Walker Bryant

Walker Bryant is a YouTuber, TikTok, as well as a social media star. He is generously known for his very popular titular YouTube channel with close to around 900k subscribers where he and his friends post silly videos. Walker Bryant creates fun as well as exciting situations.

Moreover, the challenging videos that premier every week with a group of fun content creators. He had also partnered with Piper Rockelle, another prominent Youtuber and social media star to begin filming YouTube videos.

Walker Bryant who uploads a new video every week on Saturdays at around 9:30 am is also almost always the hot boy in the music videos.

Moreover, He is known for his acting role as Young Jack in the outstanding ABC hit series Station 19 and some films such as  Link: Legend Of Zelda, The Body Of Levi, Her Secret Family Killer, and many others.

Walker Bryant who has around one million followers on Instagram has also been part of some well-known content creator houses.

Know peripherally about him in the columns below; how he got famous, his original home, acting, girlfriends, as well as so forth.

Walker Bryant Is From Ohio

The 15-year-old Walker Bryant was born on September 26, in the year 2006, in Columbus, Ohio. He lives in LA with his mom, dad, sister Alex, and his dog, named Huxley.

When noted in Jan in the year 2022, Walker Bryant, a Libra, was a freshman in high school at Local High School in Columbus, Ohio. He is also on a soccer team as well.

How did Bryant Walker Get Into Acting? 

It was because of his sister that Walker Bryant had a great interest in pursuing acting. She had presented her interest in acting and modeling first as well as then Walker Bryant wanted to do it too.

Walker Bryant

At the time, he and his family lived in the place of Ohio so they hired an agent and started booking jobs right away and later ultimately realized that both of them loved acting.

Walker Bryant moved to Los Angeles in the year 2016 to pursue his dreams of becoming part of the entertainment industry. For Bryant Walker, moving from Ohio to the place of California was a huge step.

Since he’s been in L.A, Walker Bryant has booked an episode of Station 19 on ABC, Matty Pazz is a Noob on Awesomeness TV, Insult Comedy Dog on Funny or Die, and many feature films, as well as different short films.

Some of Bryant’s acting credits encompass the short films named Lauren Park, The Plastic Man, 8 1/2, Innocence, Body Of Levi, and Jack.

Bryant says that the acting has changed his life very much. The decent part about acting for Bryant he says is filming.

Walker Bryant Has Also Been In Ads

Walker Bryant has also booked various commercials and print jobs. Some notable commercials of him have included Universal Studios Theme Parks, Legoland, Mighty Beans, Suzuki, ABC Mouse, and many others.

For the Universal Studios commercial, Walker Bryant had to ride the Jurassic Park ride 13 times in a row. One other project he has been a part of encompasses a Lego Batman commercial for the filming of which he flew to Denmark.

What Content Houses has Walker Bryant Been In? 

Walter also has been in a handful of content creator houses. Moreover, His first crew was the great Pipers Crew. Walker Bryant, however, vacated it after some time.

The prankster said he left the Pipers because the group members and he weren’t vibing so much and that the stars’ moms were also not getting ahead.

After leaving the Pipers, WalkerBryant joined the Vibe Crew in 2020, another content creation house encompassing 17 other members. Walker Bryant though would also leave Vibe Crew the same year in Oct to be with another creator house, Goat Fam.

Walker Bryant

After leaving Vibe Crew, the native of the place of Columbus, Ohio said that it was nothing wrong with the squad.

Walker while talking with the Paparazzi Gamer in Oct 2020 said there were several reasons why he left the Vibe, he didn’t exactly specify what they were.

Walker Bryant’s Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend, Indi Star

Walker Bryant had a relationship with Indi, an up-and-coming singer and a fellow social media star and actor who is best known for running her entertaining self-titled YouTube channel.

Star is also known for working together with other YouTube stars such as Piper Rockelle and Sophie Fergi.

Indi additionally has acting credits in Henry Danger, Dead to Me, The Hyperions, and Miscreants.

Before dating, Walker Bryant and Indi had been playing videos games and whilst doing so developed feelings for each other. Indi was Walker’s secret admirer before she began dating him.

She used to drop mysterious packages as well as traces to meet him. Indi later corroborated that she was Walker’s mysterious crush in an Instagram photo. She also admitted to developing feelings for Walker after expending a lot of time with him playing video games.


She and Walker Bryant, however, broke up after five months of a relationship. Indi later took to her Instagram to verify her breakup and made it clear that it was not a prank.

Windy is Over – it is not a prank – I will not be making a video about it – please respect my privacy right now – thanks! The ex-couple didn’t share the real reason behind their split and separation.

Three weeks before their breakup, Walker Bryant had pranked Indi that he wants to break up with her because he was moving from California to South Carolina reasoning that he wants to live near his parents in Ohio.

Walker Bryant

Walker Bryant And His Another Ex-Girlfriend, Capri Everitt

Walker and Everitt, a singer as well as musicians became official in July the year 2021. Bryant, as well as Capri, were truly good friends before they began dating.

Walker had also asked Everitt to go to prom with him as well as the six-foot-inches tall Youtuber even filmed and publicized the whole thing on camera. Walker asked Capri to become his girlfriend on camera several videos later.

However, by July the year 2021, the duo had already broken up.

During That month Walker published a video with Everitt explaining the reasons why they weren’t going to be together anymore. They took their break up to the internet posting a video wherein the great ex-couple came out together to talk regarding their split.

We just want you to know all the facts straight from us, Walker ex then added that Things can get messy when people break up but like we don’t want that for each other (Walker and herself).

Bryant assured his fans that they were still friends with each other as well as weren’t going to be dramatic by halting each other.


The duo jointly decided that the separation was mutual and they were better off just friends. One of the reasons that the relationship ended, Bryant said was because he as well as Capri had moved too fast with their relationship.

Walker Bryant

Bryant and Capri mentioned that they came to the internet right after the breakup because they didn’t want people to spread rumors as well as hate. The former relationship partner though is still friends with each other. Capri since has walked on from the separation as well as now has a new boyfriend.

Who Is Walker Bryant Dating Now? 

As for now, Walker seems to be with another social media star as well as dancer, Bella Moore.

While Bryant hasn’t said much regarding Moore; when and how he started seeing her, the blonde teenager first emerged on the blonde-haired Tiktoker’s Instagram in mid-Dec of the year 2021.


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