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Sy Kravitz bio was a former US army as well as a retired NBC producer. Besides his career, Sy Kravitz bio was more outstanding for being the father of an American singer, songwriter, as well as actor Lenny Kravitz (aka Leonard Albert Kravitz). Besides, Lenny who won four Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance is also a multi-instrumentalist as well as a record producer.

Besides being a celebrity father, named Sy Kravitz bio was also a celebrity ex-spouse. He was married to the late actress named Roxie Roker. The former flames married for several years before they segregated. Sadly, Sy Kravitz bio departed in his early 80s. So, what was the main cause of his demise?

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about every personal as well as professional detail of Lenny Kravitz’s Late Father named Sy Kravitz. Stick to us to know more about him encompassing his ethnicity, daughters, as well as more!

Who Were Sy Kravitz bio’s Parents? His Bio As well as Ethnicity

Sy Kravitz bio (full name, Seymour Sol Kravitz) was born to a father named Joseph Kravitz and the mother Jean Kaufman on December 10, of the year 1924, in Brooklyn, New York, which is in the United States. His great father was an employee at a telecommunication company while his mother was a good housewife. His parents put forward him along with his younger brother named Leonard Martin Kravitz.

As for education, Sy Kravitz bio studied at Beverly Hills High school as well as later enrolled in the University. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts from the college. Besides, Seymour had Jewish ancestry as well as pertained to a mixed ethnical race. And his nationality was American.

Coming up to the year 2022, Sy Kravitz bio is no more in the world as the veteran died at the age of 81. He lastly shut down his eyes on October 29, 2005, in his native land, which is New York.

Sy Kravitz bio’s Sibling Leonard Died In The Korean War

Like him, his late brother named Leonard was also an American soldier in the US army who served in the Korean War. In the war, Leonard lost his life at just the age of 20 on March 7, of the year 1951, in Yangpyeong County, South Korea. For his contribution to the Korean war, the ex-army was respected with a medal after his demise.

Further, in the year 2014, Leonard was rewarded the country’s second highest award for valor Distinguished Service Cross which was earned by Laurie Wenger, daughter of Sy Kravitz.

Did Sy Kravitz bio Blame Himself for The Death Of His Brother?

As per the interview given by Sy’s son Lenny, his father held up a sense of guilt over his brother’s death. Therefore, Leonard had followed the path of his brother named Seymour by joining the military service. His tragic death was so devastating for the family which is why Sy somewhere blamed himself for his brother’s demise. In this regard, Lenny Kravitz warned,

I believe that was something my father had to live with, knowing that he did take some of the burden, if not a lot of it,

What Did Sy Kravitz bio Do For Living? His Career Detail

Sy Kravitz bio was a former television producer of Ukrainian Jewish descent for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). During his working period at NBC, Kravitz used to supervise video production as well as development. His work in NBC helped him to gain popularity and fame, due to which Sy was later featured in a great documentary named Sid Bernstein Presents…

Sy Kravitz bio was a former US army

Sy Kravitz bio was a great NBC producer


Before his television job, Sy was in the US cool military force. As per sources and reports, he fought in the second world war and the Korean War. Furthermore, he also worked as a great news reporter for NBC during the Vietnam war.

Sy Kravitz bio Was Married To The Jefferson’s Actress Roxie Roker

In the year 1962, Sy Kravitz bio tied the knot with Roxie Boxer, in a private marriage ceremony. His then-wife was an Afro-Bahamian-American actress. The pair was in a marital relationship for 23 years. Despite their enduring commitment, they disconnected ways in the year 1985.

Sy Kravitz bio was married to an actress

Sy Kravitz bio with his wife as well as a son
As per sources, infidelity was a justification for their separation as Kravitz cheated on his wife many times.

Sy Kravitz bio

He Has Two Kids With His First-Wife

Before his marriage to Roker, Kravitz was previously wedded to a lady named Erika. He exchanged his vows with his first wife in the year 1948. Although neither of them did ever talk regarding their marriage, they together had 2 kids.

The two, however, divorced after a few years of their wedding.

Who Was His Second Wife, Roxie? Detail On Her

As we mentioned above, his wife named Roxie was an actress. She acted in several movies as well as series throughout her acting career. She first started with the Negro Ensemble Company, a theatre in New York, as well as later became a successful theatre artist.

Following her theatre work, she approved several projects such as Change at 125th Street, Claudine, The Bermuda Triangle, Making of a Male Model, The Niger River, and several more.


Sy Kravitz bio the second wife was an outstanding name

Sy Kravitz bio’s second ex-wife named Roxie Roker
Among all her filmography, she was outstanding for her portrayal in the CBC sitcom The Jeffersons as great Helen Willis. For her contributions, she got several nominations, among which she won an Obie Award for the movie named The Niger River. Further, she even labored as a reporter for WNEW-TV in New York.

Sy Kravitz bio Was A Father Of 3 Children

Sy Kravitz bio

From his two marriages, Kravitz had 2 daughters named Laurie Wenger as well as Tedi, and a son Lenny Kravitz. Laurie Wenger as well as Tedi are his children from his first marriage with Erica. His daughter Laurie was a recipient of the medal of honor on the behalf of her uncle Leonard in the year 2014. She graduated from great Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Elementary education.

Furthermore, Lenny is his only son from his marriage to the actress Roxie Roker. As of the year 2022, Lenny Kravitz is a big name in the American Entertainment Industry.

Sy Kravitz bio Died Of Leukemia: Know His Grave

A retired NBC producer underwent from Leukemia in his early 80s. He was acknowledged to New York City Hospital for treatment but unfortunately, he died one day before his son Lenny’s US tour in New York County, which is in Manhattan. After his demise, he was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale, Queens County. Later, his son Lenny gave a tribute to his father at the great Mohegan Sun Casino Arena.

On the other side, his famous actress wife died of breast cancer on December 2, of the year 1995, in Los Angeles, which is in California.

Sy Kravitz bio

Sy Kravitz bio Net Worth

Sy was a retired army as well as an NBC producer. So, it is apparent to say that he may have earned a lot of fortune from his professional career. As per sources and reports, his net worth before his death was around $1 million.

On the other hand, his famous son, Lenny Kravitz has a net worth of around $90 million as of the year 2022.



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