Tiera Skovbye

Tiera Skovbye is an actress from Canada who has been on series such as Riverdale, Once Upon a Time (playing Robin Hood in the fantasy series’ seventh season), and true crime series Dirty John as well as Nurses, a Canadian medical drama that newly turned on air in the US on NBC.

Tiera Skovbye has been performing her whole life acquiring her first role at the tender age of seven. Although Tiera Skovbye started working more than a decade ago, Tiera Skovbye ’s profession unquestionably gained international tempo after landing the role of ‘Riverdale’s mysterious sister and runaway lover Polly Cooper.

As a child artist, Tiera Skobvye was further in series such as Eric Kripke’s ‘Supernatural’ as well as DC’s ‘Arrow.’ The 25-year-old actor is now in the ascendancy, with a lead part in an NBC-syndicated drama, Nurses, and a million-strong fans on social media.

Know better about her in the captions that are to follow; how precisely she dived into performing, her acting credits so far, her love life, and more.

Is Tiera Skovbye from Russia? 

The five-foot-nine-inches high actress Tiera Skovbye who was born on May 6, 1995, in Vancouver, Canada is a relative of Scandinavian descent. The 26-year-old Skovbye has resided most of her life in the city of Vancouver.

She’s of Swedish descent and all of her extended ancestries still reside there and in Denmark. Tiera’s uncle Kim Tiera Skovbye is a musician resident in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her grandmother matured during the battle in The Netherlands.

Tiera Skovbye Was Seven When She Initiated Acting

Tiera Skovbye started as a child actor after a scout noticed her at a children’s carnival in Vancouver when she was six or seven years aged. Of her initial acting stages as a teenage artist, Tiera once proclaimed,

That she doesn’t think she had the very ordinary child-actor experience. She wasn’t home-schooled, or taught on set …  feel like she was able to cultivate a very full character just living an ordinary life.

Skovbye’s family didn’t have much background in the arts except for a great-grandfather who admired a class career in Sweden.

Tiera Skovbye

Her parents, nonetheless, remained supportive of her as well as her sister, named Firefly Lane actor Ali Skovbye. Not long after meeting the agent, Tiera started working commercials, as well as her first thing was a Ford truck commercial when she was just seven years old.

In the meantime, Tiera Skovbye also started studying at acting school in Vancouver, and that’s when her parents realized that it was something that she was going to pursue. With a dream of becoming an actress, she enrolled in the best acting schools in the place of Vancouver.

Her parents deliberately put her into all types of extracurricular activities, so that she had any opportunities that she wished. Tiera first invested in the showbiz world as a teenager in theatre, rehearsing Shakespeare as well as Mary Shelley’s most famed oeuvres.

Tiera Skovbye managed to take acting lessons up until the late 2010s and probably is even heeding to this day. Explaining the motive behind her lessons, Tiera Skovbye meant she assumes it as athletes during the off-season, who are not going to quit practice and anticipate going into the successive season 100%.

Tiera Skovbye Has Appeared In Various TV Shows And movies 

After various commercial bookings, Tiera Skovbye acquired her first key role in a sequel of children’s DVDs by Warner Home Entertainment entitled “McKids Adventures”.

The senior Skovbye sister’s first important role, however, was as the 10-year-old Jane on the drama series Painkiller Jane in 2007.

It wasn’t until she was about 11 that she had reserved her first TV gig in Painkiller Jane. She played the younger edition of the head actress occurring in three episodes.

Tiera Skovbye

In the years that came after Tiera Skovbye’s television debut, she moved on to land small roles in a broad collection of shows including The Haunting Hour: The Series, Supernatural (2005), The Troop (2009), Wingin’ It (2010), as well as Spooksville (2013).

In 2017, Tiera Skovbye started playing the recurring role of Polly Cooper on The CW teen drama sequel Riverdale.


For her, Polly Cooper squeaked like the dream role as she was an avid reader of the Archie comics since puberty and resided in a similar area where the show was being filmed.

Tiera Skovbye has also occurred in several TV films, most notably Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story in which she described the character of Elizabeth Berkley.

Her profession started to take off for the first time when she was shot as Elizabeth Berkley in The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. Though with her recent role as Grace Knight in Nurses, Skovbye’s career has been peeping more optimistic.


She has also been in movies including Midnight Sun, 2 Hearts, The Miracle Season, Summer Of 84, Prodigals, and many more.
Tiera Skovbye has asserted that her absolute goal is to be [a full-time] actor.

Tiera Skovbye

Tiera Skovbye Is Also A Model

From multiplication to acting, Tiera is also a model. Tiera Skovbye became a glamour icon after an international model agency scouted her in 2008.

Skovbye says for her modeling now is something she does more for leisure, and an opportunity to travel. As a model, Tiera Skovbye has graced the coverings of internationally acclaimed publications like Elle Canada, Wedding Bells, Plaid, Chloe, and Elle China.

The actress who has a Scandinavian background is represented by the great Next Models Management Canada.

Is Tiera Skovbye Married?

A few years ago the Riverdale actress was somewhere to wed a fellow actor and maker, James Parker. Parker as well as Tiera Skovbye had gotten engaged in Aug 2017 on the Kinsol Trestle near Shawnigan Lake. Parker had interrogated his then 22-year-old girlfriend to wed him ‘in his puberty bedroom.’

Since that, the partners had been together for more than two years and had also worked together on the film, Summer of ’84, which Tiera Skovbye starred in as well as Jameson created. Right after confessing yes to Parker, the Canadian actress took to social media to declare openly that over the weekend she got engaged to her longtime producer sweetheart.

Onward with a trio of pictures of her and her then-boyfriend, Tiera wrote,

This weekend stood out as something out of a fantasy. The love of my life shocked the crap out of me and asked me to wed him in his childhood bedroom (not scheduled, I’m hard to surprise).

Tiera Skovbye

Parker reportedly had the ring custom-made in East of Vancouver established on a picture that Skoybye had delivered when the partners were nine months into dating. Tales of the couple’s engagement occurred in Cosmopolitan, People, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue.

The actress and the maker now, however, aren’t together. In Nov 2021 it was revealed — while many journals documented Tiera and Jameson as still engaged, the reality was that they had broken up some time ago off the radar. And the preceding couple didn’t give any public justifications as to what went untrue.

Jameson, as of now, has a new lady in the model as well as entrepreneur Hannah Maree Todd.

Tiera Skovbye

Her Sister Is Also An Actress

Tiera Skovbye is the senior sister of a childish woman, Ali Skovbye or Alissa Skovbye. Ali also has a big list of fame to her name comprising occurring in 10 episodes of Firefly Lane.



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