Raine Finley

Raine Finley is a former high school star softball player as well as now a music student in California who is popularly known as the daughter of the late actress, Tawny Kitaen, as well as her ex-husband, an ex-MLB player for Califonia Angels, Chuck Finley.

Kitaen as well as Chuck’s daughter, Raine Finley, like her mother, also works in the films though not as an actress; she is presently working as an intern learning sound as well as music under the supervision of music experts. Well, while her professional life is quite open in the media, what about her love life? Is she married or dating a boyfriend.

In this article, we are going to talk about Raine Finley’s love life, her parents’ relationship, career, and various other interesting details about her.

Raine Finley Is The Daughter of Late Actress Tawny Kitaen

Raine Finley, who is now 24 years old was born in June in the year 1998 in Newport Beach, which is in California. She is the second daughter of Tawny as well as Chuck. Raine Finley has an elder sister, Wynter Finley who is in marketing as well as communications.

Finley studied at Corona del Mar High School in the year 2017 and after that went to study at the Art Institute of California in the place of San Francisco. She is a good student at the Art Academy majoring in Bachelor of Fine Arts Sound Design.

Moreover, She is also studying music composition for Digital Media. Raine Finley says she aspires to become a part of the creation process for TV shows, podcasts, as well as movies.

Raine Finley Played Softball As well as Soccer At High School 

As a child, Raine  Finley played softball beginning as early as age 6. She was also a member of the great YMCA (Youth and Government California).

When she was in high school, she used to compete in soccer and softball for the Youth as well as  Government. As a high school soccer player, Raine was the great winner of the MVP Defensive Award of Junior Varsity Soccer. Similarly, as a softball player, Raine had once earned the Athlete of the Week.

Raine Finley Career: Participated In Fund Raising Program As well as Once Worked At A Radio Station

Talking regarding Raine’s career, Raine Finley has been into social work. In fact, from the year 2013 to the year 2017, Raine Finley specialized in community service as a partner fundraiser for Children’s Hospital and other boys and girls clubs. The young adult frequently participates in raising funds for the community. As such in late of the year 2017, she was interning in a 4-month program for a 92.9 Kjee Radio Station in Santa Barbara, the place of California Area.

During those periods, her jobs encompass mixing different commercial breaks and keeping the time slots updated there. She also organized details of different contestant winners under the Radio station’s various programs.

After her internship finished at Kjee Radio Station, Raine Finley began working as a waitress at Delores Park Cafe in San Francisco Bay Area where she worked for around eight months.

What Is Raine Doing Now? 

Raine Finley as stated is now working as an intern for Warner Bros, Entertainment in Burbank, California. She is also studying ADR mixers, sound designing, as well as music supervision.

Raine Finley’s Mother, Tawny Was Married Twice; Who Were Her Husbands?  

Raine’s parents, Chuck as well as Tawny were married from the year 1997 to the year 2002. They stopped their courtship after Tawny faced the accusation of committing domestic violence against Chuck.

Before Chuck, Raine’s mother, named Kitaen was briefly married to Coverdale, lead singer for the British heavy metal band named Whitesnake from the year 1989 to the year 1991.

Tawny Kitaen’s Death; Raine Finley On Her Mother’s Passing

The actress/model Tawny passed away on May 7, in the year 2021. Days before her death, Kitaen was to appear for a pretrial hearing on May 18, in the year 2021. It was concerning her July 22, in the year 2019, arrest for DUI in Newport Beach.

Raine Finley

The police arrested her for a misdemeanor after arresting her on October 22 of that year. Kitaen, however, asked not guilty and was planned for a pretrial hearing in May the year 2021.

The Malibu great actress, though, died before the hearing could take place. After their mother’s death, Raine as well as Wynter contributed to her memory and thanked fans. The Californian-born cute actress’ two daughters on their late mother’s Instagram wrote,

“We miss her as well as love her and know her legacy will live on forever. – Wynter and Raine.”

Five months after the death of Raine as well as Wynter’s mother, named Tawny, the Orange County Coroner’s Office confirmed to Fox News that Chuck’s ex-spouse died from enlarged cardiomyopathy, a common type of heart disease.

Raine Finley

The autopsy decreed the manner of death natural. Further reports referred to other crucial factors that caused the death of Tawny were mild coronary atherosclerosis and the medications mirtazapine, mirtazapine metabolite, alprazolam, acetaminophen, pregabalin, as well as hydrocodone.

Raine Finley’s elder sister said she had a big sense of relief to know the death of her mother was natural. As for Raine, she said all that Wynter as well as she cared about was that their mother went peacefully. Finley and her sister also remembered how growing up, boys would often recollect them of their mother’s iconic status by blasting “Here I Go Again.”


Raine Finley said, “My mom was so amazing.” She expanded on how the Witchboard actress was a great sister, friend, as well as artist.

Raine Finley’s Mother, Tawny Kitaen Appeared In The Series Botched

Raine Finley

Raine Finley’s late mother, Tawny occurred in the E! Entertainment’s reality series named Botched during its season 4 finale asked Dr. Dubrow as well as Dr. Nassif for some help after she’d had ended the hard journey with her breast implants in her whole life.

In the year 2017, Kitaen attended Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif’s surgery during season 4 asking to eliminate her breast implants.

In the past, she had had six boob jobs as well as had spent more than around $200,000 on breast augmentation surgeries.

The doctors did the surgery and removed Kitaen’s old breast implants, after that re-formed them using her remaining breast tissue. During a post-op inspection, the doctors had to connect medicinal leeches to Tawny’s nipples as well as increase blood flow.

Does Raine Finley Have A Boyfriend? 

While it is ambiguous in the present who she is dating, Raine back in the year 2013 had posted a picture of a boy (assumed to be her boyfriend) on her Facebook with a caption, hi + a red heart sticker. That, however, would be the only time, Raine remembered him.

Five years later in March in the year 2018, Raine Finley once again posted a picture of herself standing by the side of a boy though it is different if it was the same guy she instructed her Facebook friends back in the year 2013.

Raine Finley

During this time, she didn’t throw any good-themed stickers but just wrote, A wonderful view of Downtown LA in the back.

And nothing else. It never came to light what sort of relationship she was having with the man with glasses.

How Rich Were Raine Finley’s Parents, named Chuck Finley, As well as Tawny Kitaen; Their Net Worth

Although both of Raine Finley’s parents, named  Chuck and Tawny were illustrious in their respective lines of career, they had a crucial gap in their financial standings.

The late music video actress didn’t have any definitive quoting of her net worth, she though is contended to have had around hundreds to millions of dollars of wealth.

Her ex-husband, named Chuck, on the other hand, popularly is documented to have monetary belongings worth here & there around $30 million. He as well as volubly is richer than his late former spouse.

Whatever the case, it is not by much debatable that their daughters grew up in a wealthy household. As for Raine Finley’s net worth, it might be quite a while before she starts making money anywhere near her millionaire parents.


Other Facts 

Raine Finley also occurred in one of the episodes of the VH1 reality series,  named Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in the year 2008.

Finley once said she only recalled being at games in her father, named Chuck Finley’s twilight years as a Cleveland Indian and a St. Louis Cardinal.


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