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Stephen Belafonte bio is a famous film producer as well as a director known for being Mel B‘s ex-husband. Stephen Belafonte bio has produced as well as directed numerous movies, comprising Mutant Chronicles (of the year 2008), The Crow: Wicked Prayer (of the year 2005) , as well as Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Likewise, his ex-wife Mel B is a prominent singer and actress largely known for being a member of the Spice Girls.

The celebrity spouse is mainly known just for being correlated to his former partner. Nonetheless, a lot of people and the media want to know more about him as well. They have a lot of queries regarding the producer as well as also want to know the justification behind the former pair’s divorce.

Apart from that people also want to know other facts such as information regarding his parents, siblings, net worth, as well as more. Alike, does Stephen have any kids, and is he in a connection or dating someone? Hence, this article will give you insight & knowledge regarding Stephen Belafonte bio, Mel B’s ex-hubby.

Who is Stephen Belafonte bio? Details on His Parents, Early Life, as well as Age

As we said earlier, he is a film producer as well as a director. Stephen Belafonte bio was born on May 18, of the year 1975, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, which is in California. Stephen Belafonte bio is the son of Thomas Stansbury as well as Sheryl Stansbury. Talking regarding his age, Stephen is 47 years old as of the year 2022.

Stephen Belafonte bio has a brother named Jeremiah Stansbury as well as five others whose names are still under the radar. When Stephan was 12, he shifted to Point Pleasant, New Jersey with his siblings as well as his mother.

Similarly, talking about his racial background Stephen Belafonte bio has mixed ethnicity and is American as per his nationality. Likewise, talking regarding his educational details he has a graduate degree from Loyola Marymount University.

What is Stephen Belafonte bio’s Real Name?

His real name is Stephen Brain Stansbury. He changed his surname from Stansbury to Belafonte at 18 when he moved to great Los Angeles from the place of New Jersey.

Stephen Belafonte bio is a Film Producer/Director

Stephen Belafonte bio began his career after graduating from the university by launching a film production company named Remag. He began to direct as well as produce a lot of documentaries focused on rappers. Likewise, Later down the line, he produced a directed a handful of TV shows and numerous movies.

Stephen Belafonte bio is a producer
Mel B’s ex-husband is a producer as well as a director.

Belafonte is best known for Thank You For Smoking (of the year 2005), The Crow: Wicked Prayer (of the year 2005), Mutant Chronicles (of the year 2008), as well as Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (of the year 2009). Apart from that, he is also working as a manager for the great Malu Trevejo. He is a great artist as well as a public figure. Again, according to his LinkedIn account, he is the owner of Osiris Entertainment which he began in January of the year 2007.

Stephen Belafonte husband as well as Mel B Were Married for 10 years

The former pair got secretly hitched on June 6 of the year 2007 in the place of Las Vegas but later decided to remarry in front of their family members and friends on November 8, of the year 2008, in Hurghada, which is in Egypt. The duo was together for 10 years before agreeing to walk their separate ways.

Stephen Belafonte husband as well as his wife

The beautiful couple was married in the year 2007.
They first met on the set of the movie Talk and started dating in February of the year 2007 and decided to take their relationship to the next level in June of the year 2007 just 3 months after dating.Stephen Belafonte bio

The cute pair is Blessed with a beautiful Daughter

The previous pair is also blessed with a cute daughter. Melanie gave birth to her daughter on September 1, of the year 2011. The pair named their daughter Madison Brown Belafonte. Madison Brown is 11 years old as of the year 2022.

Melanie Brown Filed for Divorce, What was the cause?

The Spice Girls member Mel B filed for divorce against Stephen on 20 March of the year 2017 citing irreconcilable disparities. She also requested for having joint custody of their daughter named Madison Brown as well as for the spousal support of Belafonte to be ignored.

Besides this, she also blocked him from using her bank account. According to Madison Brown, Stephen Belafonte bio was in control of her £40 million fortune as well as controlled how it was spent throughout their wedding.

Mel B Got the Restraining Order Against Her Ex-Hubby named Stephen Belafonte bio

The prominent singer/actress was given a restraining order against Stephen, forcing him to stay away from Melanie and her kids. She claimed he would physically as well as sexual abuse her throughout their 10 years of wedding.Stephen Belafonte bio

According to the reports and sources, she accused Stephen Belafonte bio of forcing her to have a threesome with their nanny Lorraine Giles. She also contended that he impregnated her as well as even forced her to get an abortion. He even gave her around $300,000 from Mel B’s bag to get it done.

Stephen Belafonte bio wife filed for divorce after he reportedly impregnated their nanny
Mel B contends that Stephen got their nanny pregnant.
Also, she said that he has multiple sex tapes of her and threatened to publicize them to harm her image. Similarly, she also charged him with having a gun despite being prohibited from carrying one as he was formally charged with domestic violence affecting another woman. According to sources and reports, it is either a .357 or .38 magnum.


Following the incident, Mel B fired a nanny named Lorraine Giles in September of the year 2017.Stephen Belafonte bio

Stephen Belafonte bio Claims that the Allegations Are Fake and that Brown was Pulling a Stunt to Save Her TV Career

When Stephen’s ex-wife made the allegation, in reaction to it the producer/director said it was not true comprising the claims of their nanny being pregnant. He said it was outrageous as well as unfounded.

The Restraining Order was Rescinded In a Deal Before a Two-Week Trial

The legal battle between Stephen as well as his ex-wife ended after a private deal between them. According to the deal, the producer was free from the restraining order as well as granted access to his child. Nevertheless, he was not awarded visitation rights to his stepdaughter. Instagram

Stephen Belafonte bio’s wife named Mel B is a renowned personality
Mel B is a singer, songwriter, as well as actress.
Similarly, during the group hiatus, she debuted with the solo album Hot (of the year 2000). The album’s one-song special named I Wants You Back reached the first position on the UK Singles Chart. She has sent out numerous songs including Feels So Good, and Tell Me which also gained the top five on the Singles Chart.Stephen Belafonte bio

She also released a song named For Once in My Life in the year 2013 after eight years of break. The song was a hit, attaining number 2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart.


Besides her music career, Mel B is also a good television personality. She has participated in the American dance competition series named Dancing with the Stars (of the year 2007). Furthermore, she has also been the judge of various shows comprising The X Factor, America’s Got Talent (from the year 2013 to 2018), The Masked Singer Australia (of the year 2022), as well as more. Facebook

Stephen Belafonte Net Worth

Mel B’s former husband is estimated to have a total net worth of around $1 million. Stephen Belafonte Net Worth has amassed a fortune from his career as a producer and director as well as similarly from the amount he attained from the divorce settlement he got from Melanie Brown.

On the other hand, Stephen Belafonte Net Worth former another half, named Melanie Brown is estimated to have a total fortune of around $6 million. She has attained her wealth from her career as a singer as well as an actress.


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