Teri DeBarge

Who is Bobby Debarge’s wife Teri Debarge?

Born as Teri Lee Gayle, Teri Debarge became prominent in the 90s when she got married to a renowned singer named Bobby DeBarge. Bobby DeBarge was one of the lead singers of the Motown R&B/soul vocal group.

Teri is a producer who has produced a few Tv programs as well as movies. She is known for producing the Tv program named Unsung and the movie named The Bobby Debarge Story which explores the Life story of late singer Bobby Debarge.

Teri Debarge Age, Height, Birthday, parents

Teri holds American nationality. Her exact birth date, as well as place, are not available. Living a low-profile life, she has never shared her.

Information about her parents, family, as well as siblings, is also not available. However, her age is estimated to be around 59 years old.

Teri Debarge Personal Life

Teri met Bobby when she was 15 years old in the mid-eighties. The duo tied shared their wedding vows on December 10, in the year 1990.

They shared a happy relationship with each of the proud parents of two sons named Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr.

Bobby Debarge Jr, following his father’s footsteps, is associated with Debarge’s family music along with his cousins named Andrew Debarge, Kristinia Debarge, as well as Eldra Debarge. After the death of her husband, she has not been entangled in any relationships or affairs.

Teri Debarge’s Net Worth

Teri Debarge turns out to be a producer after the death of her husband. With this profession, she has earned a fair amount of money herself. Teri Debarge’s net worth is not discussed however according to some sources she has an estimated net worth of around USD 5 million.

Fun facts regarding Teri Debarge

Teri Debarge, unfortunately, stayed in marital bliss for six years with her husband before he died because of AIDS.

Teri is popular as the widow of a late singer named Bobby Debarge as well as did not get into any relationship. Teri is not available on any social media handles.

Frequently asked Questions

How old is Teri Debarge?
Teri Debarge is 59 years old as of2021.
Did Teri Debarge remarry?
No, Teri did not get into any relationship after the death of her husband on 16 August in the year 1995.
Who are the children of Teri Debarge?
Teri Debarge is blessed with two sons Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr.
Is Teri DeBarge still alive?
Yes, Teri is alive.

DeBarge came to the spotlight back in the years of 90s from her marital relationship with renowned American singer Bobby DeBarge.

After Bobby died of AIDS in the year 1995, the lady soon faded away from the spotlight. However, her deep love for her husband is still there.

Let’s talk about the life of Bobby DeBarge’s wife and what she’s been up to. Who is Teri DeBarge? Bobby DeBarge’s Marriage With Wife Born as Teri Lee Gayle Teri DeBarge became prominent after her six years of married relationship with Bobby DeBarge Reportedly, the duo tied the knot on December 10, in the year 1990, numerous years after they first met in the mid-eighties.

Teri DeBarge

We’ve learned that Teri DeBarge was just 15 years of age during she met Bobby. At that time, Bobby was in his early years of the ’30s.

The oldest child of Robert DeBarge and his wife Etterlene DeBarge, Bobby’s real name was Robert Louis DeBarge Jr. who was born on March 5, in the year 1956, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Robert Jr. got blessed to have nine siblings two of them were fraternal twins.


A surprising fact is Bobby’s dad had five other children from his extramarital relationship.

Likewise is the case of Robert Jr. who was in a relationship with Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya Yvonne Jackson. La Toya became the inspiration for Switch’s in the year 1979 hit named I Call Your Name.

Bobby revealed from prison to his family having contracted HIV DeBarge’s intense sickness led his family to send him to a hospice in Grand RapidsMichigan where he died of AIDS on August 16, in the year 1995 at the age of just 39 years old.

Today, Teri’s ex-husband named Bobby DeBarge is laid to rest in Garfield Park Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

Teri’s Children: Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Christian DeBarge is the eldest son of the popular Like Heaven singer.

Teri DeBarge

Similarly, Bobby DeBarge Jr. is the second of Bobby as well as Teri DeBarge who has a similar falsetto as his father. We’ve also learned that Christian married an Asian woman and they have a daughter.

Likewise, he is good at drawing anime cartoons. The next generation of DeBarge’ss, Bobby DeBarge Jr. loves making music with cousins named Andrew DeBarge ( Tommy’s son ), and Kristinia DeBarge ( James ‘ daughter ), as well as Eldra Debarge Jr. ( El’s son ).

Where is Teri DeBarge now?

After the demise of Bobby DeBarge: a loving husband, brother, and son, the DeBarge family as well as Teri DeBarge actively engaged to keep the legacy alive.


Many of his nephews and niece have pursued their careers in music, while Teri DeBarge has done a remarkable job telling the story of her husband as a producer she helped produce the year 2008 TV program named Unsun that showcases the influential, talented yet forgotten R & B Soul and Gospel artists of the second half of the twentieth century.

Teri DeBarge

Most recently in the year 2019, she helped in producing TV One’s original The Bobby DeBarge Story which explores the tumultuous life of Bobby DeBarge premiered on Saturday, June 29, in the year 2019.

You can find the sounds of Bobby’s son named Bobby DeBarge Jr. at the end of the movie that surely has something the same as the falsetto for which his father was praised by the world.

That’s all folks we know that there’s lots of controversy going around the DeBarge family with molestation.


But we wanted to keep it as it is. hope this helped you find out about Bobby DeBarge’s wife Teri DeBarge, a bit more than you did. If we missed anything, feel free to leave a message and comment down below.


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