Teddi Siddall

Teddi Siddall, also popularly known as Theodora Siddall was an American writer and actress who is most well-known for her impressions in the television sitcom Grey’s Anatomy. Besides, Siddall is also prominent for her work in the TV series WingsLA Law, Happy Days,  as well as Hill Street Blues among others.

Besides her acting, Teddi Siddall also earned attention for her love life as she married a famous actor named Gary Cole. The couple continued married to each other for more than two decades before they called it quits back in the year 2017.

But, they weren’t separated officially as Siddall died in the year 2018. Well, what was the explanation behind their separation? How did Teddi Siddall die?

Today, we are here to talk in detail regarding the late beautiful actress Teddi  Siddall. Keep on reading till the end to know fascinating facts about her.

Teddi Siddall Early Life

Teddi Siddall was born Theodora P. Siddall in Evanston, which is in Illinois on August 12, in the year 1953. She was an American by ethnicity as well as she belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity. Meanwhile, as far as her parents’ details are concerned, she never disclosed their identity in the public.

Moreover, talking regarding her educational background, she graduated from Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1971. After that, she received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music.

Teddi Siddall Acting Career

Teddi Siddall began her acting career in her early 20s. According to sources, she made her acting debut on a television show called Happy Days in the year 1974. She played a small role in the Ron Howard as well as Marion Ross starring show. Her second acting role came a few years later in 1979 when she made her arrival in the TV series Buck Rogers.

Similarly, Teddi Siddall’s first movie role came in the year of 1980s The Pleasure Palace. The same year, she depicted Jill in the movie Fade to Black. Teddy didn’t have a stellar acting career, but she still did a very good job as an actress.

Actress Teddi Siddall was popular for her acting in the TV series, Grey’s Anatomy

Teddi Siddall’s notable film roles came in Prizzi’s Honor, and Forever Strong, as well as Siddall’s prominent television roles, came in LA Law, Grey’s Anatomy, Hill Street Blues, and Wings among others. One of her last acting works came in the TV series, Grey’s Anatomy in which she depicted the character of Anne.

Teddi Siddall was Married Twice

Many of us know well that Teddi Siddall was married for more than two decades to an actor named Gary Cole. However, not many of us know she was earlier married and divorced. Yes, you read that right!


She was first married to a cute person named Ronald Castro. According to reports, the then-lovebirds tied the knot on August 5, in the year 1977, in a personal wedding attended by their close friends as well as family.

There isn’t much detail regarding Teddi Siddall’s first marriage on the internet. Meanwhile, it isn’t clear when Siddall and Castro separated officially.

Late actress Teddi Siddall, as well as Gary Cole, were married for more than two decades

As obvious it is, Teddi Siddall married an actor named Gary Cole as her second husband on March 8, in the year 1992. As reported, the old husband-and-wife first met on the sets of the television series Midnight Caller in 1988. They hit it off soon and began dating each other secretly at the time.

Teddi Siddall and Gary gave birth to a daughter,  named Mary Cole in the year 1993, a year after they got married.

Her Daughter Mary Suffered From Autism

Actor Gary Cole disclosed in the year 2009 interview with WebMD that his daughter, Mary was diagnosed with autism in the year 1995. He also disclosed that his then-wife, Siddall was the one who noticed something different in their child before she turned 2 and they began their daughter on therapies.

Actor Gary Cole with his daughter, named Mary. He gave birth to her with his late actress named wife, Teddi Siddall

Mary, however, completed school in Studio City, California with the help of a personal aide. As per the website, Mary went to an outstanding learning facility run by The Help for her high school.

Teddi Siddall

Teddi Siddall Filed For Divorce just Before Her Death

More than twenty-five years after tying the knot, actress, and writer, Teddi Siddall filed for divorce from her then-husband, Gary Cole in August in the year 2017. The divorce papers documented in the court showed their alienation date as of February 8, in the year 2015.

In the filing, Teddi Siddall was seeking spousal support as well as additional support for their daughter Mary who was 24 at the time. There is no report on the cause of their divergence, however, it is thought to be the irreconcilable differences between the couple.

Even though the divorce was filed officially, the former husband, as well as wife, couldn’t confirm their divorce because of Teddi Siddall’s eventual demise.

Teddi Siddall’s Death

Teddi Siddall was found dead at her residence in Studio City, California on February 4, in the year 2018. But the justification for her death was not made public.

Teddi Siddall

Her Ex-Husband, Gary Cole Remarried in the year 2021

The 65-year-old famous Office Space actor married his second wife, named Michelle Knapp in Augusofin the year 2021. Cole’s second wife, Michelle is an interior designer her second marriage came around two years after his first wife, Teddi Siddall’s death.

Gary Cole got married to his second wife, Michelle Knapp in the year 2021

In her Instagram bio, Michelle introduces herself as an interior designer, artist, as well as model. As of June the year 2022, Knapp has 530 followers on her Instagram where she has shared around 630 posts.

A Short Biography of Him

Talking about Gary Cole’s early life, he was born in Park Ridge, Illinois in September in the year 1956 and he grew up in close Rolling Meadows. Born one of the two children of parents Robert Cole as well as Margaret Cole, Gary made his acting debut as Snoopy in a high school musical, You’re a Good Man, and Charlie Brown while attending great Rolling Meadows High School.

Teddi Siddall

Later In, Gary went on to study theater at the great Illinois State University. He officially began his professional acting career as a theater actor in the mid of the yeathe r 1980s. During the late of the yeathe r 1980s, Gary became popular for portraying Jack Killian in the television series Midnight Caller. Meanwhile, one of his most prominent roles came in the year 1999 when he portrayed a sadistic office supervisor named Bill Lumbergh in the movie Office Space.

Besides all the prestige he has garnered from his acting career, Gary Cole has also attained well from it. As of the year 2022, his net worth is calculated at around $5 million.



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