Terrence Duckett bio

Terrence Duckett bio is an American Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at OnPacePlus which is a great healthcare organization based in Los Angeles, California. He came into the spotlight after exchanging vows with American singer and actress Jasmine Guy who is popular for the cast of movies like School Gaze and the show named A Different World.

Talking regarding their love life, the couple tied the knot in the year 1998. Unfortunately, after almost a decade, they agreed to part ways. But why did the pair divorce? Do they have children together? Did they shift after their divorce?

Terrence Duckett bio

Well, we are sure that several of you are curious to know more about their relationship, divorce, & other personal details. Enlist below to find out more about Jasmine’s former husband named Terrence Duckett bio.

Terrence Duckett bio’s Early Life: He Was a great Gold Medalist Sprinter

Born on May 22, of the year 1962, Terrence Duckett is presently 60 years as of the year 2022. His star sign is Taurus as well as he belongs to the African-American ethnicity. Despite being a media personality, he has not revealed the details regarding his parents yet.

Terrence Duckett bio is a former sprinter
Terrence Duckett bio was a gold medalist sprinter
Talking regarding his education, he finalized his primary schooling at great Gray West Side. Later he enrolled in The University of Lowa which is In Lowa, the United States for his higher education.

Apart from that, Terrence Duckett bio was highly athletic in extracurricular activities while he was in high school. He was the best sprinter in his high school. He stood in 1st position in 100-meter as well as 200-meter races in Individual State Championship. He marked the 100-meter race in around 10.66 seconds and around 21.30 seconds in 200 meters while he was in grade 12 at great Gary West Side High School.

Terrence Duckett bio’s Relationship With His Star Wife named Jasmine Guy

Terrence Duckett bio met with the American star in the year 1987 for the first time. They met each other through one of their reciprocal friends. The former couple began having feelings for each other after their first meeting. after that, they started dating each other for nearly a year and finally agreed to tie the knot.

Terrence Duckett bio

The former couple exchanged vows on August 22nd, of the year 1998 in a personal wedding ceremony. Reportedly, The couple tied the knot in front of their friends as well as family in San Fernand Valley at the residence of Will Smith as well as Jayada Pinkett Smith.

Do Terrence Duckett bio as well as Jasmine Have Kids Together?

The former pair Terrence Duckett bio and Jasmine Guy welcome one child while they were together. They gave birth to their cute baby girl Imani Duckett only after a year of their marriage on March 28, of the year 1999.

Terrence Duckett bio ex-wife Jasmine Guy and their daughter named Emani Duckett
Jasmine Guy as well as her former husband’s daughter Emani Duckett is working as an actress
Their daughter Imani attended her mother’s footsteps and is currently working as an American actress. She rose to fame after her role in the movie Open (of the year 2020). She spent most of her adolescence with her Grandparents William Guy and Jaye Rudolph.

Terrence Duckett bio

Why Did Terrence Duckett bio as well as Jasmine Part Their Ways?

The former couple Terrence Duckett bio as well as Jasmine Guy decided to part ways after a decade after their wedding. Their divorce was officially declared on April 8, of the year 2008. Terrence was more like an absent father while putting forward Imani. As per a few online tabloids, Terrence didn’t take care of his obligations as a father to the extent that it was getting difficult for Jasmine to handle the financial expenses of her daughter as well as herself. She further said,

“He Didn’t have a moment for us”

There were a bunch of legal dramas after the separation of the duo. Also, Jasmine Guy and her daughter had to go through mental as well as financial traumas after the separation. He had petitioned the court to have her custody but he lost against his former wife. Also, he was ordered to pay around $1469 per month to Jasmine as child support.

Terrence Duckett bio was married to Jasmine Guy for a decade

Terrence Duckett bio, as well as his former spouse Jasmine Guy, parted ways after a decade of their wedding
Following that, Jasmine again filed a case against her former husband as he was not reimbursing the child support in time. She also contended that Terrence has halted providing child support since May of the year 2010. She protested that she owed a total of around $39, 663 from her former husband. After that, neither of them disclosed much on this matter.

Was Terrence Duckett bio as well as Jasmine’s Divorce a Scam?

The pair’s divorce ended up with several allegations claiming it to be a strategic move & rather a scam. All the questions began after both the couple filed for bankruptcy asserting the divorce proceeding took a toll on their finance. While Jasmine filed a debt worth around $123,503.64, Terrence Duckett bio asserted his to be over around $94,354.71 summed up with interest.

Well, the matter has since been sealed as well as no verdict has surfaced yet.

What is Terrence Duckett bio presently Doing?

Terrence Duckett bio is an entrepreneur as well as also an investment banker. He worked in UgMo Technologies as a sales adviser from January 2019 to March of the year 2022. Moreover, he has also worked at the great Soda & Lime company as director of strategic partnership for about 7 years.


As per his LinkedIn profile, he is presently working as a Chief Strategy Officer at OnePacePlus from August of the year 2020.

Is Terrence Duckett bio Available on Social Platforms?

Talking regarding the former celebrity spouse’s social engagement, Terrence is inactive on social platforms. He likes to maintain his life low-key and does not like to disclose much about himself which is why he is not available on any platform. However, he is effective on his LinkedIn profile.

On the other hand, his former wife named Jasmine is quite effective on her social platforms. She mostly conserves a good engagement on her Instagram account where she has around 334k followers. She usually posts about her daily lifestyle as well as work. Also, she is active on her Twitter handle where she has about 119k followers.

What is Terrence Duckett bio’s Net Worth?

Terrence can amass a decent amount of fortune through his professional career. He has a net worth of around $1.5 million as of the year 2022. His major source of income is his position as CSO in a distinguished company and as an investor.

Furthermore, his wife has amassed a good amount of fortune through her acting as well as her singing career. She has a fortune worth around $4 million.






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