Sophia Hardison bio

Sophia Hardison bio is the star kid outstanding as the daughter of Kadeem Hardison as well as Chante Moore. Her father is an American actor whereas, her mother is a singer-songwriter, actress, author, as well as television personality.

The simple child of her parents, Sophia Hardison bio was born before her parent’s wedding. Growing up in a family with such a rapport, Sophia’s life has been fascinating for many. Nicely, is she into acting just like her parents? What does she do for a residence? Is she wedded or dating a boyfriend?

So, today in this article let’s find out all the things there is to know regarding Kadeem’s daughter Sophia Hardison bio encompassing her age, career, relationship status, net worth, as well as much more.

Who is Sophia Hardison bio?

As we said earlier Sophia Hardison bio is the daughter of Kadeem as well as Chante Moore born on September 27, of the year 1996. Born under the great sun sign Libra, she is twenty-five years old as of the year 2022.

Her paternal grandmother is Bethann Hardison who helped as an African-American model and activist. Sophia has a nice adhesion with her granny and parents as well as repeatedly posts pictures of her on her Instagram account.

Sophia Hardison bio with her dad named Kadeem Hardison

Great Actor Kadeem Hardison with her baby daughter.
Besides, Hardison comes from a mixed ethnical background having an African-American ancestry as well as being American by nationality.

Sophia Hardison bio Parents are Renowned Celebrities

Both Sophia’s parents are profitable figures in the entertainment industry. Her father named Kadeem is a well-known American actor who is better known for his labor in the television series named A Different World where he played Dwayne Wayne. Furthermore, he also headlined in the TV series K. C. Undercover as Craig Cooper (a great Disney Channel series), as well as in OWN’s Love Is_ as Norman.


Apart from that, Kadeem also earned an impression in the first season of the comedy series named Black Monday on the Showtime network. He also starred in the Netflix series named Teenage Bounty Hunters as Browser. Similarly, in the year 2013, he seemed as an actor in a PlayStation 3 video game Beyond named Two Souls as Cole Freeman.

Moving on, Sophia Hardison bio mother named Chante Moore is an American singer-songwriter, actress, author, as well as television personality. She started her career with the debut album Precious in the year 1992. The album was captioned as gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in the year 1994. Similarly, her third album named This moment is mine was a mega-hit. It encompassed the song Chante Got a Man which achieved a top 10 role on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as second on the R&B charts.


Sophia Hardison bio mother named Chanté Moore & father named Kadeem are both actors

Sophia Hardison bio

Actress/Singer Chante Moore
Aside from her music career, Chante has also headlined in a couple of movies and TV series including TV One’s reality show R&B Divas: Los Angeles (of the year 2013). In the year 2002, she won a Soul Train Music Award for the song Contagious, and later it was appointed for Grammy.

Sophia Hardison bio began Her Career as a Quality Analyst

Being born as the child of famous personalities, several people think that she would also follow in the footsteps of her parents. Nonetheless, it is not the same for Sophia Hardison bio. After graduating from university she helped as a Quality Assurance from October of the year 2016 to January of the year 2018 for 3BlACKDOT.

It is an organization based in Los Angeles, which is in California, that focuses on building gaming culture as well as digital entertainment. Afterward, she helped as an Associate Producer for a similar company from January of the year 2018 to April of the year 2020.

Kadeem’s daughter named Sophia Hardison’s bio age is 25: she is not an actor just like her parents

Sophia Hardison bio

Chante and Kadeem’s Daughter is named Sophia.
Additionally, Kadeem’s daughter also wants to games. She is attending to her passion and also streams live on twitch. Her channel name is ‘Sophia doll’ where she streams several games every day.

Also, she was in a documentary series Unsung, still, she does not seem to have any recommendations to take up behaving as a career.

Her Parents Married Around a Year After Her Birth: Are They However Together?

Sophia Hardison bio parents tied the knot in the year 1997, a year after the birth of the baby girl Sophia. They were having an explosion in their connection and with the birth of their child, their prosperity simply made twice as much.

Sophia Hardison bio

Sophia Hardison bio parents As a Young Couple

Actor Kadeem Hardison with his wife named Chante Moore.
Nonetheless, as every relationship goes through a hard phase, their relationship was also quizzed over time. But sadly the pair couldn’t fight till the end and due to some irreconcilable differences, Kadeem as well as his partner named Chante disconnected ways in the year 2000.

Despite separating the pair remain good friends and agreed to co-parent their child. Additionally in an interview with Madam Noire in 2013, this is what Chante Moore said regarding her ex-hubby named Kadeem:

Sophia Hardison bio

He appreciates for who I was and who I am and we grew together that’s what a relationship is about whether or not we’re wedded or lovers or whatever the case is, you have to know who you’re with as well as he and I spent a lot of time concurrently.

After the divorce, Kadeem dated Cree Summers for several years but is presently single and hasn’t dated anyone. On the contrary, Sophia’s mother has been in numerous relationships. She was in a marital relationship with Kenny Lattimore from the year 2002 to the year 2011. The pair had a son named Kenny Lattimore Jr. Moore is nowadays engaged to Stephen G. Hill.

Sophia Hardison bio who is now 25 years old has great bonding with her parents as well as shares her recollections with them time and again on her Instagram account.

Does Sophia Hardison bio Have a Boyfriend? Her Relationship Status

The Twitch streamer is a private person. She hasn’t budgeted much information regarding her personal life. The facts regarding whether or not she is in a relationship stay a big question. ApThetar kid is single and doesn’t plan to be in a connection anytime soon.


Sophia Hardison bio appears to be concentrated on her career as a streamer. Always, let’s hope that we will get to understand who will she date soon.

Sophia Hardison bio

Sophia Hardison bio Net Worth

The celebrity kid is rated to have a fortune of around $500,000 which she has received from her career as an quality assurance, associate producer, as well as streamer.

Similarly, her parents are both multi-millionaires. Her father named Kadeem Hardison is told to have a net worth of around $2 million and her mother named Chante Moore is rated to have a total net worth of around $1.5 million.

Sophia Hardison bio Social Media Presence

She is active on several social media platforms like Instagram (@sopha.doll), and Twitter (@sophadoll) where she percentages her personal life while spending time with her family members. Additional, she is also often active on Twitch (@sophadoll) where she streams playing games. She is most available on Instagram where she has around 6k followers.



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