Sunyata Palmer bio

Sunyata Palmer bio is a great American-born make-up artist. Sunyata Palmer bio is understood for her work in movies like Meet the Applegates, and Transylvania Twist, as well as others. But, Sunyata Palmer bio came to the spotlight as the half-sister of the actress named Winona Ryder.

Despite being a celebrity sibling, Sunyata Palmer bio has overseen living a life away from the media. Even though we do have some information on her professional life, her personal life appears to be out of grasp. People are always on the run to learn additional about the Stranger Things actress’ mysterious sister.

Today, this article will be all about Sunyata Palmer bio comprising her age, siblings, career, net worth, as well as many more. Let’s get begun!

Sunyata Palmer bio Is The Daughter Of An Actress: Details On Her Age, As well as Siblings

Sunyata Palmer bio was born on October 5, of the year 1967, in San Francisco, which is in California, USA. As of the year 2023, Palmer is 55 years old. She is the daughter of the actress Cynthia Palmer (mother), as well as John Palmer (father).

Palmer has one great younger brother named Jubal Palmer. The great boy was born on 14 May of the year 1969. However, her parents’ connection didn’t last long. Similarly, it appears that her parents separated some years after her great-younger brother was born.

Although her parents have kept their short-lived wedding behind the curtain, we do know some parts of Sunyata Palmer bio’s early life. After the split, her mom strolled down the aisle with American archivist Michael Horowitz. The pair also shared two children Winona Ryder (b. October 29, of the year 1971) as well as Uri Horowitz (b. 5 February of the year 1976).

For some years, Sunyata Palmer bio and her brother named Jubal lived in their step-dad Michael’s place in New York alongside their mother Cynthia, as well as half-siblings. During that time, Sunyata’s used to go out with her new family all the moment.

Sunyata Palmer bio’s step-father named Micheal and his daughter Winona

The photo Sunyata’s half-sister named Winona posted on her Twitter on Father’s day
Sunyata Palmer bio is very close to her siblings, mainly with her half-sister named Winona. The two sisters would always be together. Unlike others, Winona didn’t have a powerful heart because she had a suspicion of everything. The fear even got worse after the day she and her sister Sunyata Palmer bio were pursued by some people.Sunyata Palmer bio

The Mermaids star still has little doubt of what their intentions were as well as has also told, “God Knows how numerous attempted kidnappings there are.”

Meaning Behind Sunyata Palmer bio’s Name

As per the book Winona Ryder: The Biography, her first great name “Sunyata” comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

What Does Sunyata Palmer bio Do For A Living?

As referred to above, Sunyata works as a make-up artist. So, it might be her full-time profession as she hasn’t indicated any other career to the media, so far. Till now, Palmer has toiled as a make-up assistant in three great movies named Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael, Meet the Applegates, as well as Transylvania Twist.

Sunyata Palmer alongside her sister Winona

Sunyata labored as an Assistant Make-up Artist in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael. Source: Pinterest
But, we aren’t telling that Sunyata Palmer bio has only worked in these three great films. Sunyata Palmer is probably toiling behind the camera. It seems like she has chosen not to let anyone know about her work in public. Whatever the case is we hope Sunyata Palmer bio is doing well in her respective career.Sunyata Palmer bio

Sunyata Palmer’s Connection Status

Sunyata Palmer bio hasn’t shared anything about her connection whether she is married or romantically linked with someone. Likewise, Sunyata Palmer is a very secretive person when it comes to her emotional life. The similar thing can be told about her love life. Hence, as of the year 2023, Sunyata Palmer bio’s connection status remains single. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


On the other hand, her half-sister named Winona Ryder isn’t like her the Stranger Things actress is leading a very blissful connection with the fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. The pair has been living jointly for over a decade.

Sunyata Palmer bio’s half-sister named Winona has been leading a very blissful connection with her boyfriend

Sunyata Palmer bio’s sister named Winona Ryder with her long-time boyfriend.
However, they are yet to be wedded even though they are dating for eleven years. Sunyata’s sister said she would rather never have a husband than get divorced in numerous interviews. As per ET Online, in an interview with The Edit, Ryder has said the reason is to be parents’ connection she is not willing to get wedded anytime soon.

Furthermore, in the year 2016, Winona told she would rather live available than get a divorce.

Sunyata Palmer bio  clarified,Sunyata Palmer bio

“Wedding? I don’t know. I’d rather never have been wedded than been divorced a few times. Not that there’s anything wrong with divorce, but I don’t think I could do it if that was a likelihood.”

Where Is Sunyata Palmer bio As Of the year 2023?

Sunyata Palmer bio might be living a friendly life alongside her family far from the media. There aren’t any news updates on Sunyata’s recent lifestyle. Not even a single online tabloid has spoken about Winona’s half-sister’s recent residency.


Talking about Sunyata Palmer bio’s vocation as of the year 2023, as told before, all of the online sources have indicated she is still working as a make-up artist. But, we will not know until Sunyata herself arrives up front in the media to talk about the consequence.

Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does Sunyata Palmer bio Hold?

Sunyata Palmer’s net worth is yet to be disclosed. So, as of the year 2023, it is still unknown. On the other hand, her half-sibling Winona Ryder has a calculated net income of around $18 million. Ryder makes her capital as an actress.Sunyata Palmer bio

Is Sunyata Palmer bio Active On Any Social Media Platforms?

Sunyata is not available on any social media platform. On the other hand, her half-sibling Winona Ryder is available on every social media handle. She has around 600k followers on Instagram as well as 4 million on Facebook.


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