Stephanie Courtney bio

Stephanie Courtney bio 52, is an actress and comedian widely acknowledged for her work character Flo in TV as well as radio commercials for Progressive Corporation. Stephanie Courtney bio started working with the company in the year 2008 and is still going substantial.

Similarly, Courtney was one of the main members of the Groundlings Theater located in Los Angeles. Born and put forward in NYC, Stephanie Courtney bio shifted to LA for better opportunities as well as LA surely behaved toward her well.

And while most of her work is known to the public, not much is disclosed about her other personal details. Here, find out more unknown facts regarding Stephanie Courtney and her lifestyle. Also, who is her spouse? Is he famous as well? Find out everything regarding the pair down below.

Stephanie Courtney bio Was Born And Raised In the place of New York

Stephanie Courtney bio was born on 8th February of the year 1970 in Stony Point, which is in New York, the United States, and turned 52 years old in the year 2022. She was born as the youth of three to a singer mother as well as a high school teacher father.

Upon getting a degree from North Rockland high school, Courtney enlisted and graduated from Binghamton University and attained her degree in English.

American comedian and actress named Stephanie Courtney bio

Stephanie Courtney bio is an actress as well as a comedian who made her big name as Flo for Progressive Corporation

She then moved to New York City as well as worked as a secretary for Robert F. Greenhill. During this time, she took acting classes for two years at the Neighborhood Playhouse whilst living with her sister named Jennifer Courtney.

Jennifer Courtney is also an actress by career. The two sisters even co-wrote and executed the sketch of those Courtney Girls at the Aspen Comedy Festival as well as in the place of Los Angeles.

Stephanie Courtney bio Has Been Working As Flo Since the year 2008

If you’ve ever heard about the great Progressive Corporation then you’ve just hear about the telegenic pitchwoman Flo. But did you ever wonder about who is behind all the autograph semi-bouffant hairdo, white uniform, and bright red lipstick, it’s none other than our comedian named Stephanie Courtney.

The 52-year-old actress cum comedian touched down her job as Flo in late of the year 2007 after she went for an audition washing away a polo t-shirt. She shot her first commercial in December of the year 2007 and it began airing in January of the year 2008.

After almost over a decade of working as well as producing ads as Flo, Stephanie is still the ‘IT’ girl of the commercial world. Not to ignore, Progressive’s business jumped from around $13.6 billion to almost around $30 billion after Flo’s debut in the year 2008.

Talking regarding the company, The Progressive Corporation is the third largest insurance carrier and the no.1 commercial auto insurance company in the US. They use Flo as their advertisement head to commercialize the advantages of getting PI.Stephanie Courtney bio

Flo was later turned into Flo’s universe adding Jim Cashman as Jamie, an awkward fellow Progressive team member, and Bill as well as Tom, a rival insurance salesman. Though Bill and Tom were terminated after a series of lawsuits.

Stephanie Is Also An Actress as well as Has A Handful Of Acting Credits

Although Courtney’s whole career is based on Flo, she also works as an actress as well as a comedian side by side. Before landing Flo in her pocket, she even operated odd jobs to support herself.


During the initial stages of her career, she starred in a few films and TV shows like Melvin Goes to Dinner, For Your Consideration, Blades of Glory, The Brothers Solomon, and The Heartbreak Kid, as well as a few others.

Likewise, she has over a dozen of television series credits which comprise Tenacious D, The Man Show, Significant Others, Faking the Video, Without a Trace, Mad Men, The Jay Leno Show, The Goldbergs, as well as Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Her forthcoming project Wags to Riches has completed the shoot as well as is all set to air. She will be playing Stephanie in the show.Stephanie Courtney bio

Who Is Stephanie Courtney’s Husband? When Did She Marry?

The 52-year-old is wedded to Scott Kolanach since the year 2008. Her cute husband is a New York-born director working as a good lighting director for The Groundings comedy theater. He is mostly popular for his work in the year 2012 film named Janeane From the place of Des Moines.

The parents of one first met on the set of The Groundlings where Stephanie was one of the main members, as well as Scott Kolanach, was a director. Their marriage ceremony was on 25th November of the year 2008 when Courtney was 35.

Stephanie Courtney’s husband named Scott Kolanach are married for years

Stephanie Courtney’s husband named Scott Kolanach first met on the set of The Groundlings
Stephanie Courtney bio greeted her bundle of joy, a son when she turned 40. Regarding her late victory in both her career and her family life, Courtney tells,

I reserved Flo when I was just about to turn 38. I got married at 35. I had my kid at 40. I’m a late bloomer. But it tastes just as precious when it’s late. I was a calmer person getting these items later in life.

As of the year 2022, the family of three is cheerfully living in the place of LA.

Stephanie’s Husband named Scott Kolanach Once Called Out United Airlines’ Customer Service

Back in the year 2017, people blurted out on United Airlines’ customer care service after they violently dragged the then 69-year-old Asian man from an overbooked flight. It is thought that the old man was a doctor by profession.

This happening came in just two weeks after the airlines decreased two teenage girls into the flight just for washing away leggings. Their slogan “Fly the Friendly Skies” was disparaged back then as well.

During this chaos, Stephanie Courtney’s husband named Scott decided to use his voice and platform and rage against the unacceptable treatment. He took to Twitter as well as wrote,Stephanie Courtney bio

” United Airlines revised their logo today to more firmly contemplate their aggressive customer service policies.”

His tweet was attended by a mockery logo of United Airlines with two stripes of blood dealing with their violent behavior.

Stephanie Courtney bio Earns around $1 Million Per Year- What Is Her Current Net Worth?

The year 2007 was kind of Courtney’s year. After doing a handful of odd jobs and occurring in films and TV shows in minor roles, her career blew off when she disembarked Flo.


Currently, she reportedly pockets $1 million annually for her role at Flo. She had been having fun with the character for over a decade now.Stephanie Courtney bio

Stephanie Courtney bio As Flo Has Made great Net Worth

Stephanie Courtney bio has been working as Flo since the year 2008 as well as earns around $1 million per year for that
Well, when you add up a decade-long experience, residuals for existing commercial airings, and an entire buyout that prevents them from taking other jobs, she is likely to get paid at least $2 million in today’s time.

Furthermore, Stephanie Courtney bio’s current net worth is around $6 million in mid-2022. Besides, her other commercial work credits are Skittles, General Mills cereal, Wienerschnitzel, as well as others.

Is Stephanie Courtney bio Active On Social Media Platforms?

Despite her career in TV and the internet for over a decade, she is not available on any social media platforms.

Although there are innumerable fan accounts dedicated to her, she does not use Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram. She likes to keep things low-key as well as private.


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