise DIY with Me, Maniac, For Hope, The Catcher, as well as Old Man Rush.

On 8th February in the year 2020, Sissy Sheridan published her second single Who Me? on her YouTube channel. The video has around 256k total views and around 9.4k total likes.

Sissy Sheridan

Her songs can also be rained on Apple Music and Spotify. Also, she has around 1,038 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Sissy Sheridan Is Dating A Boyfriend in the year of the year 2022

The singer-actress is presently dating fellow rising actor, social media influencer, as well as skateboarder named Sunny Suljic. The couple sparked dating rumors around Oct of the year 2021 after Sissy posted a photo of her hugging a guy who was speculated to be Sunny.

Actress Sissy Sheridan and her boyfriend named Sunny Suljic

Sissy Sheridan and Sunny began dating around mid-2021 a few months after her breakup with Miles
Source: Instagram
And on Feb 16th, in the year 2022, she openly announced her relationship with Sunny by posting a series of photos that include her kissing him on the lips as well.

Sissy Sheridan

Presently, the couple has both gone Instagram official with their relationship as well as are living their days happily.


Recently, Sissy Sheridan was dating social media influencer Miles Despair. As per the source, they started dating around mid-2020 and part ways a year later in the year 2021.

Sissy Sheridan Accused Her Ex-Partner
When the former couple separated ways, many fans believed that the reason was nonother than grooming allegations against Despair.

Back in July the year 2021, Miles was accuse Chen of grooming minors, sharing undressed pictures of him, and asking for identical pictures with underage girls.

Similarly, o,n 4th Aug in the year 2021, Sissy Sheridan released a statement on Twitter where she substantiated the grooming accusations saying,

Sissy Sheridan

These allegations that have come out online regarding minors are 100% real.

Furthermore, she exhorted her fans as well as followers to unfollow Miles and asked them to never support him again. In his defense, Miles broadcasted a series of IG stories telling him sorry for his actions. He revealed that he didn’t know the girls were minors and that he obstructed the girls as soon as he found out about their real ages.

Actress Sissy Sheridan as well as Ex-partner Miles Despair

Sissy and Miles were together for over a year before parting ways in early of the year 2021
Source: YouTube
Miles also said that Sissy knew all regarding the incident and she was the one who told him not to disclose the incident and keep silent regarding it. Despair also disclosed that Sissy blocked the girls when they tried to reach out to her regarding the incident.

Sissy Sheridan

As of this writing, no new updates are heeding the allegations.

Sissy Sheridan’s Net Worth

The 18-year-old actress is reportedly worth around $500 thousand in the year 2022. She receives her growing fortune from her versatile career.

Likewise, Sissy also pockets a reasonable amount with her endorsement deals and commercials with big brands such as ZAFUL, GOAT, Rowan, Praying, and more.


As of this writing, the social media star has around 1.2M followers on Instagram, around 28.5k followers on Twitter, over 48.5k subscribers on YouTube, and around 6.3M followers on TikTok.

Sissy Sheridan Dislikes TikTok Despite Her name In The Platform

Chicken Girls star’s dignity got a boost when she began gathering millions of followers on the video-sharing app TikTok. Thanks to her 6.3M million followers, Sissy receives thousands of dollars from the app.

Sissy Sheridan

Nonetheless, during an interview, Sissy Sherida disclosed that she dislike the app. She said,

TikTok Sucks. Like, TikTok is the most toxic thing. But if you’re not on it, you’re not prominent and you’re not pertinent, as well as kids know this.

Well, no matter how much she despises the app, she yearly uploads her videos.



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